contemporary art

Michail Michailov

Bulgaria 1978

Installation, Performance Art, Video Art

Michail Michailov
Michail Michailov
January 24, 2015

Michail Michailov is a Bulgarian-born artist, now stationed in Vienna. Using a variety of media, he positions his ‘self’ as a metaphor for existence and ego, and the pursuit of individual self-realization in a global society. Born in 1978 in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Michailov studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Visual Arts in Bulgaria from 1999 till 2004, and afterwards art history at the University of Vienna, where he graduated in 2007.

Considering that his artwork is very situation-specific, Michailov is influenced and inspired by a vast variety of things. Capturing different cultural phenomena that influence human behavior, he challenges society’s search for perfection, contrasting human relationships to environment, surroundings and situations. He uses camouflage techniques and practice in a self-deprecating way to criticize society, religion, and the art market, raising existential questions about humanity.

Michailov’s long term project entitled Cameleon, started in 2007, does not relate to specific places, but rather the situations the artist is facing unexpectedly inspire him to become part of a setting he is confronted with. The surrounding shown through his self-projection gets a meaning which differs from the original. With his Bulgarian background, he senses, perceives and uncovers social and cultural differences in this photo series, and points to confrontational situations in which people are exposed to requests such as to become part of a given surrounding and to assimilate.

Michailov has had numerous group and solo exhibitions, projects and video presentations, many of them in Vienna. He is a co-founder of the Artist Association of Austrian and Bulgarian Artists.

The artist lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumGroup/Solo
2014Take off your shoes IIProjectspace Viktor Bucher, ViennaSolo
2014A Question of ValueKubator, Fluc, ViennaGroup
2014LichtblickPaviljon Nob, Trzic, SloveniaGroup
2014The Dignity of ManThe Brno Haus of Arts, Brno, Czech RepublicGroup
2014Hans im GlückKunstraum Niederösterreich, ViennaGroup
2014The Dignity of ManArt gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SarajevoGroup
2014Dance with usProjektspace Viktor Bucher, ViennaGroup
2014The Dignity of ManMUSA, Vienna, AustriaGroup
2014Grau-Wi Sa SoNational Academy of Arts, SofiaGroup
2014…Versus…Wiener Szene (1952-2014)Viertelneun Gallery, ViennaGroup
2014Grau-Wi Sa SoGalerie im Traklhaus, SalzburgGroup
2013Just keep on going – video presentationViennafair, ViennaSolo
2013The RabbitRed Carpet Award, Viennafair, ViennaSolo
2013VideopresantationLa Générale en manufacture, ParisSolo
2013Principum Privatum - Projizierte SexualitaetenMO.E, Austria, Vienna Group
2013Grau-Wi Sa SoHaus Wittgenstein, Bulgarian Institute of Culture, ViennaGroup
2013Bulgarian Artist in Vienna - Contemorary Practices at the Beginning of the 21st CenturySofia City Art Gallery, Bulgaria, SofiaGroup
2012Mischo.ngDas weisse haus, ViennaSolo
2012Gerngross Pop-up Eva Blut, ViennaSolo
2012The Keyhole of Mr. WittgensteinHaus Wittgenstein, Bulgarian Institute of Culture, Austria, ViennaGroup
2012Magnet and AntimagnetICA-Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria, SofiaGroup
2012Urban DreamsCenter of Contemporary Art, Bulgaria, PlovdivGroup
2012(No) standing anytimeArt in public space, Austria, GrazGroup
2012Spaces and facesDie Ausstellungs Strasse, Austria, ViennaGroup
2012Time Geometry-practices in public environmentPlovdiv History Museum and Department for Contemporary History, Bulgaria, PlovdivGroup
2012Common history and its private storiesSofia City Art Gallery, Bulgaria, SofiaGroup
2012Exit order - new situationGlockengasse 9, Austria, ViennaGroup
2011Absolut ViennaVienna Museum, Austria, ViennaGroup
2011UnlimitedMtel Award For Bulgarian Contemporary Art, Bulgaria, SofiaGroup
2011Living on the edge of a silver future5020 Galerie, Austria, SalzburgGroup
2011DVD ProjectLoop Festival, Spain, Barcelona Group
2011Walter Koschatzky PreisMuMoK, Austria, Vienna Group
2010Video presentationLes Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, ParisSolo
2010You want me, but . . .Kunstraum Niederösterreich, ViennaSolo
2010You won't make a (nation)state with usKunstraum Niederösterreich, Austria, ViennaGroup
2010TwistedFlat 1, Austria, ViennaGroup
2010DVD Project3e Festival International de Videoarte, Spain, MadridGroup
2010Video art from Bulgaria3H+K Gallery, Finland, PoriGroup
2010Transition is a modeKunstraum Niederösterreich, ViennaGroup
2010Blickwechsel - Österreichische Fotografie HeuteWestlicht, Austria, ViennaGroup
2010Welcome homeApartment Draschan, Austria, ViennaGroup
200910 Ich fergebe dirDas weisse Haus, ViennaSolo
2009Project spaceDas weisse Haus, ViennaSolo
2009ImagineeringForum Stadpark, Austria, GrazGroup
2009Queer LisboaFilm Festival, Portugal, LisbonGroup
2009Value pointHilger Contemporary, Austria, ViennaGroup
2009Artart5020 Galerie, Austria, SaltzburgGroup
2009Common history and its private storiesMUSA, Austria, ViennaGroup
2009IdentitiesFilm Festival, Austria, ViennaGroup
2008Seems to beKunstpavilion, Innsbruck, AustriaGroup
2008Austria ContemporaryEssl Museum, KlosterneuburgGroup
2008QueerelantiGalleria Neon, BolognaGroup
2008Seems to beKunstpavilion, InnsbruckGroup
2008Rush HourPeriscope project space, SalzburgGroup
2007Shavings from Swiss Franc Banknotes become ButterfliesPaul Klee Centre, Bern, SwitzerlandSolo
2007Tandem II, Become the Other One, Police Action in a Multicultural Society - presentationsInternational Centre for Cultures and Languages, ViennaSolo
2007Situation and SpectaclePaul Klee Centre, Bern, SwitzerlandGroup
2006Wall of fameU2 metro station, Karlsplatz, ViennaSolo
2006The CubeFree Space, Quartier 21, Museumsquartier, ViennaSolo
2006Vienna BiennaleGalerie Art United, ViennaGroup
2005WeddingKünstlerhaus Passagegalerie, ViennaSolo
2004TanzpoolTheatre Kosmos, ViennaSolo
2002Michail Michailov (Fine Arts)Haus Wittgenstein, Bulgarian Institute of Culture, ViennaSolo