Kurt Kauper - Study for Man Lying Down, 2014

Kurt Kauper

United States 1966


Kurt Kauper
Kurt Kauper
United States
February 20, 2013

Kurt Kauper is an American artist, known for his portraits of familiar cultural icons, such as opera divas, hockey players, and Barack and Michelle Obama – seen in a variety of unfamiliar ways.

Featured image: Kurt Kauper – Study for Man Lying Down, 2014

The Nude Figures of Kurt Kauper

The works of Kurt Kauper are devoted to imaginary or real figures from popular culture and are a great insight into the matters of desire, sexuality and iconography.

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Cuevas Tilleard Projects Presents a Show by the Minerva Collective

As the newest Cuevas Tilleard project, MINERVA is a specific exhibition that will show the work of four artists selected by Minerva collective.

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