Kari-Lise Alexander in front of her work 'When One Wonders'

Kari-Lise Alexander

United States

Pop Surrealism, Painting


Kari-Lise Alexander
Kari-Lise Alexander
United States
March 30, 2017

Kari-Lise Alexander is an American artist, famous for depicting human bodies, mostly women figures, in her paintings. As someone who enjoys spending time in nature, especially hiking with her husband in the mountains, it is not strange that some of her works are intentionally related to the wild world in her surroundings. The roots of her pieces come from the folklore, fairy tales, and legends of her Scandinavian heritage, but also from her home in the Pacific North-West. Author’s ability to combine the best from both worlds allows her to surrender to her instinct, imagination, and feelings. Whenever she incorporates animals into her paintings, the artist tries to give them a human quality, so that people can relate to them.

view video panel and home blog series in eden, copyright age 2014, 2015 and 2016
Kari-Lise Alexander – Stag 1 (Left) / Kari-Lise Alexander – Cathedral (Right)

Kari-Lise Alexander’s Life and Inspiration

This Seattle-based artist has always been into art. Since she was young, she used to experiment with pastels, colors, paint, and pencils. In 2000 after only two semesters, she quit studying Fine Arts, being discouraged by the professor who knew only one way of painting. Disappointed, and in pursuit of money, she worked as a retail manager in cosmetics for almost a decade. In 2009 out of curiosity, she bought some paint and canvas, just to play. Once again, the author discovered the passion hidden inside the art, as well as how it can help as a stress reliever. One of the artists that influenced her most is Lola Gil, particularly the way she creates compositions, and also Seamus Conley because of his ability to make the subject faceless in the way that viewer identifies itself with that person.

In 2009 out of curiosity, she bought some paint and canvas, just to play

view contact previous original cart oil artwork in 2014 and 2017
Kari-Lise Alexander – Night Garden (Left) / Kari-Lise Alexander – Surface (Right)

Unique Style

Playing with the contrasting lightness and darkness, she makes remarkable imagery that is both mysterious and dramatic at the same time, leaving the sense of the Pop Surrealism. Unlike the older pieces that resemble the works of the Swedish illustrator John Bauer from the 19th century, the new ones represent a modern and modified version of the Pre-Raphaelites. Lately, she has focused on the intimate relationship between the viewer and the subject, by applying more serious tones, seen through the colors and mood set in every painting. The central theme and place in most of her artworks have the women because the artist wants to show they are vulnerable and secretive, but also represent her in some way.

She has focused on the intimate relationship between the viewer and the subject

view Faintly Far But Close Enough 2015
Kari-Lise Alexander – Faintly Far But Close Enough

Projects and Shows

As the artist admits, during the process of creation, she goes step by step, from the idea to the thumbnail sketches, and if all the pieces agree then it is time to put her imagination into paintings. Her work has been shown all around the world. For example, her project WAKE, in which she accents the fluid texture and effects of the water, has been exhibited at the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Painter’s art was also displayed in numerous cities like Denver, San Francisco, or in Melbourne.

She is represented by the Thinkspace Gallery, in LA.

The artist lives and creates in Seattle, USA.

Featured image: Kari-Lise Alexander in front of her work When One Wonders – Photo via beautifulbizarre.net
All other images courtesy of Thinkspace Gallery; All images used for illustrative purposes only

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017WAKEThinkspace Gallery, LA, USAGroup
2016Edge of RealismAbend Gallery, Denver, USAGroup
2015A Lovelorn TheftModern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, USASolo
2014Here Amid the Wild Woods Auguste Clown Gallery, Melbourne, Australia Solo