Nina Lugovskaya - Purple Birch Trees, 1960s (detail)

Nina Lugovskaya /   Nina Sergeyevna Lugovskaya

Russian Federation 1918 - 1993


Nina Lugovskaya
Nina Sergeyevna Lugovskaya
Russian Federation
December 8, 2013
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Nina Lugovskaya was a Russian painter. She is also a survivor of Gulag, where she was sent because of opinions written in her personal diary. The diary was discovered intact and published after the collapse of the Soviet Union, resulting in Nina being called “the Anne Frank of Russia”.

Featured image: Nina Lugovskaya – Purple Birch Trees, 1960s (detail). Oil painting. Framed 36 x 29 in. Image 19.5 x 27 in. Photo courtesy White Court Art