Kay Kaul

Germany 1957


Kay Kaul
Kay Kaul
March 18, 2015
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Kay Kaul is a well-known German photographer with prime interest in photography which he often puts through the influence of CGI.

Kay Kaul was born in 1957 in Dusseldorf. He studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy from 1978-1984 and in 1983 he became a master student in the class of the professor Klaus Rinke. In period between 1985 and 1989 he worked as a filmmaker and freelance cameraman for short artistic films, featured films and news coverage.

His works with their landscape details are almost classical in their pictorial composition and are reminiscent of traditions in European landscape painting and also of Asian art, which, from the mid-19th century onwards or even earlier, opened up new perspectives and sensitized European artistic perception. The places depicted are also reminiscent of topics and motifs in art history.

Kay Kaul has subsequently during the 1980’s and 1990’s consistently dealt with the possibilities of digital design technique of computer technology and eventually analog by high-resolution digital camera replaced. One result of this work include the thematically organized into three groups interiors that have the character of spatial landscapes and content the way describe the work of art from production through distribution to the customers. This is related to artists’ studios, the “Studio Landscapes”, in addition to art galleries, the “Gallery Landscapes” and finally rooms of art collectors, the “Collector Landscapes”.

Among the works which result from these studies are his interiors which have a thematically tripartite structure. They can be characterized as “roomscapes” and describe the progression of a work of art from its production and distribution to the customer. The three stages are the “studioscapes”, then the “galleryscapes”, and finally the “collectorscapes”. Apart from providing a view of these places of living and working – a view which is anything but voyeuristic – which were sensitively described and put in their art historical context in Blazenka Perica’s catalogue text from 2004 – these works show an extremely high degree of technical precision.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2011The great art exhibition NRWmuseum palace, DusseldorfGroup
201063.Jahresausstellung Municipal Gallery, Neuss Group
2010Ostrale O10 DresdenGroup
200962.Jahresausstellung Municipal Gallery, NeussGroup
2008Under the open sky Embassy on Worringer Platz, DusseldorfGroup
2007watercolors Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf Group
2007Water on Mars paintbox, DusseldorfGroup
2006Chronochrome: The colors of the time Arte Giani, FrankfurtGroup
2005Zero-Gravity Zone museum palace, Dusseldorf Group
2005prelude Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf (G) Group
2005Arts Landscapes Kunstverein LingenGroup
2004Dreamed rooms Arte Giani, Frankfurt Group
2004Collector Landscapes Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf Group
2004running mars PAN Kunstforum Niederrhein, Emmerich aR Group
2004Leonids freedom art center bunker Church, DusseldorfGroup
2003Studio LandscapesGalerie Voss, DusseldorfGroup
2002because I have got eyes in back of my head Schirmer Hof, DusseldorfGroup
2001message Dusseldorf Group
2001Gallery Landscapes Galerie Voss, DusseldorfGroup
1998UntitledKunstmuseum, DusseldorfGroup
1997balanceKunst Palast, DusseldorfGroup