Marco Battaglini - Immortality (detail)

Marco Battaglini

Italy 1969


Marco Battaglini
Marco Battaglini
April 11, 2016

In his stunning series of work entitled Art Pop Classic, Italian artist Marco Battaglini brings classical paintings into the modern era. Hailing from Verona, a city in Italy best known for the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, but also for its rich history, art, and culture, Battaglini’s work is reminiscent of a Renaissance composition with classical figures and subjects blended into the contemporary cityscape. His dramatic pieces – which wonderfully fuse together a wide range of genres, styles and references – combine classical beauty with anti-aesthetic, celestial with the vulgar, medieval heroines and modern superheroes.

Battaglini’s pieces combine classical beauty with anti-aesthetic, celestial with the vulgar, medieval
heroines and modern superheroes

Marco Battaglini - gallery economics 2014 public policy 2012 theory like 2010 saatchi
Marco Battaglini – Inclinata Resurgit

Art Pop Classic

At first sight, compositions in Battaglini’s paintings seem ‘logicals’, but after closer inspection, the viewer realizes that they are packed with time and space contradictions that are a result of the interplay of different realities. Classic paintings are combined with elements of pop culture and urban art – the artist conjoins the classically portrayed central motifs with a modern street art background. Classicist figures – goddesses, muses, angels, and royals – are often depicted with tattooed bodies and placed in front of the facades covered with graffiti art. Symbols related to Western civilization, and elements of pop art – especially those referring to the works of Warhol and Lichtenstein – build a harmonic mixture that forces the observers to reconsider corresponding values and our modern reality.

Tom Hardy in front of Marco Battaglini MENO SEGHE MENTALI - photo credits DKowalski Photography
Tom Hardy in front of Marco Battaglini’s MENO SEGHE MENTALI – photo credits D.Kowalski-Photography, courtesy of Marco Battaglini

Recontextualization of Classical Art

Marco Battaglini removes the original imagery of Renaissance pieces from the original scene and inserts it into urban settings bringing new life and intensity to the paintings. Renaissance angels cling to each other in front of a graffitied wall, or muses confronted to the eroticism of Marilyn Monroe, are just some of Battaglini’s fusions of classical art with Pop art. Each of his paintings offers a series of details that allow the observer to gradually discover secret meanings with a meticulous reading and a reflection on the dissolution by art of the barriers of time and space.

Marco Battaglini - economics 2012 policy public vol 2014
Marco Battaglini – Ode on Venice

Blurring the Line between High and Mass Culture

Born in 1969, Marco Battaglini graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia in 1994, and from the Universita di Venezia, I.U.A.V. in 1993. During his art studies, Battaglini developed a special interest in the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century, especially surrealism, which is reflected in his work. In his practice, Battaglini removes the boundaries between classic art – with its general connotation of elitist superiority – and popular, between fine art and mass culture.

The artist is represented by Ministry of Walls.

Marco Battaglini lives and works in Costa Rica.

Featured image: Marco Battaglini – Immortality (detail)
All images courtesy © Marco Battaglini

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2015Tokyo International Art FairTokyo, JapanGroup
2015Emerging to EstablishedKrause Gallery, New YorkGroup
2015Installations, Sc. ProjectSaatchi GalleryGroup
2015Scope MiamiMinistry of Walls, Booth E 25Group
2014I See PatternThe Vendue, Charleston, South CarolinaGroup
2013Art CologneCologne, GermanyGroup
2013Art DubaiDubaiGroup
2011Art Dubai, Reality Versus Imagination and Illusion (installation)DubaiGroup
2010Feed_BackLACDA, Los Angeles, USAGroup
2010I Think, Therefore I am Dangerous, Scope BaselSwitzerlandGroup