Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

Portugal 1908 - 1992

Abstract Art, Painting

Maria Helena Vieira da Silva
Maria Helena Vieira da Silva
August 20, 2013
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Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, born in Lisbon in 1908, was a Portuguese-French abstract painter, well known for her dense and complex compositions, fragmented forms and spatial ambiguity. She was influenced by the art of Paul Cézanne and restricted palette of cubism and abstract art. She is considered one of the most important Post-War abstract artists, even though her art is not “pure” abstraction. Her work also draws from American Expressionism and Surrealism. Her paintings often resemble mazes or cities. She died in Paris in 1992.

Featured image: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva painting Memoire, 1966, image copyright of Jeanne Bucher Jaeger