graffiti, street art

Miss.Tic /   Unknown

France 1956

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Sculpture, Painting, Prints, Drawing

January 15, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Miss.Tic, born in 1956, in Montmartre, France, is a Parisian visual artist and poet, one of the pioneers of street art in France. She is known for her stencils of dark haired woman often seen in the streets of Paris and associated with poetry.

In 1980, she goes to California and discovers Graffiti. After two years, she goes to Paris and starts applying her artistic talents in different ways, including theatrical stage sets. She joins the VLP (Vive la Peinture) movement, struck by the work of artists like the Frères Ripoulain, who hijack street posters and, in 1985, paints her first stencils on the walls of the city.

The exact meaning of her alias, MISS.TIC, remains a secret, aside from it being borrowed from a Disney character. She admittedly has a soft spot for that funny little witch, committed to stealing Uncle Scrooge’s magic penny, yet constantly failing in her mission. Her poetic and humorous paintings are exactly where she wants them to be: on the walls of Paris, offered to the public, accessible by all, refusing to be locked up in museums.

Her first exhibition, at the agnès b. gallery, in 1986, puts her in the spotlight. Her quirky titles are intriguing, and based on wordplay and double entendre “Maudite sorcière” – cursed witch, also an old French expression used against a mean woman, “Femmes mur” – “wall women”, also a phonetic pun for  “mature women”, “Muses et Hommes” – “Muses and Men”, also a pun for Museum.

Recognized early on in her practice, she is by all means an urban art icon. She has shown her works in public spaces, galleries and international art fairs. Her works have been acquired by the Fond d’art contemporain de la ville de Paris and the Albert Museum in London. She has worked for Kenzo, Comme des garçons, UCAR, Louis Vuitton and a French ministry. The city of Orly has commissioned her a public mural, and she signed the film poster for Claude Chabrol’s movie, “La Fille coupée en deux”.

Because of the impossible-to-translate aspect of her poetry, her career and exhibits over the course of the last twenty-something years have been, though highly successful, very French, and very Parisian.

Miss.Tic transcribes her everyday life into stencils that are usually based on the “self-portrait plus one line poem” combination. The poems are often a few words long, in the same writing style she has developed, and her seventies wild and dark hairdo is recognizable among all. Her stencils are generally applied in a single layer, but sometimes she uses two.  Her graffiti is especially present in the 13th district of Paris, where she has her studio.

