Lucia Dovicakova - Dead Outside

Lucia Dovicakova

Slovak Republic 1981


Lucia Dovicakova
Lucia Dovicakova
Slovak Republic
August 14, 2017
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Lucia Dovicakova has chosen women as a central topic of her work right from its beginnings. She depicts inside, as well as outside reality of present-day (mostly young) women with a maximal sincerity. Her women are faced with multiple life roles and expectations from their vicinity as well as from themselves. She focuses on the conflict point, on the tension between contrast forces, between what is inside and what is outside.

Text by Alexandra Tamasova

Featured image: Lucia Dovicakova – Dead outside, 2018. 25 x 34 cm. Aquarel and pencil on paper. Photo courtesy of the artist and 5 Pieces Gallery