Lynda Benglis

United States 1941

Sculpture, Photography, Video Art

Lynda Benglis
Lynda Benglis
United States
February 27, 2015

Lynda Benglis is an American sculptor and visual artist, considered as a pioneer of a form of abstraction in which each work is the result of materials in action, creating sculptures that eschew minimalist reserve in favor of bold colors, sensual lines, and lyrical references to the human body.

Lynda Benglis was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1941. She earned a BFA in 1964 from Newcomb College in New Orleans, which was then the women’s college of Tulane University. In 1964, Benglis moved to New York, where she studied painting at the Brooklyn Museum Art School.

Counting Andy Warhol, Sol LeWitt and Barnett Newman among her friends and peers, Benglis established her career within a male-dominated art world and became famous not only for her radical re-envisioning of sculpture and painting through her early works using wax and poured latex, but also for her works dealing with feminist politics and self-image. Like other female artists, she was attracted by the newness of a medium that was uncorrupted by male artists. The structure of the new medium itself played an important role in addressing questions about female identity in relation to art, pop culture, and dominant feminism movements at the time.

Lynda Benglis’s work has always been the result of a fluid and organic working process, in which difficult-to-control materials help determine the final outcome. Her early works include wax paintings and a series of Fallen Paintings, which she created by pouring colored latex onto the floor. Benglis’s range of sculptural materials expanded to include polyurethane foam, cast aluminum, bronze, and plaster. In the 1970s, she produced a series of Torsos, cast aluminum shells that jut out from the wall, and Knots, brightly colored ribbons that resemble human figures in motion. She has also produced work in video and photography, including a controversial advertisement in the 1974 issue of Artforum, which showed the artist posing nude in a provocative manner. Benglis seeks to challenge a male-dominated discourse in art by creating work that is sensual, body-oriented, and decorative.

Known for her exploration of metaphorical and biomorphic shapes, she is deeply concerned with the physicality of form and how it affects the viewer, using a wide range of materials to render dynamic impressions of mass and surface – soft becomes hard, hard becomes soft and gestures are frozen.

In more recent works, she explores diverse cultural heritages like Indian architecture, Greek statuary, and Chinese ceramics, translating ancient techniques and symbols for use in contemporary contexts.

Her work has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, among many other prestigious venues. She is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and two National Endowment for the Arts grants, among other commendations.

