Contemporary art

Luke Newton

United Kingdom 1987

Sculpture, Collage, Drawing

Luke Newton
Luke Newton
United Kingdom
February 19, 2015
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Luke Newton, the young British artist graduated from Saint Martin’s School, is sharing his views of contemporary society through his artworks inspired by the small things in daily life. Like a flash and without apparent correlation, his art works, encourage the imagination to zap fast from one image to another.

Transforming iPods into defensive weapons, hiding iconic images in QR codes and aligning symbolic red stickers on canvas, Luke Newton accumulates the most mundane things of his daily life, and interprets it subversively. His artworks are a reflection of a society in which he believes everyone tries to renew and create within the confines of routine. The interpretation of Luke Newton is harsh and always with British humor. His artworks are able to stimulate the imagination of the public bringing them into a dimension of derision and gravity.

Luke Newton

He has cooperated with many artists and in his own right Luke Newton is a multi-form artist transposing between sculpture, painting, drawing and collage. In his artwork the traditional disciplines are questioned, and rather than tools become the subject of communication for artist.

Luke Newton lives and works in Paris, France.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Off the ShelfFabien Castanier Gallery, Culver City Solo
2014YIA - Art Fair Galerie Rabouan Moussion - ParisGroup
2014Art Paris - Art FairGalerie Rabouan Moussion - Paris A2Z Art Gallery - ParisGroup
2014Love Etc... Galerie Pluskwa - MarseilleGroup
2013% - Solo ShowA2Z Art Gallery - ParisSolo
2013Docks Art Fair - Art FairA2Z Art Gallery - ParisGroup
2013Artist In Society Galerie Rabouan Moussion - ParisGroup
2013Art Project AIDES Galerie Yvon-Lambert - ParisGroup
2013 Lyrics Galerie Héléne Bailly - ParisGroup
2013Chaque Petal Est Une Fleur A2Z Art Gallery - ParisGroup
2013Drawing Now - Art Fair Galerie Rabouan Moussion - ParisGroup
2013Art Paris - Art Fair Galerie Rabouan Moussion - Paris A2Z Art Gallery - ParisGroup
2012SALE Galerie Rabouan Moussion - ParisSolo
2012In & Out A2Z Art Gallery - Paris Group
2012Blue Roof Residence No.1 - Residence Blue Roof Museum - ChengduGroup
2012Art Paris - Art Fair Galerie Rabouan Moussion - Paris A2Z Art Gallery - ParisGroup
2011SOLD A2Z Art Gallery - ParisSolo
2008GraduationCentral Saint Martins - LondonGroup
2002This Is Me London - New York Tokyo - Osaka - ParisGroup
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