Les Lalanne /   Claude Lalanne and François-Xavier Lalanne

France 1956 - 2008

Sculpture, Surrealism

Les Lalanne
Claude Lalanne and François-Xavier Lalanne
March 11, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Husband and wife artist duo Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, known by thier collective signature “Les Lalannes” worked together from 1956 until Francois’ death in 2008. Claude (née Dupeux), born in 1924, studied architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts and the École des Arts Décoratifs. Francois-Xavier Lalanne was born in 1928 in Agen, France, and received a Jesuit education. At age 18, he moved to Paris and studied sculpture, drawing and painting at Académie Julian. He met Claude at his first gallery show in 1952. The show signified an end of painting for François-Xavier as he and Claude began their career sculpting together.

Les Lalannes’ first exhibition took place at the Galerie J. in Paris in 1964, where they presented a series of whimsical and surreal sculptures: a life size rhino that folded into a desk, a watch hidden inside an onion and a cabbage resting on chicken’s feet. From this they were taken on by Alexandre Iolas, who championed the French Surrealists of the time. Here they remained until 1979 when Iolas died and the gallery closed. The couple then moved from their studio at the Impasse Ronsin to a rural idyl in Ury, an hour outside Paris. There Les Lalannes continued to work on their whimsical sculpture. François-Xavier was known for his oversized beasts, Claude is for her intricate organic forms.

Though François did turn his hand to the occasional piece of jewellery, of the two it is Claude who has used jewellery as a medium for artistic expression throughout her career. The success of both Claude’s sculpture and jewellery is in part due to her mastery of electroplating, a process which allows the complete transformation of organic material into copper, using a bath of copper sulphate with a current running through it. When the flora or fauna is submerged, the copper builds on the organic material, ultimately creating a perfect metallic replica of the original. From these the artist sews together this fosillised forms, giving them new life as fantastical creatires, furniture and jewellery.

