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Street Art, Design

Lik Mi
May 4, 2016

Lik Mi is a female Colombian street artist whose artworks are influenced by yoga and Kama Sutra teachings. The artist has spent some time in India because of her interest in the connection between body, mind and soul. In India, it is quite common, even nowadays, to be dedicated to some form of spiritual practice which aims at uniting and reconciling our external and internal worlds. Lik Mi is also curious about the topic of sexual taboos and history of sexuality, which is apparent in her depiction of copulating couples, similar to the illustrations found in Kama Sutra.

Lik Mi - Carteles Contorcion, 2015
Lik Mi – Carteles Contorcion, 2015

Graphic Designer Turned Yogi

Lik Mi was born in Bogota, Colombia and she was originally a graphic designer. However, she wasn’t happy about her daily life and working in the industry, so she decided to make a radical change and try to follow her heart instead of doing what’s logical. She quit her job and lived for a while with an indigenous community, which was a major crossroad for her. Because of this unusual experience, Lik Mi decided to become a full-time artist, working only on projects she finds truly interesting and motivating. She got involved in street art and jewelry design and built her own style, based on an interesting blend of cartoonish drawings and Kama Sutra-alike illustrations and stickers.

Lik Mi became an artist after she quit her job and lived for a while with an indigenous community

Lik Mi - Untitled, 2014
Lik Mi – Untitled, 2014

Interest in Sexuality

Lik Mi’s street art revolves around the concepts of sexuality, yoga exercises, and spirituality. In a way, her artistic philosophy and aesthetics resemble the New Age movement from the 60s, when the Oriental teachings were becoming popular in the Western world. However, Lik Mi reinvented the New Age style – her paintings, figurines, stickers, and murals are all done in a recognizably playful, child-like style. She sticks to bright, positive colors and her depiction of sexuality, even if explicit, never looks distasteful. Lik Mi is also famous for her hand-made jewelry – beautiful and delicate earrings and pins featuring simple, pleasant topics, such as cheerful human faces, small animals, bowls of fruits and various desserts.

Lik Mi’s street art revolves around the concepts of sexuality, yoga exercises, and spirituality

Lik Mi - Sticker in Udaipur, India, 2015
Lik Mi – Sticker in Udaipur in India, 2015

Joy of Life

Lik Mi is a brave and curious artist who wasn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone and try to look for her happiness elsewhere, outside of the firmly established daily routine. Her free-minded and somewhat mischievous street art and cute jewelry which concentrate on the depiction of simple life pleasures are truly powerful because they infuse a sense of profound serenity and joy. Lik Mi’s art could be found even outside of her native Colombia –  in 2015, while visiting a beautiful city of Udaipur in India, she left her adorable depictions of Kama Sutra poses in various public places.

Lik Mi lives and works in Bogota, Colombia.

Featured image: Lik Mi – Untitled – Photo credits © TheDustyRebel
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