Linnea Strid

Sweden 1983

Photorealism, Painting

Linnea Strid
Linnea Strid
November 20, 2014

Inspired by human emotions and the tedious details in everyday routine, Linnea Strid creates hyper-realistic oil paintings depicting the insignificant actions involving water that we reflexively repeat in any given day. The artist carefully captures most intimate moments of self-examination, contemplation, and tranquility. Her paintings are interwoven with a much-heightened sensibility, emphasizing the details and textures that make them uncannily amplified. Therefore, it can be said that Strid’s photo-realistic style always gives an impression of strong desire to convey an odd feeling, a forgotten memory, in general, an observation of human behavior.

In 2017 the artist exhibited her new oil works on several group shows at her home gallery
Linnea Strid – Embraced by the silence

The Artistic Path of Linnea Strid

Linnea Strid was born in 1983 in a small Swedish village. She was 16 when her family decided to move to Fuengirola in Southern Spain, which was a fertile ground for a young artist, with a lot of art shows going on everywhere. Little by little, she stepped into the art world, starting up her artistic career with several exhibitions. Her first solo show was in 2003, which was quite of success. Strid realized that an artistic career is manageable and returned to Sweden in 2004.

The focus on one’s face reveals strong emotional states

The time she spent for painting paid off since all the works were sold in 2010 exhibition
Linnea Strid – The observer

Building Up Personal Style

The artist is especially fond of realism and works patiently for several hours a day with tiny details. The reflections, light, and shadows, are of her particular interest while working especially because she is practically obsessed with painting water in different shapes and forms, often combined with both honest and painfully exposed portraits showcasing a range of human emotions. Whether the subjects are submerging or levitate in water, their vulnerability is fully exposed and the thin line between life and death becomes even more apparent. Since the subjects of Linnea Strid are mostly woman to some extent it seems as if the artist employs emancipatory discourse on the feminist trail.

Linnea Strid often depicts the moment of submerge

When you click the link for her flickr profile you can view and shop works from 2010
Linnea Strid – Liberation (Left) / Submerge (Right)

The Psychological Aspects In The Work of Linnea Strid

Regardless of any particular genre or influence, Strid explores the darker side of the human psyche conveyed through the water. The insight into the most private moments and personal stories expressed through painting reflects the issues of mortality, fear of living and dying, anxiety and loneliness. Depending on the subject, the artist employs the certain amount of underlying irony and unpredictable feelings in order to empower the whole composition. The call for introspection is additionally accentuated by the fact that the works are like snapshots of hers or someone else’s everyday life and seem to be unbelievably realistic almost like a photograph.

Her paintings reflect the call for silence and calm

Linnea Strid - Where dreams go to sleep
Linnea Strid – Where dreams go to sleep

The Rising Star

This young Swedish artist is exhibiting continuously and her works have been published in several digital and print press. The ongoing interest in her work is not a surprising since her sensitive portrays are inviting and are appealing not only in an aesthetic sense but rather in conceptual. The artistic practice of Linnea Strid is without a doubt a really good example of how the easel artwork still can provoke and excite the observer with simple and unpretentious, yet well-thought executions.

Linnea Stride now lives and works in Norrsundet, Sweden.