Lynda Benglis currently resides in New York, Santa Fe, and Ahmedabad, India.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2015Water SourcesStorm King Art Center, New Windsor, NYSolo
2014Lynda BenglisCheim & Read, New York, NYSolo
2013Great Hall Exhibitions: Lynda BenglisNew York University, Institute of Fine Arts, NYSolo
2013Everything FlowsLocks Gallery, Philadelphia, PASolo
2012Lynda BenglisThomas Dane Gallery, LondonSolo
2012Part One: New Works on PaperKappatos Gallery, Athens, GreeceSolo
2012FiguresSavannah College of Art and Design Museum of Art, Savannah, GASolo
2012Lynda BenglisErich Hauser Art Foundation, Rottweil, GermanySolo
2011Lynda BenglisIrish Museum of Modern Art, DublinSolo
2011FountainsSalon 94 Freemans, New YorkSolo
2011Lynda Benglis Glass MasksTexas Gallery, HoustonSolo
2011Reconfiguring an African Icon: Odes to the Mask by Modern and Contemporary Artists from Three ContinentsMetropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NYGroup
2011Modern Women: Single ChannelPS 1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, NYGroup
2011The Last Grand TourGoulandris Foundation, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens, Greece Group
2010Lynda BenglisVan Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NetherlandsSolo
2010Lynda BenglisIrish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin IrelandSolo
2010Lynda BenglisLe Consortium, Dijon, FranceSolo
2010Lynda BenglisThe Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RISolo
2010Lynda BenglisNew Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NYSolo
2010Flow and FleshLocks gallery, Philadelphia, PASolo
2010Wax’in WaneMichael Janssen Gallery, CologneSolo
2010Ordinary MadnessCarnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PAGroup
2010Abstract ResistanceWalker Art Center, Minneapolis, MNGroup
2010Keeping it Real: An Exhibition in 4 Acts: Act 2, Subversive AbstractionWhitechapel Art Gallery, London, United KingdomGroup
2010Thrice Upon a TimeMagasin 3, Stockholm Konsthall, Stockholm, SwedenGroup
2010Keeping it Real: An Exhibition in 4 Acts: Act 2, Subversive AbstractionWhitechapel Art Gallery, London, United KingdomGroup
2009New WorkCheim & Read, New YorkSolo
2009Lynda Benglis and Robert Morris: 1973-1974Susan Inglett Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2009SyntheticWhitney Museum of American Art, New York, NYGroup
20091968: The Great InnocentsKunsthalle Bielefeld, Bielefeld, GermanyGroup
2009Arte Povera and Anti-FormTate Modern, London, EnglandGroup
2009Jo Baer, Lynda Benglis, Jutta KoetherVan Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NetherlandsGroup
2009Bad HabitsAlbright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NYGroup
2008Lynda Benglis As Printmaker: A 30-year Retrospective of Editions and MonotypesCarl Solway Gallery, CincinnatiSolo
2008Action PaintingBeyeler Museum, Basel, SwitzerlandGroup
2008Decoys, Complexes, and Triggers: Feminism and Land Art in the 1970sSculpture Center, Long Island City, NYGroup
2008Punk Generation - No one is innocentKunsthalle Wien, Wien, AustriaGroup
2008Shape-ShiftersLocks Gallery, Philadelphia, PAGroup
2007Wax Paintings & Ceramic SculpturesTexas Gallery, HoustonSolo
2007Circa 70: Lynda Benglis and Louise BourgeoisCheim & Read, New YorkGroup
2007Artmatters 11: Lynda Benglis The McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TXGroup
2007A batalla dos xéneros CGAC - Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de CompostelaGroup
2007The Lure of Clay USC Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2007What Is Painting? - Contemporary Art from the CollectionMuseum of Modern Art, New York City, NYGroup
2007Summer of Love - Art of the Psychedelic EraWhitney Museum of American Art, New YorkGroup
2007WACK - Art And The Feminist RevolutionThe Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los AngelesGroup
2007Not For SaleP.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long IslandGroup
2006New Work by Lynda BenglisNina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, NYSolo
2006Pleated, Knotted, Poured...Locks Gallery, PhiladelphiaSolo
2006Lynda BenglisBass Museum of Art, MiamiSolo
2006Glass - Material MattersLos Angeles County Museum of Art - LACMA, Los Angeles, CAGroup
2005Ceramic SculptureFrank Lloyd Gallery, Santa MonicaSolo
2005Lynda BenglisSusanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale, MISolo
2005Monique Prieto: New Paintings & Lynda Benglis: The GracesCheim & Read, New YorkGroup
2004Ceramic SculptureFranklin Parrasch Gallery, New YorkSolo
2004A Sculpture Survey 1969-2004Cheim & Read, New YorkSolo
