LAKI 139 - Skavenger, 2018 (detail)

LAKI 139 /   Simon Slater

Graffiti, Typography, Design

LAKI 139
Simon Slater
February 4, 2013
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LAKI 139 (aka Simon Slater), is an artist with a passion for typography encompassing everything from graffiti writing and reclaimed metal, to collage and calligraphy in his art work. LAKI 139 has reflected that as a 1970’s kid, he was routinely exposed to such powerful cultural motifs as Star Wars and other science fiction, the fantasy art of Syd Mead and Boris Vallejo, comic books and horror films – all of which he has described as “a massive influence on my youth”. Packing a significant punch in his artistic development were two ‘bibles’: Subway Art and Spraycan Art, that have long been regarded as integral documents of the early history of the New York City graffiti movement.

LAKI 139 - Trash City, 2018
LAKI 139 – Trash City, 2018

The impact of seeing big letters on trains or walls in different environments and surfaces married with intricate, unique, calligraphic tags spurred on a creative career that saw LAKI 139 continually exploring and honing ways to combine all manner of seemingly tenuously connected elements. LAKI 139 has gone on to cultivate a signature style that he has described as “a mix of rejected, brutal, disregarded materials with the grace and finesse of calligraphy and a helping of industrial typography.” LAKI 139 is also a creative director who runs an independent design and art direction company specializing in publishing, graphic design, editorial, illustration and brand development.

Featured image: LAKI 139 – Skavenger, 2018 (detail)
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