Norbert Bisky

Germany 1970

Installation, Painting

Norbert Bisky
Norbert Bisky
December 25, 2014
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

German painter Norbert Bisky made a name for himself with paintings depicting blond, blue-eyed boys and young men in different outdoor sports competitions.

He was born in 1970, in Leipzig, in the former German Democratic Republic. The son of a Communist official, he grew up in a home in which Communism assumed the power of a religion. Bisky studied at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, were he was a student of George Baselitz. He also studied under Jim Dine in the Salzburger Summer Academy.

Bisky’s work was often misunderstood as a serious recourse to the ideals of youth in the 1930s and Nazi period. These early works, whose colours and themes superficially give them an air of sunny and adventurous serenity, carry a treacherous and nightmarish undertone. They are Bisky’s approach to the idealisation of body and youth in his own GDR childhood.

In the course of his career, the selection of themes became gloomier and the pastels gave way to a darker, more intense colour palette. The discomfort that was only implicit at first became stronger in his later works. His paintings have become more aggressive. Christian ideology and symbolism, apocalyptic scenarios, homosexuality and pornography are among his recurrent themes and motives. His later works are marked by an unrestricted brutality, sometimes violence is explicitly and boldly depicted.

Bisky often emphasizes the contemporary, rather than historical, focus of his works. For instance, the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008 Bisky witnessed triggered a profound turning point in his art.

Prompted by the mass panic at the Love Parade in Duisburg, 2010, in the course of which 21 people died tragically and more than 500 were hurt, Bisky dealt with the phenomenon of mass hysteria in the past years. The series „Stampede“ is the result of his reflections on the subject. Bisky is himself a fan of the famous rave event, and visited the Berlin Love Parade every year between 1994 and 2007.

Bisky is further inspired by his numerous travels to Brazil. He communicates the exuberant energy and the hopes and dreams of the people, but also the enormous problems the Latin American country struggles with, through intense colours and a restlessness that now permeates Bisky’s canvases, sometimes growing into a tornado-like chaos.

He had numerous group and solo exhibition, among them in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel, 2012 and the retrospective “Ten Years of Painting” in the Marcel Duchamp Museum in Cully, Switzerland, 2011.

Norbert Bisky’s work is represented in various collections, such as the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, the Museum of Modern Art, NY, and the Museum der Bildenden Künste, Leipzig.

