Matteo Nasini

Italy 1976

Installation, Sculpture, Conceptual Art, Sound Art

Matteo Nasini
Matteo Nasini
May 18, 2016

Matteo Nasini is an Italian artist who makes colorful sculptures as a physical representation of sound. Along with sculptures, he makes music. If nature could play an instrument it would sound like one of his works. He makes aeolian instruments, which are a special kind of strings, tied to a sound box, placed outside, so the wind could make the strings vibrate and create a sound. The instrument is named after the Greek god of wind, Aeolus. Nasini makes sculptures and photographs to complement his sound work. The images are inspired by the shape of sound waves, intertwined in their structured geometry.

Matteo Nasini – Sparkling Matter, 2016
Matteo Nasini – Sparkling Matter, 2016

Sparkling Matter and Visualization of Music

Nasini was born in 1976 in Italy. He studied at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome where he earned a degree in double bass in 2002. He has a holistic approach to music and sound, where he uses his technical knowledge, combined with aesthetics. He makes visual representations of sound, relying on neuroscience, musicology, and visual art. In 2016, he had a solo exhibition in Milan, called Sparkling Matter where he showed his sculptures and visual art in synchronization with music. The idea was to transform the cerebral waves a person has while sleeping, into music, all happening live at the show. Using the electrical activity of the brain, he made sound waves.

Sculptures made of porcelain were complementing the sound of sleep

Matteo Nasini - Sparkling Matter Sculptures, 2016
Matteo Nasini – Sparkling Matter Sculptures, 2016

The Sound of Sleep

This kind of sound allows the listener to experience both personal and universal magic of sleeping. Entering the realm of subconscious, using neuroscience and music to transcend the physical space, Matteo Nasini offers a unique soundtrack of sleeping, giving the audience an opportunity to escape the everyday routine, and allow themselves to daydream. The same idea stands behind his visual art. Sculptures made of porcelain were complementing the sound of sleep. His wind sculptures, that are actually aeolian musical instruments, are made of strings and wood, steel and light metal. The artist makes his sculptures in order to invite the viewer into his world, but to allow them to bring their own interpretation of the exhibited pieces.

Wool exposes the secret to soft and sound sleep

Matteo Nasini - Body part Sleepy Night, 2014
Matteo Nasini – Body part Sleepy Night, 2014

Where Dreams and Technology Unite

At his first solo exhibition, Sleepy Night from 2014, he used wool to make tapestries and sculptures, showing the different and diverse qualities of the material. Weaved and beautiful braided into an archaic looking tapestry, wool exposes the secret to soft and sound sleep, yet gives a dynamic and colorful structure of the perfect landscape, ideal for leisure time. The choice of material signifies the delicate nature of his subjects of sleep and dreams. Whether that is wool, soft and raw, natural and palpable, or ceramics, porcelain and strings, industrial, and cold, they all together depict the mythical universe of dreams, the technological evolution of mankind, and ingenious imagination of the artist.

Matteo Nasini lives and works in Rome, Italy.

Featured image: Matteo Nasini – Portrait of the artist, 2011, photo credits Artribune
All images courtesy of Matteo Nasini

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Sparkling MatterMarselleria, Clima Gallery, MilanSolo
2016From Transhuman To South PerspectivesRowing, LondonGroup
2016Roma Arte apertaEx Dogana, RomeGroup
2016Mediterranean SonataPalazzo Costanzi, TriesteGroup
2015Resort MirageOperativa, RomeSolo
2015Paesaggio AcreArtissima, Operativa, TourinGroup
2015TalentPrizeMuseo Pietro Canonica, RomeGroup
2015Color my life with the chaos of troubleClima, MilanGroup
2015Distratti dal buioYard Press, RomeGroup
2015In che senso Italiano?(ancora)Bibo’s Place, TodiGroup
2015SeiemezzaCentro Elsa Morante, RomeGroup
2015Il Museo Delle PalmeBotanical Garden, PalermoGroup
2015Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market in VeniceA plus A Gallery, VeniceGroup
2015Festival Internaziomale di Installazioni LuminoseVia del Trullo, RomeGroup
2015Va Nel posto Che Non So, Prendi Quello Che Non HoUna Vetrina, RomeGroup
2015La Scrittura Degli EchiMaxxi, RomeGroup
2015A Bed Is A Door #4 - Le Petit JeuVilla Romana, FlorenceGroup
2015Sound CornerAuditorium Parco della Musica, RomeGroup
2014Sleepy NightThe Gallery Apart, RomeSolo
2014CODALUNGA with Filipa RamosAula Bunker, RomeGroup
2014Andiamo LAL’A Project, PalermoGroup
2014There Is No place Like HomeVia Aurelia Antica 425, RomeGroup
2014HelicotremaFonderie Battaglia, MilanGroup
2014Trust, Vita Vel RegulaFluxia, MilanGroup
2014A Bed Is A Door #3Villa Romana, FlorenceGroup
2014Mess On A MissionArt O Rama, MarseilleGroup
2014Nuove ResidencyNove, Bassano del GrappaGroup
2014L’anno Venturo Alla Citta Di CosaAnsedoniaGroup
2014CampusHangar Bicocca, MilanGroup
2014Art is realPiazza Pasquino, RomeGroup
2014Nuova GestioneSguardocontemporaneo, RomeGroup
2013Kick OffVia Farini, DOCVA, MilanGroup
2013Una VetrinaGiuseppe e Gianni Garrera, Rome,Group
2013The Volume of AirSerra dei Giardini, VeniceGroup
2013A Bed Is A DoorVilla Romana, FlorenceGroup
2013HelicotremaMACRO, Radio3, Auditorium Parco della Musica, RomeGroup
2013The Ritual of the snakePastificio Cerere, RomeGroup
2012STANMACRO, RomeGroup
2012FW2013RTW (KUDOS)Federica Schiavo Gallery, RomeGroup
2012Re-generationMACRO, RomeGroup
2012Smeared with the gold of the opulent sunNomas Foundation, RomeGroup
2012CartabiancaMuseo di arte contemporanea di Villa Croce, GenovaGroup
2011When in RomeIstituto Italiano di Cultura, Los AngelesGroup
2011AmenHammerAmeno - performance by Luigi Ontani, audio project by Matteo NasiniPinto and Valerio Mannucci, Hammer Museum, Los AngelesGroup
2011Multiverse Tree - installation by Carola Bonfili, audio project by Matteo NasiniTorre MaizzaGroup
2011Le cose non crescono al buioRoad to Contemporary Art, Kaleidoscope arena, RomeGroup
2010Kippplelake - installation by Carola Bonfili, audio project by Matteo NasiniMACRO, RomeGroup
2010La-Bora-TorioPalazzo Costanzi , TriesteGroup
2009Visioni DischiuseKinemastik International Short Film Festival, MaltaGroup
2009Risonatori EoliciMuseo della Bora, TriesteGroup