Kwok Mang Ho/ Kwok Mang Ho

Hong Kong 1947

Performance Art, Conceptual Art

Kwok Mang Ho
Kwok Mang Ho
Hong Kong

Kwok Mang Ho, also known as Frog King, is a multi-media, conceptual, visual and performance artist from Hong Kong. According to Oscar Ho, the former exhibition director of Hong Kong Art Centre, he is one of the pioneers to engage in contemporary art in Hong Kong during the early 70s. His artistic uniqueness is best expressed in his creations Frogtopia, which takes over the exhibition space with numerous colourful mixed-media installations and graffiti of his signature frog icon. In addition to his inexhaustible style, Kwok held a solo multimedia art exhibition representing Hong Kong with Frogtopia-Hongkorucopia at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011.