Kai Fehr



Kai Fehr
January 30, 2013
Art somehow explains a lot that's happening in the world right now. Feel free to contact me at nikola.milosevic777@gmail.com

With his paternal grandfather an architect and avid art collector and his maternal grandfather a student of the famous Staatliches Bauhaus, a father who was an antique dealer and a mother who was a ballet dancer, there has always been art in the life of Kai Fehr. Taught by a Hochschule der Kuenste (HDK) Berlin Professor who changed her career path to that of a high school teacher, Kai learned to draw, paint and master printing techniques. The teacher became his inspiration and has influenced his artistic career to this day.

Kai Fehr - Google Earth, 2016
Kai Fehr – Google Earth, 2016

Kai currently resides in Singapore with his family and has works in two corporate collections and four series under his belt – Rhyme or Reason; Past, Present, Future; Short Memories; and Script. The self-taught artist explores history, economics, the environment and politics in his works.

Featured image: Kai Fehr – portrait
All images courtesy of Addicted Art Gallery