KEF /   Unknown

Germany 1989

Street Art

October 23, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

KEF! is a German artist who selects simple objects for his art that become the background to the intricacy of his line work. It is this line work that enhances his choice of bright color palette use while simultaneously formulating simple objects that evoke true happiness from those who observe his works. Without his use of varying line techniques, his artwork would be known as simply an amalgamation of color.

Without a specific theme present throughout his art, KEF! is free to let his imagination run wild when creating his works. This is reflected in his creations, which contain no repetitive, structural influences, but rather free-flowing, organic techniques that are funny and energetic in nature. For example, KEF! often turns to hilarious looking animals that literally pop off the wall through his use of vibrant colors. His works are not limited to color, however, utilizing a black and white color palette as well to bring a different kind of life to his crazy creations. Also, there are subtle details throughout his work that make you stop and really take notice of what KEF! is bringing to the art world. For instance, KEF! uses eyes as part of the funny characters he creates. This can be his way of subliminally asking his audience what they see in his work without directly giving them a theme to focus on. One look at his art and you can’t help but want to spread the same love of art that KEF! has, picking up those good feelings that capture your attention as soon as you glance at his work.

With the use of such techniques as harmonious shapes surrounded by peaceful backgrounds, KEF! makes you stop and appreciate the simple things in life that are often overlooked. Specifically, with life comes boundless energy. He skillfully incorporates this mantra into all his works of art, playing with concepts that literally have to do with energy every chance he gets. In the end, no artistic medium is left unturned on his behalf, using all methods to convey his lively message to his audience.

KEF! currently lives and works in London, England.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014INSECTES & ARACHNIDESAkiza : La Galerie, Paris, FrnaceGroup
2014Kefi - "O"Overstay TLV, Hostel, Tel Aviv, IsraelGroup
2014Urban Outfitters ProjectUrban Outfitters Store, Stuttgart, UKSolo
2014Talking Peace FestivalHoxton Gallery, London, UKGroup
2014Live paintingSclater Street Stalls, LondonGroup
2014Kefi - Embraced (live paintin show)Genesis Cinema, LondonSolo
2013The PresentCurious Duke Gallery, LondonGroup
2013totgesagte, sterbenlangerDüsseldorf, GermanyGroup
2013Whitecross Street Fest United KingdomGroup
2013Love Foundation Arts FairMaastricht, The NetherlandsGroup
2013UpfestBristol, United KingdomGroup
201042°C FieberAachen, GermanyGroup
2010streetart in damenundherrenDüsseldorf, GermanySolo
2010Studio-Style-Magazine Zwei.Punkt.NullKiel, GermanyGroup
2010GK life artGeilenkirchen, GermanyGroup
2010Papergirl#5Berlin, GermanyGroup
2010sign magazine issue 1SpainGroup
2010Illicit ExhibitionsUnited KingdomGroup
2010Cheap issue 8 (Artwork presentation)United KingdomGroup
2010Ekosystem (Artwork presentation)Web street-art & non-hip-hop-graffiti gallery/FranceGroup
2010Kunstrefugium (Artwork presentation)Web fine art society, GermanyGroup