Laura La Wasilewska

Poland 1986

Illustration, Painting, Drawing

Laura La Wasilewska
Laura La Wasilewska
March 20, 2016

As a contemporary artist, Laura La Wasilewska founds inspiration for her work in classical art and in people who she meets, of whom she draws portraits. She often does classical portraits, but sometimes she’ll insert unusual elements such as an animal head instead of a human one. Laura has managed to create a unique art which in a short time found its place in many galleries and private collections. She mostly works with dry pastels on a gray paper, but besides drawing and painting, Laura also does photography, illustration, design and works as an art critic.

Laura La Wasilewska founds inspiration for her work in classical art and in people who she meets

Laura La Wasilewska - Elevenses (Detail), 2011 (Right) / Pink Rhapsody (Detail), 2011 (Left)
Laura La Wasilewska – Elevenses (Detail), 2011 (Right) / Pink Rhapsody (Detail), 2011 (Left)

Drawing Intimate Portraits

With her portrait work, Laura focuses on people’s soul, trying to find the most intimate corners of it. This makes every model exceptional while at the same time they are encompassed by Laura’s distinctive style. The portraits radiate with a certain calmness, giving an impression that every model was drawn at their personal moment of tranquility. There are many technical elements which can be found in her work. Models are drawn in different positions, from standing to lying down. Also, while some of their faces and bodies are drawn in detail, some seem unfinished, like the artist suddenly realized she spent all of her drawing material. With this, the intimacy is broadened, and a connection between Laura and the model is created. They are being confronted in a way where both personalities are being revealed to the fullest, with the inability to hide anything.

The portraits give an impression that every model was drawn at their personal moment of tranquility

Laura La Wasilewska-Lucian Freud, you and me (Detail), 2013
Laura La Wasilewska-Lucian Freud, you and me (Detail), 2013

Left to Wonder

The calmness is further shared with the viewer who in the end is left to wonder what the real story behind each of the portraits was. In a way, Laura’s work is concealed in a veil of uncertainty for the viewer, giving it a mystical impression. Like a story to which you have only a partial access, you are left to wonder how the story will unfold. As if the first and the last pages were torn off and you can only read the middle of the book. Never knowing how it got to the point or how will continue. The only thing left to do is to write your own pages on the topic Laura started. Interestingly enough, the task of writing these pages also comes with the same calmness. It further extends Laura’s influence, until it finally vanishes, living only the echoes and reminding of now familiar feeling.

Like a story to which you have only a partial access, you are left to wonder how the story will unfold

Laura La Wasilewska - Reverie (Detail), 2014
Laura La Wasilewska – Reverie (Detail), 2014

Finding New Horizons

Laura constantly craves for new goals. Besides the direct artistic work, she is also a co-founder of the Youth Art at Warsaw Department of the Polish Association of Artists, amongst other things. Because of the acknowledged work, she painted 44 portraits of famous people between 2011 and 2012. This lifted her work, even more, improving her position, both as an artist and as an art critic. She is often called to various TV and radio program to review artistic publications and to talk about art in general.

Laura La Wasilewska lives and works in New York, USA.

Featured image: Laura La Wasilewska (Detail)
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