Michael Bauer

Germany 1973

Sculpture, Abstract Art, Painting

Michael Bauer
Michael Bauer
February 7, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Michael Bauer is a Germany painter born in 1973 in the city of Erkelenz. The artist employs a distinctive mix of painting styles cheek-by-jowl. Realistic steak, pointillist abstraction, serifed text, cartoon piano, and black-scratched-out void all co-habitate. However, besides variety and versatility, two of his cardinal strengths are line and color, and his new works continue to display these facets. An array of high-chroma colors shoot through his characteristic neutral ground, with particular emphasis on a certain acid green, while every permutation of line piles one on top of the other, weaving between and building upon automatic washy mark and impastoed blorp alike. The artist’s mastery of line manifests most dramatically in a new series of screen prints. They adopt the speed and activity of the paintings, transforming quick notes, doodles made while stuck in a phone tree, and throw-away scribbles into a body of work equal to the artist’s sculpture, drawings, and paintings.

He holds a degree from the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst in Braunschweig, Germany. Bauer’s sprawling canvases are rife with humor, the artist’s attempts to amuse himself in the studio take palpable form and always have. His works also concern memory and time, not only in the visual re-telling of remembered jokes, but also in the artist’s renderings of his earliest painted works, and the daunting amount of time required to unravel his arrangements. Finally, mistakes and the artist’s reverence for them permeate his practice. He transforms anything wrong, or dumb, or awkward into a strength. Bauer’s work illuminates that which is sincere, powerful, weird, and above all, inexplicable.

His work has been seen in many solo and group exhibitions in Europe and America since 1999, including Villa Merkel in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany, Anthem, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel, Stadtische Galerie, Delmenhorst, Germany, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn, Germany, Alison Jacques Gallery, London and Lisa Cooley, New York, among many others.

A monograph on Bauer’s work, “Borwasser” was published by JRP Ringier Press in 2008, and includes an essay by Jennifer Higgie, co-editor of Frieze magazine. In the fall of 2014, he released a new monograph with essays by Carter and Dan Fox.

