Lluis Barba - The Harvesters Brueghel (detail), 2018 (new version)

Lluis Barba /   Lluís Barba

Spain 1952

Sculpture, Photography, Painting


Lluis Barba
Lluís Barba
February 25, 2013
Art somehow explains a lot that's happening in the world right now. Feel free to contact me at nikola.milosevic777@gmail.com

Lluís Barba is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist whose work is a reflection of society and a critique of the problems it generates.

Featured image: Lluís Barba – The Harvesters. Brueghel (detail), 2018 (new version). 85 x 124 cm. Edition of 1. Diasec system. Hand signed by the artist. Photo courtesy of 5 Pieces Gallery