Miljan Suknovic

Serbia 1973

Abstract Expressionism

Miljan Suknovic
Miljan Suknovic
February 11, 2015
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Miljan Suknovic is a Serbian artist who began his professional painting work in the mid-1990s, and from the very beginning he has given priority to creativity and experiment, unwilling to turn into a ‘signature artist.’ Miljan was born in 1973 in former Yugoslavia and he studied architecture and visual arts in Belgrade, Prague, Florence in Hamburg and finally, in New York.

He has exhibited his works in many solo and group shows in galleries in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia and the US.

Suknovic’s painting has been largely influenced by the Renaissance city of Florence, where he spent seven years. He painted large scale murals in Florence, Bologna and New York. Most recently his work was shown in series of solo shows titled Constellations I to III in Museum of Porto Montenegro, at the World Trade Center NY and Catherine Ahnell gallery NY.

He lives and works in New York.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015 Take Two, Catheine Ahnell GalleryGroup
2014 Constellations III , Catherine Ahnell Gallery New YorkSolo
2014 Constellations II , Tower 7, World Trade Center New YorkSolo
2014 Constellations , Museum of Porto Montenegro, MontenegroSolo
2014Untitled The National Arts Club New YorkGroup
2014 Faberge , The Big Egg Hunt, New YorkGroup
2014 Postcard from the Edge, Luhring Augustine, New YorkGroup
2013 New Paintings , 7 World Trade Center, New York, 4 months public painting installationSolo
2013 Aquarium , video intallation, Chelsea Gallery district New York Solo
2013 Diritto dell'uomo, Robet F. Keneddy center, Curated by Valerio Giovannini, Florence,ItalyGroup
2013UntitledMomenta art, New yorkGroup
2012 Tapes , FB Gallery New York, surated by Francois BaronSolo
2012 Stripes , Cyrus Company New York, curated by Giorgio ZinardiSolo
2012UntitledThe Hole Gallery New YorkGroup
2012The Art ♥ Stephen Petronio Company, New YorkGroup
2011 Self Portrait , SLAG Gallery New York, curated by Irina ProtopopescuSolo
2011 Untitled , Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia, curated by Jovana Stokic, New YorkSolo
2011 Frida, Fan, Red Painting and Me , Lotus Gallery New YorkSolo
2011UntitledMarianne Boesky Gallery New YorkGroup
2011UntitledLibreria Servi Florence ItalyGroup
2011Untitled Lesley Heller Workspace, New YorkGroup
2010 Noise of Silence –Happiness in the vaccum Union Gallery New YorkSolo
2010 Silence of Happiness Ken’s Art Gallery Florence ItalySolo
2010Miljan SuknovicKen’s Art Gallery, ItalySolo
2010UntitledDA Gallery New YorkGroup
2010I Biennale Grottaglie, ItalyGroup
2010 Art For Tibet, Union Gallery New YorkGroup
2010 Volume AT1 Art Projects Los AngelesGroup
2009Umanexximo Istituto degli Innocenti, Florence,ItalyGroup
2009 Wake , Union Gallery New YorkGroup
2009Untitled Washington Square East Galleries ,32nd Small Works, New YorkGroup
2009UntitledPhyllis Harriman Mason Gallery Red Dot Show ,New YorkGroup
2009UntitledNew Ken’s Art Gallery,Island of Elba,ItalyGroup
2009Miljan SuknovicConsulate General of the Republic of Serbia, text by Joshua Neustein New YorkSolo
2008 Give , Union Gallery New YorkGroup
2008UntitledPhyllis Harriman Mason Gallery New York, Red Dot ShowGroup
2008UntitledPriwaterhouseCoopers New YorkGroup
2008UntitledOgilvy & Mather New YorkGroup
2008UntitledNEWH Las VegasGroup
2008 Tower 49, public installation, New YorkSolo
2008Miljan Suknovic Union Gallery New YorkSolo
2007UntitledPhyllis Harriman Mason Gallery New YorkGroup
2007Miljan SuknovicKen’s Art Gallery, Florence, ItalySolo
2006UntitledHFBK Hamburg, GermanyGroup
2005Miljan Suknovic Ken’s Art Gallery, Florence, ItalySolo
2005 SIAE, Florence, ItalyGroup
2004Workshop Tara , MontenegroGroup
2003Miljan SuknovicKen’s Art Gallery, Florence, ItalySolo
2003 Artemente, Prato, ItalyGroup
2003Untitled ST’art Strasbourg the Contemporary Art Fair, FranceGroup
2003Untitled Europa Galerie, Hannover, GermanyGroup
2002Miljan SuknovicPetalouda Art Gallery, Naxos, GreeceSolo
2001UntitledGalleria Terre Rare, Bologna, ItalyGroup
2001UntitledOriginal Gallery, permanently 2001-2004,Nice, FranceGroup
2000Miljan SuknovicGalleria DEA ItalySolo
2000UntitledKen’s Art Gallery, permanently 2000-2010 Florence, ItalyGroup
2000UntitledParchitelli Galleria, Florence, ItalyGroup
2000UntitledGalleria Vialarga, Florence, ItalyGroup
2000UntitledPetalouda Art Gallery, permanently 2000-2008 Naxos, GreeceGroup
1999UntitledGalleria Festina Lente,permanently 1999-2004, Florence, ItalyGroup
1999Untitled Galleria Pugliese Arte, Florence, ItalyGroup
1998Miljan SuknovicGalerija Okruznog Zatvora, Zrenjanin, YugoslaviaSolo
1997Miljan SuknovicGalerija Kulturnog Centra, Kula ,YugoslaviaSolo
1997UntitledGalerija Kulturnog Centra, Kula, YugoslaviaGroup