2004Improvisation: Lynda Benglis and Isaac WitkinLocks Gallery, PhiladelphiaGroup
2003Lynda Benglis: SculpturesBass Museum of Art, Miami, Toomey Tourell, San FranciscoSolo
2002Soft OffLocks Gallery, Philadelphia, PASolo
2002Ceramic SculptureFranklin Parrasch Gallery, New YorkSolo
2002Bettina Rheims and Lynda BenglisCheim & Read, New YorkGroup
2001EchoesRemba Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
2001New WorkToomey Tourell, San FranciscoSolo
2000Hot SpotsTexas Gallery, HoustonSolo
2000A Decade of IdeasBryan Ohno Gallery, SeattleSolo
2000Materials GirlMeadows Museum, Shreveport, LASolo
2000Lynda BenglisWeatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, NCSolo
2000Stacked, Forced, Pinched: Clay and Bronze Works by Lynda BenglisMeadows Museum, Shreveport, LASolo
1999Lynda BenglisGuild Hall Musuem, East Hampton, NYSolo
1999Small WorksGalerie Simonne Stern, New Orleans, LASolo
1999New WorksCheim & Read Gallery, New YorkSolo
1999Wols: Photographs of the 1930sCheim & Read, New YorkGroup
1998ChimeraForum Kunst Rottweil, Rottweil, GermanySolo
1998Lynda BenglisGalerie Six Friedrich Munich, GermanySolo
1998Lynda BenglisCharim Klocker Gallery, ViennaSolo
1998Recent Sculpture & Screening of the 1973 Video Female SensibilityCheim & Read Gallery, New YorkSolo
1998Dynamic SilhouetteKappatos Gallery, Athens, GreeceSolo
1998Selected Wall ReliefsUSF Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida, Tampa, FLSolo
1997Lynda BenglisMichael Janssen Gallery Köln, GermanySolo
1997Selected Wall ReliefsElizabeth Mayer Fine Art, New YorkSolo
1996New Monotypes: Landscapes & FetishesQuartet Editions, New YorkSolo
1996Lynda BenglisPorter Troupe Gallery, San DiegoSolo
1996Chimera: Recent Ceramic SculptureHarwood Foundation Museum, Taos, NMSolo
1996Chimera: Recent Ceramic SculptureBoulder Museum of Art, Boulder, COSolo
1996Chimera: Recent Ceramic SculptureCranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MISolo
1996Chimera: Recent Ceramic SculptureUniversity Art Gallery, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NMSolo
1996More than Minimal: Feminism and Abstraction in the 70sRose Art Gallery, Brandeis University Waltham, MAGroup
1995Lynda BenglisGalerie Simonne Stern New Orleans, LASolo
1995Lynda BenglisSusan Hilberry Gallery Birmingham, MISolo
1995DuckEdward Thorp Gallery New York, NYGroup
1995Lynda BenglisRecent Wall & Glass Sculpture, Heath Gallery Atlanta, GAGroup
1995In a Different LightUniversity Art Museum, University of California Berkley, CAGroup
1994Chimera: Recent Ceramic SculptureThe Harwood Foundation Museum, Taos, NMSolo
1994Lynda BenglisBoulder Museum of Art, Boulder, COSolo
1994Lynda BenglisCranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MISolo
1994Lynda BenglisUniversity Gallery, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NMSolo
1994Lynda Benglis: Wax PaintingsHeath Gallery, AtlantaSolo
1994Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery New York, NYSolo
1994American Academy Invitational Exhibition of Painting and SculptureThe American Academy of Arts & Letters New York, NYGroup
1994From Minimal to Conceptual Art: Works from the Dorothy & Herbert Vogel CollectionNational Gallery of Art Washington, DCGroup
1993Clothed and Unclothed: Recent SculptureRichard Gray Gallery, ChicagoSolo
1993From the FurnaceAuckland City Art Center, Auckland, New ZealandSolo
1993Ceramic SculptureTavelli Gallery, Aspen, COSolo
1993Lynda BenglisGow-Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New ZealandSolo
1992Lynda BenglisHeath Gallery, AtlantaSolo
1991Lynda BenglisContemporary Art Center and New Orleans Museum of ArtSolo
1991Dual NaturesThe High Museum of Art, AtlantaSolo
1991Lynda BenglisSan Jose Museum of ArtSolo
1991Recent WorkHeath Gallery, AtlantaSolo
1991New WorksTilden Foley Gallery, New Orleans, LASolo
1991Lynda BenglisMargo Leavin Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1990Lynda BenglisRichard Gray Gallery, ChicagoSolo
1990Lynda BenglisLinda Farris Gallery, SeattleSolo
1990Lynda BenglisSena Galleries West, Santa Fe, NMSolo
1990Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1989Lynda BenglisTilden-Foley Gallery, New Orleans, LASolo
1989Lynda BenglisMargo Levin Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1989Lynda BenglisMichael Murphy Gallery, Tampa, FLSolo
1989American Sculptors, NY & LAKamakura Gallery, TokyoGroup
1988Lynda BenglisCumberland Gallery, NashvilleSolo
1988Lynda BenglisFull Gross Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1988Lynda Benglis: Recent Sculpture and Works on PaperCumberland Gallery, NashvilleSolo
