Lino Lago - Fake abstract Baby Pink on Stieler

Lino Lago

Spain 1973

Lino Lago
Lino Lago
June 12, 2013
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Lago Lino was born in Spain in 1973, he’s graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid, he lives and works in Lithuania.

From the beginning of his studies, Lino Lago questions the place of the work of art in the contemporary world, and more particularly that of painting. Often by the absurd, he saw the canvases of Masters; always with humor, disfigures them by great tasks thrown at the chance of his gesture. Jubilatory act. He plays with classical references, exploring through them, the relationship to art. His recognized work is present in several institutional and private collections.

Featured image: Lino Lago – Fake abstract Baby Pink on Stieler. Photo courtesy Galerie Geraldine Banier