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Marco Mazzoni

Italy 2017

Prints, Drawing

Marco Mazzoni
Marco Mazzoni
February 21, 2017
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Working exclusively with colored pencils that help him deliver the highly detailed visual appearance he aims for, Marco Mazzoni is an Italian Milan-based artist who creates elaborate and remarkable drawings. In its core, his works depict the cycles of nature and worlds, oftentimes presented by flora and fauna that seem to be consuming or living on top of what may initially appear to be the primary subject of this artist’s drawings. Many pundits seem to be defining this man’s pieces as a certain category of portraiture – however, Marco Mazzoni consciously does not depict the eyes and it instead interested in other concepts and notions which are a lot more intricate than simply drawing someone’s portrait.

Marco Mazzoni - Regret (Left) ---- Reverist (Right)
Marco Mazzoni – Regret (Left) / Reverist (Right)

Visual Languages of Flora and Fauna

Marco Mazzoni was born on the 17th of January in the year of 1982 in Tortona, in the Province of Alessandria, Italy. His fascination for arts began when he was 14 years old and when he was asked by his friend to make the cover for a rock album. The young artist became interested in drawing whilst looking and taking cues from the album covers of Korn and Jack Off Jill. Mazzoni received a bachelor’s degree in painting from Brera Academy in Milan, a city that plays the role of Marco’s home to this day. Since then, Mazzoni was developing his style that relies heavily on depicting flora and fauna that consume varied living beings placed in the middle of the drawing. Well, consuming or peacefully living on their surface, depending on how you personally interpret Marco’s works.

New moleskine technique gives the new look and view to paper
Marco Mazzoni – Aquarium II

The Highly Elaborate Drawings

Mazzoni works exclusively with colored pencils and this technique is what allows him to make such intricate drawings. Most of his pieces are defined by finely rendered female faces that are framed in butterfly wings, flowers and other vegetation found in the natural world. besides female figures, Mazzoni also depicts animals such as birds that are set within the absorbing plants. Marco’s pieces have been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe and the United States. The show that currently seems to be preoccupied the author is the exhibition in Thinkspace gallery scheduled for the March 2017. The solo show will be titled as Dear Collapse and it will be a true celebration of Mazzoni’s quality of detail, dense opacity and rich tonality.

The work of Marco Mazzoni is one of those rare cases in which saying that someone’s creative work is technically unique and visually remarkable is not an overstatement

New colored page and pencil paper from moleskine look like fantastic use of paper view
Marco Mazzoni – Insecurity (Left) / Confession (Right)

The Completeness of Marco Mazzoni

Heavily inspired by the matriarchal culture of Sardinia and other lesser known aspects of Italian folklore, Marco Mazzoni’s pieces are a valid gem of the contemporary arts scene. His works are visually stunning, technically driven to perfection and psychologically devastating – in all these ways, Mazzoni has managed to reach the creative heights not many were able to successfully climb. When one considers all of the above, it makes perfect sense to call the work of Marco a complete form of arts, brought to its supremacy on all the main artistic fronts.

This artist is represented by Thinkspace Gallery.

Marco Mazzoni lives and works in Milano, Italy.

Featured image: Marco Mazzoni – Photo of the artist – Image via
All images courtesy of the artist.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2017Marco MazzoniThinkspace GallerySolo
2016Cluster A Group Show Of GroupingsJonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City, NY Group
2015Marco Mazzoni: HomeGaleria Giovanni Bonelli, Milan Solo
2015Imago Mundi. Luciano Benetton Collection. Mappa dell’arte nuovaFondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice Group
2014Marco MazzoniThinkspace Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA Solo
2014Juxtapoz ItalianoGaleria Giovanni Bonelli, Milan Group
2014High on Lowbrow (2)Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg Group
2014Gennem byen sidste gangGalleri Benoni, Copenhagen Group
2013Marco MazzoniJonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City, NY Solo
2012Natural HistoryBonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova Solo
2012Death and the MaidenBonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova Solo
2012Marco MazzoniBonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova Solo
2012Homo Faber, Il Ritorno Del Fare Nell’arte ContemporaneaBonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova Group
2012Biennale Italia CinaBonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova Group
2012The Art Of MovementCorey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA Group
2012Death and The MaidenRoq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA Group
2011Marco Mazzoni: XtsyGallery B15, Copenhagen Solo
2011Lush Life 3Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA Group
2011StoryboardBonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova Group
2011The Emergence of the Pop ImagistJonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City, NY Group
2010E' un miracoloEx3, Florence Solo
2010Annual Summer InvitationalJonathan LeVine Gallery, New York City, NY Group
2009Corpus PicturaeGalleria delle Battaglie Arte Contemporanea, Brescia Solo
2008Do it yourselfGalleria delle Battaglie Arte Contemporanea, Brescia Group
2008The ab 11Galleria delle Battaglie Arte Contemporanea, Brescia Group
2007NEO-ORGANICGalleria Bianca Maria Rizzi, Milan Group
2007Collective thinkingGalleria delle Battaglie Arte Contemporanea, Brescia Group