contemporary art, video art, time-based installation, acid painting, Kristian Kragelund

Kristian Kragelund

Denmark 1987

Installation, Drip Painting, Video Art

Kristian Kragelund
Kristian Kragelund
September 19, 2017

Kristian Kragelund is a Danish painter and video artist, whose art explores notions of time and change created through reactions of different materials and objects. Born in 1987, Kragelund studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, graduating in 2014. In addition, the artist also attended New York Film Academy, The European Film College and Pratt Institute. As an artist in residence, he enrolled into the ALTO RED Studios program in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

kristian kragelund paintings
Kristian Kragelund – Untitled 1-4, 2017

Video Art of Kristian Kragelund

In the earlier days of his artistic expressions, Kristian was more focused on making video art. Kragelund describes his videos as a mixture of digital and analogue noise and distorted yet recognizable figures, shapes and movements. Amazed by a body’s ability to express and convey emotion and information, the artist attempts to explore fields of thought and method, and ultimately alter the synthesized perception that builds up in people through society and medias. By constructing his own visual language, Kragelund exceeds the communication barrier, and continues his search of authenticity and truth. Examples that illustrate Kristian’s strivings are Skygger – a film about the reflections and shadows cast by static noises, and Howl, January – a video-painting of the modern man, aimless and captivated by the soothing noise of his surroundings. Today, his interests shifted towards installation and the unusual and unique painting style which he developed. I find that art operates within a codex of structures, a language if you will, that on the same paramount level as linguistics defines its own parameters and boundaries and which prime function is the communication of information.

kristian kragelund art
Kristian Kragelund – Untitled BNC, 2016

Painting with Acid

As a painter, Kristian Kragelund works in a rather unusual way. None of his paintings are actually created using a common oil or acrylic paint. Instead, Kristian manipulates with different chemical processes, such as oxidation and deterioration, to create pieces that could be referred to as staged expressionism. Like a sort of an alchemist, Kragelund places various reactive materials and then applies activators on the given surface, thus starting reaction that alters the original objects. As the new forms are created, the artist explores how relationship between medium, content and spectator is established and sustained. Some of his works emerged when he treated chain attached to stretcher with acid and chemicals, or in a process of applying acid on canvas with homemade steel-infused enamel.

He explores how relationship between medium, content and spectator is established and sustained

kristian kragelund biography
Kristian Kragelund – Untitled RIFT 1-3, 2017

A Concept of Time

Through his installations, Kristian gives personal reflection on the concept of temporality and fluidity of time, and explores time’s ability to severely alter the exhibited artworks. One example of Kristian Kragelund’s time-based installations is his final graduation piece, Formation. Placed in a fragile state of perfect balance, steel plates are positioned in pairs, leaning one to other. As the time passes by, the whole installation starts to change and transform, as metal expands and shrinks according to temperature. The perfect stillness and sense of balance then appears so fragile, as its temporariness and impermanence creates the extreme tension when facing the work.

Kristian Kragelund is based between London and New York.

Featured image: Portrait of the artist
All images courtesy Kristian Kragelund

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017The August ShowGalleri Jacob Bjprn, Aarhus, DKGroup
2017Artist RoomsEncounter, London, UKGroup
2017KP17Aarhus Kunsthal, Aarhus, DKGroup
2017You were high when I was doomedIMT Gallery, London, UKGroup
2016Void, with Wayne WarrenEdgenProject, London, UKGroup
2016ParaschematicDisplay Gallery, London, UKSolo
2016Reactive PaintingFinale Art File,nManila, PHSolo
2015The Wrong – Digital Art BiennaleArebyte Gallery, London, UKGroup
2015KontrolGalleri Tom Christoffersen,nCopenhagen, DKSolo
2015A Sequence of NowsDisplay Gallery, London, UKGroup
2015When Words Collide IIGalleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, DKGroup
2015GROUP(15)Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, DKGroup
2014Untitled group showArcane Studios, London, UKGroup
2014The Hix Award 2014Cock'n'Bull Gallery, London, UKGroup
2014May OccurThe Rag Factory, London, UKGroup
2013Star, Food and WineWaxwing Exhibitions, London, UKGroup
2013Art at TreberfyddTreberfydd House, Wales, UKGroup
2013Sixth Annual Digital Graffiti FestivalAlys Beach, Florida, USAGroup
2013PUNK-SALONSchwartz Gallery, London, UKGroup
2013Untitled ExhibitionPRATT Institute Installation Basement, New York, USAGroup
2013Untitled Exhibition (with Jennifer Farrow)PRATT Institute Fine Art Gallery, New York, USADuo
2013Moving Image Arts FestivalHong Kong, ChinaGroup
2013Group ShowThe Space, Hong Kong, ChinaGroup
2013Group ShowPlum Blossoms Art Gallery, Hong Kong, ChinaGroup
2013Group ShowGallery 27, London, UKGroup
2012Hidden.ExposedMile End Art Pavilion, London, UKGroup
2012Neo:Artprize 2012Neo Studios, Bolton, UKGroup
2012Accidental Festival 2012Roundhouse, London, UKGroup
2012One Place is AnotherTrinity Buoy Wharf, London, UKGroup
2012An Unfinished World (Artists' Shorts)Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UKGroup
2011Magmart - Video Under VolcanoInternational videoart festival, Naples, ItalyGroup
2010I am Abnormal 2Abnormals Gallery, Berlin, Germany and Poznan, PolandGroup