Luo Mingjun

China 1963

Installation, Painting, Drawing

Luo Mingjun
Luo Mingjun
March 2, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Luo Mingjun is a Chinese contemporary artist born in 1963 in Nanchong, Sichuan province. In her work, she explores alienation, the haziness of memory, and the passage of time. She got her BFA from Normal University, Hunan province in 1983. After moving to Switzerland upon her marriage in 1987, she began to miss China. Stimulated by the wintry whiteness of her new home, that nostalgia revivified the artist’s memories of childhood, it also prompted her to read Chinese literature and philosophy with new eyes.

She was particularly inspired by the Dao de Jing of Lao Tzu. The drawings in the Yesterday series (2006-2007) are based on snapshots of the artist and her school friends, their details bleached out to suggest the way memories are faded by time. Luo Mingjun copied the small original photos freehand, then scanned each sketch, projected it briefly onto a large art paper, marked a few key points, and redrew the image guided by the photo and her memory alone. In the final works, substance is generated by emptiness. Except for hair and eyes, the human figures are blanks, their contours, facial expressions, even personalities implied by shadows alone.

Luo Mingjun has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Switzerland and her homeland China, as well as in France, Spain and Belgium.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2014Le Troisieme EspaceGalerie Gisele Linder, Baselsolo
2014Guanxi recent paintings and drawingsGalerie Aeroplastics, Bruxellessolo
2014artgeneveGalerie Gisele Lindergroup
2014UnknownART Basel, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2014china.chKunsthalle Palazzo, LiestalFgroup
2013Proche de quelque partFondation Louis Moret, Martignysolo
2013Anderfuhren Art PrintsFondation Anderfuhren, Bielsolo
2013UnknownART Basel, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2013WunderlandChateau de Rue, Ruegroup
2013PortraitGalerie C, Neuchatelgroup
2012Parfum de poussiereGalerie Gisele Linder, Baselsolo
2012Luo MingjunMandarins Gallery, Antwerpensolo
2012DustBeijing Fine Arts, Beijingsolo
2012du rizGalerie davel 14, Cullysolo
2012FirefliesGalerie Aeroplastics Contemporary, Bruxellesgroup
2012artgeneveAtelier Raynald Metraux, Genevegroup
2012UnknownART|43|Basel, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2012UnknownJournees photographiques, Biennegroup
2012Undoing ShuimoDuolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghaigroup
2012This a women’s world – 10 Jahre FrauenkunstpreisKunstmuseum, Thun group
2011BrisesGalerie Gisele Linder, Baselsolo
2011Au sud des nuagesAtelier Raynald Metraux, Lausannesolo
2011AccrochageMusee cantonal des beaux-art, Lausannegroup
2011Lines & ClustersGrosse Halle Reitschule, Berngroup
2011SoufflesCentre d’art contemporain Le Pave dans la Mare, Besançongroup
2011UnknownART|42|Basel, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2010Kunst unter1'000Galerie Hufschmid Staffelbach, Zürichgroup
2010UnknownART|41|Basel, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2010M’ART PROJECTshContemporary, Shanghaigroup
2010art forum berlinGalerie Gisele Lindergroup
2010Metis-Jujing M’ArtThe Foundry Gallery, Shanghaigroup
2009Luo MingjunArchivArte Galerie, Bernsolo
2009DéchiffréFondation Louis Moret, Martignysolo
2009Espace de tempsGalerie HS HufschmidStaffelbach, Zurichsolo
2009Luo MingjunGalerie Kunstkeller, Bernsolo
2009PrintsGalerie Gisele Linder, Baselgroup
2009Your choice – my selectionGalerie HS, Zurichgroup
2009UnknownART|40|Basel, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2009Projet 25Galerie Gisele Linder, Baselgroup
2009Ma couleur prefereeGalerie Gisele Linder, Baselgroup
2009UnknownArt Forum Berlin, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2008Luo MingjunGalerie Gisele Linder, Baselsolo
2008Poussière Rouge Verwehter StaubCentre PasquArt, Biennesolo
2008UnknownGalerie Une, Beijinggroup
2008FrauenkunstpreisGalerie ArchivArte, Berngroup
2008Chinese abstract art in last 30 yearsCaixa Forum, Palma de Mallorcagroup
2008UnknownART|39|Basel, Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2008Summertime 08Galerie Gisele Linder, Baselgroup
2008UnknownKIAF 08, Seoulgroup
2008MiniaturisationGalerie Gisele Linder, Baselgroup
2008UnknownArt-Etage, Biennegroup
2007Luo MingjunCreek Art Center, Shanghaisolo
2007Luo MingjunKunstkeller, Berngroup
2007ART Basel 38|07Galerie Gisele Lindergroup
2007Summertime 07Galerie Gisele Linder, Baselgroup
2007Unknownsh Contemporary 07, Shanghaigroup
2007Self-taucht Society – Exhitibion in DeviationFeiArt Center Shanghai, Shanghaigroup
2007Carte BlancheMusee Jurassien des Arts, Moutiergroup
2007UnknownShunzhuang Art Festival, Beijinggroup
2006Luo MingjunLaowen’s Studio, Beijingsolo
2005Luo MingjunGalerie des Amis des Arts, Neuchâtelsolo
2005Ten women artistsInternational photography Festival, Pingyao, Chinagroup
2005Joli mois de MaiVisart, Bielgroup
2004Luo MingjunKunstkeller, Bernsolo
2004Christmas exhibitionsCentrePasquArt, Biel and Art museum, Moutiergroup
2003InterventionFest der Kunste, Berngroup
2002Open02 : Temple allemandBielgroup
2002Skulptur 02Berngroup
2002Joli mois de MaiVisart, Bielgroup
2002Bourse AeschlimannArt museum, Moutiergroup
2001Luo MingjunEspace Libre, Centre PasqArt, Bielsolo
2000Luo MingjunKunstkeller, Bernsolo
1999Change directoryKunsthalle, Bern group
1998Luo MingjunKunstkeller, Bernsolo
1998Bourse AeschlimannArt museum, Thungroup
1993Luo MingjunBerner Galerie, Bernsolo
1992Berner BiennaleCentre PaquArt, Bielgroup
1985Founder of the 0 Art Group and participant at its exhibitionChangsha, Chinagroup
19846th Chines national exhibitionSenyang, Chiangroup
1984Exhibition of young artists from HuanChangsha, Chinagroup
1980Exhibitions of HuanHuan, Chinagroup