Leonardo da Vinci /   Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci

Italy 1452 - 1519

Sculpture, Painting

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
November 10, 2013
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Leonardo da Vinci was a leading figure of the Italian Renaissance, whose most famous works include The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa .

The Long-Awaited Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Finally Lands at The Louvre

The world's leading museum The Louvre is about to open the grandiose Leonardo da Vinci retrospective, marking the 500th anniversary of his death.

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What You Need To Know About Leonardo's Vitruvian Man

A fine example of the artist's inquiring mind, Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man continues to fascinate artists, mathematicians and philosophers alike. 

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Taking Art Exhibitions to the Silver Screen with Award-Winning Director Phil Grabsky

What's it like to put a big art exhibition in front of a cinema audience? We talk to documentary maker Phil Grabsky about his EXHIBITION ON SCREEN project.

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From Riches to Rags? Louvre Questions the Authenticity of Leonardo's Salvator Mundi

As we look at the debates surrounding its authenticity and the silence of its whereabouts, one question arises - is Salvator Mundi fake?

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The Life of Leonardo da Vinci, Examined through 12 Seminal Drawings

The UK will mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci with twelve simultaneous exhibitions across the country featuring his drawings.

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Neptune, c. 1504-5

The final Leonardo da Vinci drawing on our list is of the sea god Neptune.

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Studies of hand for the Adoration of the Magi, c. 1481

These studies of hands were discovered by the use of ultra-red technology.

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Designs for gun-barrels and mortars, c. 1485

This drawing encapsulates Leonardo's interest in technology, and particularly in weapons.

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Studies of water, c. 1510-12

Leonardo da Vinci produced this drawing of water in motion in a between 1510 and 1512.

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The head of Leda, c. 1505-8 and The head of a youth, c. 1510

These drawings were made in approximately the same period and they show Leonardo's exquisite precision in depicting both female and male features.

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A design for an equestrian monument, c. 1485-8

This Leonardo drawing was an actual sketch for a monument of Francesco Sforza which had been produced a few years later, but demolished during the wars.

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A deluge, c. 1517-18

This particular drawing features a depiction of a cataclysmic storm which was one of Leonardo's recurrent subjects during the last years of his life.

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Cats, lions and a dragon, c. 1517-18

This drawing deals with the anatomy of animals, in particular domestic cats, lions and a dragon.

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