He currently lives in New York.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2014Michael Bauer: Creme Wars - SnoopieLisa Cooley Gallery, New York, NYsolo
2013Michael BauerNorma Mangione, Turin, Italysolo
2013B.S. vs. BABA 1973The Apartment, Vancouver, Canadasolo
2013Slow Future – H.S.O.P. – OpusAlison Jacques Gallery, London, UKsolo
2013Fabian Marti: Marti CollectionKunsthaus, Centre PasquArt Biel, Switzerlandgroup
2013Corridor Plateau IIIDREI, Cologne, Germanygroup
2013The Inevitable FigurationCentre per l arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italygroup
2013Downtown: A view of New York s Lower East SideJames Cohan Gallery, Shanghai, Chinagroup
2013Painters Painters Saatchi Gallery, London, UKgroup
2012Hänkor (Ice-cream)- H.S.O.P-1973 JancouGeneva, Switzerlandsolo
2012Michael BauerLisa Cooley Gallery, New York, NYsolo
2012L immagine a fuocoNorma Mangione Gallery, Turin, Italygroup
2012Bauer. Croxson. Lichty. WoodFoxy Production, New York, NYgroup
2011The Summer I Started Collecting KnivesPeter Kilchmann, Zurich, Switzerlandsolo
2011Horns (Tungs)Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin, Italysolo
2011Germania: New Art from GermanySaatchi Gallery, London, UKgroup
2011Corridor PlateauKunstverein Schwerte, Düsseldorf, Germanygroup
2011The Cannibal s Muse IIAutocenter, Based in Berlin, Berlin, Germanygroup
2011Senza TitoloNorma Mangione Gallery, Turin, Italygroup
2011Views on politics and poeticsGalerie Chez Valentin, Paris, Francegroup
2011Rearrange your faceSorcha Dallas, Glasgow, Scotlandgroup
2010Euro SavageLinn Luhn, Cologne, Germanysolo
2010Golden GongMarquis Dance Hall, Istanbul, Turkeysolo
2010K-Hole (Frogs)Villa Merkel, Esslingen am Neckar, Germanysolo
2010Die Nase des MichelangeloMarktgasse House, Zurich, Switzerlandgroup
2010PPP- Public Private PaintingsMu.ZEE, Ostend, Belgiumgroup
2010Euro SavageLinn Luhn, Cologne, Germanygroup
2010Golden GongMarquis Dance Hall, Istanbul, Turkeygroup
2010Rive Gauche, Rive DroiteParis, Francegroup
2010AdemeitWhite Columns, New York, NYgroup
2009AnthemKunsthaus Baselland, Basel, Switzerlandsolo
2009Legion PicknickHOTEL, London, UKsolo
2009I am Buffy Saint Bursa Bubo, I am Aggro GauzeArtleib, Dusseldorf, Germanysolo
2009Die Andere Seite with James EnsorKai 10, Dusseldorf, Germanygroup
2009I am Buffy Saint Bursa Bubo, I am Aggro GauzeArtleib, Dusseldorf, Germanygroup
2009Featuring IIGalerie Chez Valentin, Paris, Francegroup
2009Shapeshifter Aicon Gallery, London, group
2009When the Mood StrikesMuseum DD, Deurle, Belgiumgroup
2009You will miss me when I burnMontgomery, Berlin, Germanygroup
2008Summer ShowSchloss Bartenstein, Germanygroup
20087 Types of AmbiguityStore Gallery, London, UKgroup
2008Yilmaz House Band in ConcertMontgomery, Berlin, Germanygroup
20085000 Jahre Moderne Kunst, Painting, Smoking, EatingVilla Merkel, Esslingen, Germanygroup
2008Das zweite Gesicht Sammlung Südhausbau, München, Germanygroup
2008Creswell CragsLisa Cooley Gallery, New York, NYgroup
2007French Meat - Belgian meatPeter Kilchmann, Zurich, Switzerlandsolo
2007Basho s FriendsJack Hanley, San Francisco, CAsolo
2007Basho s BarKunstverein Bonn, Germanysolo
2007The PackStadtische Galerie, Delmenhorst, Germanysolo
2007Ballet MecaniqueTimothy Taylor Gallery, London, UKgroup
2007Bonjour Monsieur EnsorGmür, Berlin, Germanygroup
2007Radiant CityCherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CAgroup
2007DuetLehmann Maupin, New York, NYgroup
2007Accidental PaintingPerry Rubenstein Gallery New York, NYgroup
2007Prague Biennale 3Prague, Czechgroup
2007Faster, Bigger, Better.ZKM Karlsruhe, Germanygroup
2006The Winnipeg WhoreHOTEL, London, UKsolo
2006Oldithek fur Assos Goldmaxim, Cologne, Germanysolo
2006Wir sind hier wegen der PommesMönchenGladbach, Germanygroup
2006Die anderen Bilder: Outsider und Verwandtes aus der Sammlung, NeumannMuseum der Stadt, Ratingen, Germanygroup
2006Ratingen Michael Bauer and Steffie PoppCokkie Snoei Gallery, Rotterdam, Netherlandsgroup
2006Figure-Five PositionGalerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, Switzerlandgroup
2006FarragoBernier-eliades, Athens, Greecegroup
2005DAS KABINETTGalerie Hammelehle und Ahrens, Cologne, Germanysolo
2005UnknownGalerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin, Germanygroup
2004Die Tone meiner FloteGalerie Hammelehle und Ahrens, Cologne, Germanysolo
2004UnknownMarc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles, CAgroup
2004ScreamersBrotherslasher, Cologne, Germanygroup
2004WhiteboyAutocenter, Berlin, Germanygroup
2004Ganz obenBrotherslasher, Cologne, Germanygroup
2003Keiner ist besser oder eventuell besserBrotherslasher, Cologne, Germanygroup
2002Das Leben ist ein Albtraum..Galerie Nomadenoase, Hamburggroup
2002BrotherslasherCologne, Germanygroup
2001When we were kingsKunstverein, Heinsberg, Germanygroup
2001SUPERSCHLOSSStädtische Galerie, Wolfsburg, Germanygroup
2000Make my paper sound – Klasse Walther DahnKunstverein Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germanygroup
1999Junger WestenKunsthalle Recklinghausen, Recklinghausen, Germanygroup