1987Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1987Lynda BenglisLandfall Press, New YorkSolo
1987Lynda BenglisMargo Leavin Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1987A Ten Year Retrospective 1977-1987Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LAGroup
1987Teacher & Student in the 80’sGibson Barkam Gallery, Imperial Calcasieu Museum, Lake Charles, LAGroup
1986Lynda BenglisFuller Goldeen Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1986Lynda BenglisTilden-Foley Gallery, New Orleans, LASolo
1985Works in GlassMargo Leavin Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1985New Works in GlassS. Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MISolo
1985GlassDart Gallery, ChicagoSolo
1985Lynda BenglisHeath Gallery, AtlantaSolo
1985Kohlmeyer & Benglis: Teacher & Student in the 80’sPensacola Museum of Art, FLGroup
1984Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1984Lynda BenglisThe Texas Gallery, HoustonSolo
1984Lynda BenglisTilden-Foley Gallery, New Orleans, LASolo
1983Lynda BenglisSusanne Hilberry, Birmingham, MISolo
1983Lynda BenglisDart Gallery, ChicagoSolo
1983Recent Work: Lynda Benglis & John DuffMargo Leavin Gallery, Los AngelesGroup
1982Lynda BenglisOkun-Thomas Gallery, St. Louis, MOSolo
1982Flux and Fusion: An Exhibition of SculptureMargo Leavin Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1982Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1982Lynda BenglisFuller Goldeen Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1981Lynda BenglisMuseum of Art, University of Arizona, TucsonSolo
1981Lynda BenglisGalerie Albert Baronian, BrusselsSolo
1981Lynda BenglisDart Gallery, ChicagoSolo
1981Lynda BenglisThe Texas Gallery, HoustonSolo
1981Lynda BenglisJacksonville Art Museum, FLSolo
1980Lynda BenglisChatham College, PittsburghSolo
1980Lynda BenglisDavid Heath Gallery, AtlantaSolo
1980Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1980Lynda BenglisThe Texas Gallery, HoustonSolo
1980Lynda BenglisUniversity of South Florida, Tampa, FLSolo
1980Lynda BenglisPortland Center for the Visual Arts, ORSolo
1980Lynda BenglisSusanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MISolo
1980Lynda BenglisLowe Art Museum, Miami, FLSolo
1980Lynda BenglisMargo Leavin Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1979Lynda BenglisHansen-Fuller Goldeen Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1979Lynda BenglisThe Texas Gallery, HoustonSolo
1979Lynda BenglisDart Gallery, ChicagoSolo
1979Lynda BenglisGalerie Albert Baronian, BelgiumSolo
1979Lynda BenglisGeorgia State University, AtlantaSolo
1979Lynda BenglisReal Art Ways, New Haven, CTSolo
1979Lynda Benglis (with Ron Gorchov)S.Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MIGroup
1978Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1977Lynda BenglisDouglas Drake Gallery, Kansas City, MOSolo
1977Lynda BenglisMargo Leavin Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1977Lynda BenglisHansen-Fuller Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1977Lynda Benglis (with William Weege)Hansen-Fuller Gallery, San Francisco Group
1976Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, Los AngelesSolo
1975Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1975Lynda BenglisFine Arts Center Gallery, State University of New York College at Oneonta, NYSolo
1975Lynda BenglisThe Texas GallerySolo
1975Lynda BenglisThe Kitchen, New YorkSolo
1974Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1974Lynda BenglisHans-Fuller Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1973Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1973Lynda BenglisThe Clocktower, New YorkSolo
1973Lynda BenglisJack Glenn Gallery, Corona Del Mar, CASolo
1973Lynda BenglisThe Texas Gallery, HoustonSolo
1973Lynda BenglisPortland Center for the Visual Arts, ORSolo
1973Lynda BenglisHansen-Fuller Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1973Lynda Benglis Video TapesVideo Gallery, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NYSolo
1972Lynda BenglisHansen-Fuller Gallery, San FranciscoSolo
1971Lynda BenglisKansas State University, Manhattan, KSSolo
1971Lynda BenglisHayden Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MASolo
1971Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1971Lynda Benglis (with Allan Hacklin)Kunstforum of Rottweil, Germany Group
1970Lynda BenglisGalerie Hans Muller, CologneSolo
1970Lynda BenglisPaula Cooper Gallery, New YorkSolo
1970Lynda BenglisJanie C. Lee Gallery, DallasSolo
1970Lynda Benglis (with Michael Goldberg)Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA Group
1969Lynda BenglisUniversity of Rhode Island, Kingston, RISolo