In recent years, Miss.Tic’s texts have become more and more central in her work. While her stencils are meticulously prepared, her texts, born from her love for wordplay, are written impulsively. And though they have little to do with political protest, Miss.Tic’s undeniably bear certain feminist connotation, a reflection of her, if not activist, personal position. The words left on the walls resonate like excerpts from a personal diary. With an unequalled sense of dialogue and poetry, she has created a language of her own, mixing shape and words, and giving the city a new voice to share.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2012Miss.Tic centre culturel de Franconville 95130 solo
2012Miss.Tic Médiathèque de Toulouse 31200 solo
2012Paris, New York, Rio galerie Brugier Rigail Paris 75003 group
2012World Street galerie Raison d’art, Lille 59000 group
2011Muses et hommes Centre culturel d’Orly solo
2011Femme de l’être Galerie Fanny-Guillon-Laffaille, Paris 75018 solo
2011Art Rock ancien Monoprix, St Brieux 22000 solo
2011L’art et la vie ne font qu’un Institut Français, Berlin, Allemagne solo
2011Urban art Musée Völklinger Hütte, Saarbrücken, Allemagne group
2011Street art Paris Place Saint Sulpice Paris 75006 group
2011Femme de l’être Etonnants voyageurs, St Malo 35400 group
2011Shawdows and reflections Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris 75011 group
2011Out of the wall galerie libre Cours, Bruxelles, Belgique group
2011Chacun trouve son chat le cabinet d’amateur, Paris 75011 group
2011Paris forever galerie Magda Danysz, Paris 75011 group
2011Same fight galerie Moretti et Moretti, Paris 75003 group
2010Folle à délier galerie Fanny Guillon-Laffaille, Paris 75008 solo
2010Parisienne Galerie ION Art, Ambassade de France Singapour solo
2010Miss.Tic Galerie Arlatino, Arles 13631 solo
2010Passe moi le sel de la vie Galerie Balthazar, La Garde Freinet 83680 solo
2010A la vie A l’amor Galerie W, Paris 75018 solo
2010L’angoisse est-elle soluble dans l’art? Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris 75006 group
2010hors les murs Le cabinet d’amateur, Paris 75011 group
2010Je n’ai rien à me mettre Art Elysées, Paris 75008 group
2010Le Mur Espace les Blancs Manteaux, Paris 75003 group
2009Go Homme galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris 75006 solo
2009Miss.Tic galerie La Bohème, Deauville solo
2009Miss.Tic galerie AB, Paris 75009 solo
2009Flâneries d’Art Aix-en-Provence group
2009Vive l’art urbain Galerie Univer, Paris 75009 group
2009Expo les filles… le Cabinet d’Amateur, Paris 75009 group
2008Miss.Tic, oeuvres récentes galerie Fanny Guillon Laffaille, Paris 75008 solo
2008Je prête à rire, mais je donne à penser Galerie W, Paris 75008 solo
2008Dites le avec des roses Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris 75006 group
2008De 68 à nos jours Maisons des arts, Bagneux 92220 group
2008Icons for nows Aarhus, Danemark group
2008Sur les pavés… Fête de l’huma, La Courneuve, 93120 group
2008400ml Maison des Métalos, Paris 75009 group
2007Miss.Tic Présidente galerie de la butte aux Cailles, Paris 75013 solo
2007Toi et Moi galerie Chappe, Paris 75018 group
2007Les artistes cassent la baraque, avec l’Atlas Place Saint Sulpice, Paris 75006 group
2007Nuit Blanche mairie du IVe, Paris group
2006Parisienne galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris 75006 solo
2006Femmes capitales mairie du XIII, Paris75013 solo
2006Imagécrit Espace Saint-Louis, Bar- le- Duc group
2006Aux arts citoyens Espace des Blancs-manteaux, Paris75004 group
2006Faits divers APACC, Montreuil group
2006Rencontre A3 Place Saint Sulpice, Paris 75006 group
2005Maudites sorcières galerie W, Paris 75018 solo
2005Nuit Blanche mairie de IVème, Paris solo
2005Quand on aime, on à toujours 20 ans galerie W, Paris 75018 solo
2005Noël, noël… Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris 75006 group
2004Femme mur Nuts Gallery, Paris 75003 solo
2004Revenue de tout, j’y suis retournée l’atelier, Paris 75005 solo
2004Miss.Tic Attak galerie Fanny Guillon Laffaille, Paris 75008 solo
2003Vain cœur vain cul galerie Au-dessous du Volcan, Paris 75004 solo
2003Une Nuit avec Miss.Tic galerie Artazart, Paris 75010 solo
2003Re Garde Moi La Belle Hortense, Paris 75004 solo
2003Miss.Tic galerie Papegoyen, Oslo, Norvège solo
2003On ne radine pas avec l’amour L’atelier, Paris 75006 solo
2003Arrêter de tout avaler galerie incognito, Paris 75006 solo
2003Rencontre à 3 Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 75006 group
2003Urbanités galerie Kahn, Strasbourg 67000 group
2003Collection fabuleuse espace Beaurepaire Paris 75011 group
2002Re Garde Moi Espace Marionnaud, Paris 75008 solo
2002Femmes en question MK2 Quai de Seine, Paris 75019 solo
2002Muses et Hommes Château de Cadillac, Monuments Nationaux, Cadillac 33410 solo
2002Miss.Tic Erotic galerie Artitude, Paris 75015 solo
2002Aubade – Sans dessus dessous Maison des Métallos, Paris 75011 group
2001Les Actes gratuits ont-ils un prix ? galerie Artazart, Paris 75010 solo
2001Je t’aime temps, rétrospective 1985/2001 Espace Envie d’art, Paris 75008 solo
2001Héroïne galerie Bernard Guillon, Paris 75007 solo
2000Muses et Hommes Espace Paul Ricard, Paris 75008 solo
2000Dangereuse sous tous rapports Palais de Justice, Lyon 69003 solo
2000Une langueur de lit d’avance Les Scandaleuses, Paris 75004 solo
2000Etant donné galerie Bernard Guillon, Paris 75007 group
1999Mutuelle Agricole Paris 75009 solo
1999Etant donné Espace Paul Ricard, Paris 75008 group
1998Je ne fais que passer Galerie La Pochade, Paris 75006 solo
1998L’art me ment Galerie Sacha Tarasoff, Paris 75003 solo
1997L’art me ment galerie Sacha Tarasoff, Paris 75003 solo
1997Unknown Ministère des Finances, Paris 75013 group
1995Je ferai jolie sur les trottoirs de l’histoire de l’art FIAP, Paris 75014 solo
1995Eventails d’artiste galerie La Pochade, Paris 75006 group
1995Corps accord galerie Mercure, Béziers group
1994Tout achever, sauf le désir EPITA, Paris 75013 solo
1992L’art vif Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 75003 group
1992Fin de millénaire Espace Belleville, Paris 75020 group
1991Miss.Tic Galerie Sanguine, Paris 75016 solo
1991Unknown Université de Leipzig, Allemagne group
1990Miss.Tic Galerie Christophe, Paris 75008 solo
1990Galerie Sanguine Paris 75016 group
1990Galerie Mercure Béziers group
1989Fragments et multiples galerie Couleur, Paris 75003 solo
1988Galerie Unterm Tum Stuttgart, Allemagne group
1987Miss.Tic au Marienbad Saint-Etienne solo
1986Librairie Epigramme Paris 75003 solo
1986Pochoirs Galerie du Jour Agnès B., Paris 75002 group