Luca De Leva

Italy 1986

Installation, Sculpture, Performance Art, Conceptual Art, Video Art, Painting, Drawing

Luca De Leva
Luca De Leva
May 16, 2016

Luca De Leva is an Italian multidisciplinary artist who does performance art, makes sculptures, paintings, drawings, and installations. His authentic approach covers all the basis of traditional art, but his pushing the envelope attitude transcends all the common art form. Contemporary to the bone, his artistic expressions dabble into the field of a sublime, raising deep psychological questions about personal identity and humanity as a concept. He uses virtual reality tools, such as Oculus Rift, does performance art inspired by myth and traditions, draws with charcoal and graphite, and paints using oil on canvas technique.

Luca De Leva - Blarney 5x3, 2013, photo credits Almanacprojects
Luca De Leva – Blarney 5×3, 2013, photo credits Almanacprojects

A Kiss of Virtue

Luca De Leva was born in Milan in 1986. He studied at the Academy of fine Arts of Brera and the Academy of Visual Art in Leipzig. In 2013, he organized a performance called Blarney 5×3 at Almanac Projects in London, where 10 performances were standing against the wall and kissing it. Kissing the wall is an idea that came to the artist while learning about the Irish castle Blarney. The legend says that inside the walls of the castle lies a stone with a magical gift of eloquence and one who kisses it will be rewarded with that virtue. The performers were kissing the wall in a synchronized manner in the cadence of a sentence in Morse code. So many references are incorporated into this performance, and Luca De Leva does all of his art in a similar manner – carefully planned and amazingly detailed.

De Leva dedicated project called Fiammetta dixit to his sister

Luca De Leva - Fiammetta dixit, 2014, photo credits Roberto Apa
Luca De Leva – Fiammetta dixit, 2014, photo credits Roberto Apa

Sibling Love as an Inspiration for a Different Perspective

Quite a lot of his work is dedicated to his sister, with whom he has the beautiful sibling connection, that gives birth to many of his creative projects. One of his projects, from 2014, called Fiammetta dixit that he organized in Rome, was dedicated to his sister, Fiammetta, and her perception of the environment. She was born with some disabilities and he always tried his best to grasp her sense of the world. In this installation, he made sculptures that represented her body and scattered them across the gallery space. The idea was to show how somebody’s fragmented concept of self, communicated with the viewer that does not have the same methods of perception.

The artist uses virtual reality eye gear in his performances

Luca De Leva - Requiem, 2015, photo credits Flashartonline
Luca De Leva – Requiem, 2015, photo credits Flashartonline

Stories from Another Eye

In one of his recent performances ThySelf Talk: Chronicles from another eye, the artist used one of the many perks of modern technology, goggle glasses, to provide a unique knowledge of seeing himself in a third person through someone else’s eyes. The artist and his partner wore virtual reality glasses experiencing in their daily lives a swapping of their eyesight to move within a different perspective on reality. By moving in and with another body-sense, De Leva aims at a dissolution of his known perception to return to a grade zero, which precisely in the overturning of the sensorial insights, transforms into something other, like in the case of his 2011 “life swap” act performed in Beirut with Jorgen Ekvoll.

Luca De Leva lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Featured image: Luca De Leva – Portrait of the artist (Detail), photo credits Requite
All images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Horses and Virgin MarysINPRATICA project in the Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection, MilanSolo
2015ThySelf Talk: Chronicles from another eyeMuseo Villa Croce, GenovaSolo
2015Requiem (project with Artache)Basilica S.Marco, MilanSolo
2015Italia Happening with Yes I am Writing A Book 21er Haus, WienGroup
2015Club of matinee IdolzCo2, TurinGroup
2014Fiammetta dixitCura.basement, RomeSolo
2014Ceci n’e pas (project with Artache)Privat house, WienSolo
2014Blarney 5x3Almanac Projects, LondonSolo
2014Keep it realVentura XV, MilanGroup
2014Studio visit on CuraWeb project - Cura, RomeGroup
2014LDLAccademia Carrara, BergamoGroup
2013Ho perso gli anelli, ma mi restano le ditaRoom Galleria, MilanSolo
2013Corso ApertoFondazione Antonio Ratti, ComoGroup
2013Do you know because I tell you so or do you know, do you knowViafarini, MilanGroup
2012ThySelfDe Walvisch Culture Ship, LondonSolo
2012Straight UpFamily Business New York, New YorkGroup
201280GUM studio Turin, TurinGroup
2012RecordFondazione Bevilacqua la Masa, VeniceGroup
2012Underneath the Street, the BeachFondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, TurinGroup
2012Polline e cerniere, for Bureau for Art NerdsIstituto Svizzero, Casa Morigi, MilanGroup
2012Better than beterCopenhagen Place, LondonGroup
2011Thy Self TalkZicohouse, BeirutSolo
2011MotelLucieArtissima LIDO, TurinGroup
2011AghilistiGUM Studio, Artissima LIDO, TurinGroup
2011Run3Room Galleria, MilanGroup
2011Studiovisit.itG.C.A.C., MonfalconeGroup
2011De dreit Nien – Serpi coralloMuseo Pecci, MilanGroup
2011Born in HaremKlenova Castle, Czech RepublicGroup
2011After PrismaVilla Romana, FirenzeGroup
2011Tu Mi PiaciMuseo Carlo Zauli, FaenzaGroup
2011Exploding Fluid InevitabilePiscine Caimi, MilanGroup
2010Il raccolto d’autunnoDocva, MilanGroup
2010Certo SentimentoTurin Group
2010Armless monkey suck bananas from bananasGUM studio, CarraraGroup
2010Titolo GrossoCripta 747,TurinGroup
2010Arte desputatioMiart, MilanGroup
2009OttutRoom Galleria, MilanSolo