All images used are courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017If Our Own Words Fail UsBeinArt Gallery, Brunswick, AustraliaGroup
2017Pow! Wow! Hawaii!Honolulu Museum of Art School, HonoluluGroup
2016Love Me When I’m GoneThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
2017Year of the Rooster GR2 Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2016UntitledSCOPE MiamiGroup
2016UntitledApama Mackey Gallery, Houston, TexasGroup
2016Small works showThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2016Post it showGR2 Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2016NEXUSThe Brand Library & Art Center, Glendale, CAGroup
2016Materia PrimaBLAM Brooklyn, New YorkGroup
2016LAX - ORD Vertical gallery, ChicagoGroup
2016The New Vanguard Lancaster Museum of Art and HistoryGroup
2016PostcArt Avantgarde Tattoo and Art Gallery, Milan, ItalyGroup
2016DestinesiaStephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, New YorkGroup
2016Out in the OpenKirk Gallery, Aalborg, DenmarkGroup
2016Statim FinisStepehen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, New YorkGroup
2016Saint BowieStephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, New YorkGroup
2016Venus La Bodega Gallery, San DiegoGroup
2016Lápiz, Papel o Tijera Plastic Murs Gallery, Valencia, SpainGroup
2015United Nations La Bodega Gallery, San DiegoGroup
2015LAX - HLR Stolen Space Gallery, LondonGroup
2015LAX - DTYInner State Gallery, DetroitGroup
201520 Years Under the Influence of JuxtapozLos Angeles Municipal Art GalleryGroup
2015Platinum BlendModern Eden Gallery, San FranciscoGroup
2015La Familia – 10 Years of Thinkspace Thinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2014LAX SFOHashimoto Contemporary, San FranciscoGroup
2014LAX TXL Curated pop-up exhibit and mural projectProject M4 with Urban Nation. Berlin, GermanyGroup
2013A Quiet Place (with Stephanie Buer)Thinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesDuo
2013God KonstGalleri Movitz, Stockholm, SwedenGroup
2013KonstdragetFörvaltningshuset, Gävle, SwedenGroup
2013LAX PHL group show curated by ThinkspaceGallery 309, PhiladelphiaGroup
2013Asia Hotel Art FairMandarin Oriental, Hong KongGroup
2013LAX HKG Group show curated by the  Thinkspace GalleryAbove Second Gallery, Hong KongGroup
2013A Quiet PlaceThinkspace Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2012Washed Up And Left BehindGalleri Diana, Uppsala, SwedenSolo
2012Forsbacka BrukSandviken, SwedenSolo
2012Gästrik KonstSädesmagasinet in Gysinge, SwedenSolo
2012Pangeaseed Touring Art ShowUS West CoastGroup
2012Sur-RealismArcadia Gallery, New YorkGroup
2012Wild At Heart: Keep Wildlife in the WildThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2012Picks of the HarvestThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2012Femme FataleCella Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2012Affordable Art FairLA Live in Downtown. Los AngelesGroup
2011As it falls over you (with Nathan DeYoung)Thinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesDuo
2011Impetus an exhibition curated by ThinkspaceThe Joseph Gross Gallery at the University of Arizona, TucsonGroup
2011Literal EyesLondon Miles Gallery, LondonGroup
2011“LAX PDX” a curated exhibition from Thinkspace Together Gallery, PortlandGroup
2010PolishusetUppsala, SwedenSolo
2010The New RealismThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
20105 Year Anniversary Group ShowThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2010Love Conquers All: Art For EqualityThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2010The Next Generation – a New Chapter in Contemporary ArtLondon Miles Gallery, LondonGroup
2010Art WalkCulver City, Los AngelesGroup
2010VisionThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2010LA 3010WWA Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2010Give Me Space to ThinkThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2010FreshThinkspace Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
2010Klubb SelmaOrange, Uppsala, SwedenGroup
2009Café KingsgårdenLindesberg, SwedenSolo
2009What The Water Gave MeGalleri Kocks, Stockholm, SwedenSolo
2009Björk and BerriesHögbo, SwedenSolo
2009KlotterKulturkiosken, Gävle, SwedenSolo
2009Gustaf Engström Galleri, Uppsala, SwedenGroup
2009In ProcessCarlson Tower Gallery, North Park University, ChicagoGroup
2008Kafé 44Stockholm, SwedenSolo
2008Brott Mot Icke-mänsklighetenGalleri Lucy Ford, Stockholm, SwedenSolo
2007Insidan UtåtKulturkiosken, Gävle, SwedenSolo
2007Cute ExecuteGalleri Art Lab, Stockholm, SwedenGroup
2007En Annorlunda VerklighetKonstcentrum, Gävle, SwedenGroup
2003Club NórdicoFuengirola, SpainSolo
2003Casa del AyuntamientoLos Boliches, SpainGroup
2002Area de la JuventudFuengirola, SpainGroup