Nelio - Mexico, 2017

Nelio /   Unknown

France 1982

Street Art, Installation, Abstract Art

May 12, 2018
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Continuously spurred by a steadfast desire for creative growth and media experimentation, Nelio is regularly counted amongst the finest French multidisciplinary artists working today. He is also viewed as one of his nation’s brightest young stars of contemporary art. Over the course of the last two decades, Nelio built himself artistically by traveling around the globe, inspired by the vagabond spirit and the pursuit of a life solely dedicated to making unique art.

Nelio street art
Nelio – Derive, Montreal, 2015

Bridging the Conceptual Gaps

Nelio was born in the East of France in 1982. Showing promising early signs of talent, no formal education was necessary on his journey to becoming a well-regarded artist. Instead, self-taught Nelio always relied on his creative instincts – needless to say, such an approach to development proved to be a great one when looked upon from today’s perspective. Among many of his qualities, this French artist has a knack for adapting to the context and personal desires of the moment.

Seemingly at will, he moves from conceptual to expressionistic, from construction to destruction, establishing bridges between these vastly different, if not totally opposite, processes. The style of his artistic debut, which was based on typographic work and refined figuration, was mainly influenced by his initial practice of graffiti and graphic design. However, Nelio’s artistic world has since slowly evolved into an unpredictable abstract universe where he develops dialogues with architecture and the surroundings of places that host his creations.

Nelio mural in New Zealand
Nelio – New Zealand, 2015

The Current Preoccupations of the French Artist

At the same time fascinated by the power of Minimalism and the depths visually dense and complex works are able to offer, Nelio likes to explore the artistic field found between these two artistic counterparts. His current style is as impressively deep and complex as it ever was. Nelio imagines and freezes fragments of a world in perpetual change, creating a sensual feeling of the in-between, a sense of unstable equilibrium where geometric shapes and unstructured lines contrast in interlocking spaces, playing with movement and perception.

Nelio Assemblages in Montreal
Nelio – Assemblages, Montreal, 2015

The Unpredictability of Nelio’s Art

Since Nelio is accustomed to working in such a cyclical and unpredictable manner, it’s become notoriously difficult to keep up with the unpredictable trends in his art. This, however, is exactly what makes this artist’s work so exhilarating and engaging. You never really know what Nelio is preparing to do next, you’re never really sure of what’s he got going on in his studio. But you know what? Most of us can’t wait to find out.

Featured image: Nelio – Mexico, 2017
All images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
20181010 - Ron Agam - Nelio: CHIMERAGR Gallery, New YorkGroup
2017EndlessMAGMA gallery, BolognaGroup
2017Noir ExhibitionMarion Gallery, PanamaGroup
2016DirectioninstructionParadigm Gallery, Philadelphia USAGroup
2016SpectraMarion Gallery, PanamaGroup
2015Fragile EquilibriumSpeerstra, Bursins, nSwitzerlandSolo
2015Back and ForthBackwoods Gallery, Melbourne, AustraliaSolo
2015Collapsus886 Geary Gallery, San Francisco, USASolo
2015Graffuturism886 Geary Gallery, San Francisco, USAGroup
2015A Study of CamouflageBackwoods Gallery, Melbourne, AustraliaGroup
2014Le M.U.R.XIIIParis, FranceGroup
2014KnotenpunktKolbenhof, Bahrenfeld, Hamburg, GermanyGroup
2014Moscow Street Art BiennaleMoscow, RussiaGroup
2014AbstractBC Gallery, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2014Late, Still Life, Alexey Luka and NelioEnjoyted gallery, Lyon, FranceGroup
2013Winter Group ShowBradbury & Blanchard Gallery, SheffieldGroup
2011Bien Urbain mural festivalBesancon, FranceGroup
2010Playground, with Tobler OneAll Over, Lyon, FranceGroup