The Lalannes’ works are represented in many prominent collections around the world including the National Design Museum, New York, Musée Nationale d’Art Moderne, Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Museé d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2014Claude and François-Xavier LalanneBen Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kongsolo
2013Claude and François-Xavier LalanneBen Brown Fine Arts, Londonsolo
2013Les LalanneJGM Galerie, Parissolo
2013Les Lalanne: The Poetry of SculptureS|2, New York, NYsolo
2012Les LalannePaul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NYsolo
2012Les Lalanne (outdoor exhibition)Sedieres Castle, Correzesolo
2011Claude and François-Xavier LalanneBen Brown Fine Arts, Hong Kongsolo
2011Les LalanneJGM Galerie, Parissolo
2010Les Lalanne at FairchildPaul Kasmin Gallery at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Coral Gables, FLsolo
2010Les LalanneLes Arts Decoratifs, Parissolo
2009Les Lalanne on Park AvenueNew York, NYsolo
2009Les LalannePaul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NYsolo
2009Les LalanneJGM Galerie, Parissolo
2007Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne: SculptureBen Brown Fine Arts, Londonsolo
2006Claude and François-Xavier LalannePaul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NYsolo
2006Sculptures 1968 – 2005Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoulsolo
2006Les Lalanne – Histoires NaturellesMetairie Bruyere, Parlysolo
2005Sculptures 1968 – 2005JGM Galerie, Parissolo
2003Bestiaire OrdinaireJGM Galerie, Parissolo
2002Sculptures 2000 – 2002JGM Galerie, Parissolo
2001Sculptures Recentes : Les LalanneGalerie Guy Pieters, Knokke-Heistsolo
2000Sculptures Nouvelles – Nouveaux EtatsJGM Galerie and Galerie Enrico Navarra, Parissolo
2000The LalannesGerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, NMsolo
2000F.X. and Cl. Lalanne - Les Sculpteurs dans la RueMusee des Beaux-Arts d Agen, Agensolo
1998PolymorphosesFlaine-Culture, Haute-Savoiesolo
1998Les Lalanne, Animaux Monstres et ChimeresJGM Galerie, Parissolo
1997Les LalanneDorothy Blau Gallery, Bay Harbor Islands, FLsolo
1997Les HippopotamesMikimoto Ginza, Tokyosolo
1996Les LalanneBao Chen Group, Taiwansolo
1995L horizon Chimerique de Claude et François-Xavier LalanneJGM Galerie, Parissolo
1994L inventaire des LalanneArtcurial, Parissolo
1994Les LalanneGalerie Guy Pieters, Knokke-Heistsolo
1992Les Lalanne, Les Portes du JardinJGM Galerie, Parissolo
1992Sculpture Les Trois Oies de F.X. Lalanne (opening of Place du Marche aux Oies)Mairie de Sarlat, Aquitainesolo
1991Les LalanneGalerie Artcurial, Parissolo
1991Les LalanneChateau de Chenonceau, Loire Valleysolo
1990Les LalanneL Hippodrome, Douaisolo
1989Les LalanneMarisa del Re at the Atrium of the Casino, Monte-Carlosolo
1989Les LalanneGalerie Art-Projet, Nicesolo
1989Les Lalanne SculpturesGalerie de Bellecour, Lyonsolo
1989Les Dinosaures de Cl. et F.X. Lalanne (opening of Promenade Santa-Monica)Smarts Festival, CAsolo
1989Les LalanneGalerie Artcurial, Munichsolo
1988Les LalanneMarisa del Re Gallery, New York, NYsolo
1988Les Lalanne, Sculptures, Dessins, BijouxGalerie des Bastions, Genevasolo
1987Les Lalanne, Objets ExtraordinairesGalerie Artcurial, Parissolo
1987Oeuvres recentesGalerie Daniel Templon, Parissolo
1986Les LalannePlaza of the Americas, Dallas, TXsolo
1986Les LalanneJames Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles, CAsolo
1986Les LalanneRonald Greenberg Gallery, St. Louis, MOsolo
1985Claude et François-Xavier LalanneGalerie des Ponchettes, Nicesolo
1985Claude et François-Xavier LalanneGalerie Daniel Templon, Parissolo
1985Les LalanneHokin Gallery, Miami, FLsolo
1984Claude Lalanne, Bijoux en Or Galerie Artcurial, Parissolo
1984Les LalanneChristian Fayt Gallery, Knokke-Heistsolo
1983La Magie Blanche dans la Vie de Tous les JoursAtelier 74, Annecysolo
1983Les LalanneMusee de Nemours, Nemourssolo
1983Les LalanneGalerie Artcurial, New York, NYsolo
1983Claude Lalanne, L or de l ArtGalerie Artcurial, Parissolo
1982Les LalanneGalerie d Art Contemporain, Limogessolo
1980PolymorphosesDeutsch-Franzosisches Kulturinstitut, Essensolo
1980Les Monumentaux de LalanneGalerie Municipale de Saint-Martin d Heres, Iseresolo
1980Les LalanneChateau de Sedieres, Correzesolo
1980Le Rhinoceros dans Tous ses etatsGalerie La Hune, Parissolo
1980Les Monumentaux de LalanneChapelle de la Villedieu, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Francesolo
1979SculptureLolas and Brooks Jackson Gallery, New York, NYsolo
1979Diner Salvador DaliMusee d Histoire Naturelle, Parissolo
1978PolymorphosesGalerie La Hune, Parissolo
1978Claude Lalanne, Les Sept Papillons d OrGalerie Artcurial, Parissolo
1977Les LalanneArt Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TXsolo
1976Domesticated Beasts and Other CreaturesWhitechapel Gallery, Londonsolo
1976Les LalanneMusee de l Abbaye de Sainte-Croix, Les Sables d Olonne, Francesolo
1976Les LalanneMusee des Beaux Arts, Agensolo
1976Les LalanneSara Gilat Art Gallery, Jerusalemsolo
1976Les LalanneGalerie Lithous Technis, Athenssolo
1975Les LalanneCNAC, Parissolo
1975F.X. et Claude LalanneMuseum Boymans, Rotterdamsolo
1974Les LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, Parissolo
1974F.X. et C. LalanneRoyal Scottish Academy, Edinburghsolo
1973Les LalanneMaison de la Culture, Amienssolo
1972F.X. et C. LalanneMaison de la Culture, Amienssolo
1972Les LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, Zürichsolo
1971Les LalanneGalerie Zoumboulakis, Athenssolo
1971Les LalanneGalerie Paul Facchetti, Zürichsolo
1970Les LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, Parissolo
1970Les Tirages restreints de F.X. et Claude LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, Parissolo
1970Les LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, Milansolo
1970Les LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, Genevasolo
1970Diner cannibaleEat Art Gallery, Dusseldorfsolo
1967Les LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, New York, NYsolo
1967Les LalanneThe Art Institute, Chicago, ILsolo
1966Les LalanneGalerie Alexandre Iolas, Parissolo
1964ZoophitesGalerie J., Parissolo