He lives and works in Berlin.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2015Bittersüße Zeiten - Barock und Gegenwart in der Sammlung SØR Rusche BerlinKunsthaus Apolda Avantgarde, ApoldaGroup
2014Norbert Bisky: ZentrifugeKunsthalle Rostock, RostockSolo
2014Norbert Bisky: RiotsGalería espacio mínimo, MadridSolo
2014Norbert Bisky - Works on PaperGalerie Daniel Templon, ParisSolo
2013Norbert Bisky: Special ReportMEWO Kunsthalle, MemmingenSolo
2013ParaisopolisGalerie Crone, BerlinSolo
2012Norbert BiskyKoenig & Clinton, New York City, NYSolo
2011Norbert Bisky - Solo ExhibitGalerie Daniel Templon, ParisSolo
2011Norbert Bisky - A Retrospective. Ten Years of PaintingKunsthalle Marcel Duchamp, CullySolo
2010MauditGalerie Charlotte Moser, GenevaSolo
2010BefallGalerie Crone, BerlinSolo
2009Crossing JordaanCokkie Snoei Rotterdam, RotterdamSolo
2009Crossing JordaanCokkie Snoei Amsterdam, AmsterdamSolo
2009Norbert Bisky: MandelkernDortmunder Kunstverein e.V., DortmundSolo
2009Norbert Bisky - Nefasto MáximoGalería espacio mínimo, MadridSolo
2009Norbert Bisky: PaintingsHaifa Museum of Art, HaifaSolo
2008Cloud Cuckoo LandGalerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, MumbaiSolo
2008PrivateGalerie Crone, BerlinSolo
2008MinimentalCokkie Snoei Rotterdam, RotterdamSolo
2007Kampf dem AltagGalerie Terminus, MunichSolo
2007Norbert Bisky - what's wrong with me?Koenig & Clinton, New York City, NYSolo
2006Norbert Bisky - Total CareContemporary Art Centre (CAC), VilniusSolo
2005Norbert Bisky - Solo ExhibitStudio d'Arte Cannaviello, MilanSolo
2005Norbert Bisky - DélugeSuzanne Tarasiève Galerie, ParisSolo
2004Norbert Bisky - Opkomst en VervalCokkie Snoei Rotterdam, RotterdamSolo
2004Norbert Bisky - The Proud. The FewKoenig & Clinton, New York City, NYSolo
2003Norbert Bisky - Alles muss raus Galerie Voss, Dusseldorf Solo
2003NORBERT BISKY - SchlachteplatteGalerie Michael Schultz, BerlinSolo
2002Einer muß das Sagen habenMuseum Junge Kunst, FrankfurtSolo
2002NORBERT BISKY - Die Heimat ist W...E...I...T…Zeichnungen - Galerie Terminus,MunichSolo
2001Norbert Bisky - Wir werden siegenGalerie Michael Schultz, BerlinSolo
1998Norbert BiskyKünstlerhaus Bethanien, BerlinSolo
2015Alles was ich mag, fastSchau Fenster, BerlinGroup
2015A man walks into a bar. . . . Me Collectors Room Berlin, BerlinGroup
2014Painting III (2000-2015)Frissiras Museum, AthensGroup
2014Bittersüsse ZeitenKunsthaus Stade, StadeGroup
2014WahrheitenBayer Kulturhaus,LeverkusenGroup
2014TouchGalerie Hartwich, SellinGroup
2014Lieber Künstler, zeichne mir! - Part 2 - Figuration, Illustration, Notation und Zeichen, GruppenausstellungSemjon Contemporary, BerlinGroup
2014Utopie Picturale 2Fonderie Kugler, GenevaGroup
2014Paper WorldsMe Collectors Room Berlin, BerlinGroup
2013Freestyle. Perspectiva Del Dibujo ContemporáneoCentro Cultural de Cajamurcia en Cartagena, CartagenaGroup
2013BabylonWendt + Friedmann Galerie, BerlinGroup
2013The Legend of the ShelvesAutocenter, BerlinGroup
2013As Tears Go ByCokkie Snoei Rotterdam, RotterdamGroup
2013TierstückeMuseum Abtei Liesborn, WaderslohGroup
2013Ça grimpeGalerie Charlotte Moser, GenevaGroup
2012FlyingKünstlerhaus Bethanien, BerlinGroup
2012Convoy BerlinBiksady Gallery, BudapestGroup
2012Visage et portraitGalerie Charlotte Moser, GenevaGroup
2012Neuerwerbungen - Teil 2Museum Junge Kunst, FrankfurtGroup
2012Atelier + KücheMARTa Herford, HerfordGroup
2012ColetivaBaró Galeria, São PauloGroup
2012HistoryLeeahn Gallery, DaeguGroup
2012I Am A BerlinerThe Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel AvivGroup
2012Door de bril van Hans - Paintings, photographs and computer workCokkie Snoei Rotterdam,RotterdamGroup
2012Door de bril van HansCokkie Snoei Amsterdam, AmsterdamGroup
2011HALLELUHWAH! - Hommage à CANKünstlerhaus Bethanien, BerlinGroup
2011Salondergegenwartsalondergegenwart, HamburgGroup
20111st Biennale of Painting - I am a BerlinerHDLU - Croatian Biennale, ZagrebGroup
2011Ars ApocalipsisKunstverein Kreis Gütersloh e.V., GüterslohGroup
2011Halleluhwah! Hommage à CANGalerie ABTART, StuttgartGroup
2011863 KMScheublein + BAK, ZurichGroup
2011AusgeträumtKunstverein Markdorf in der Stadtgalerie, MarkdorfGroup
2011DeutschGalerie Crone, BerlinGroup
2011BLICKE und GESTEN - Porträts aus der Sammlung MJK - Malerei Grafik PlastikMuseum Junge Kunst, FrankfurtGroup
2011HotSpot Berlin. Eine MomentaufnahmeGeorg Kolbe Museum, BerlinGroup
2011Apopcalypse NowNieuw Dakota, AmsterdamGroup
2011Tous cannibalesLa Maison Rouge, ParisGroup
2011Verschwende deine JugendWendt + Friedmann Galerie, BerlinGroup
2010PORTFOLIO BERLIN O1Kunsthalle Rostock, RostockGroup
2010A vos papiersGalerie Charlotte Moser, GenevaGroup
2010Collector’s Items No.2: High Drama: Works from the Collection of Hugo & Carla BrownThe Dutch Cultural Pop-Up Space, LondonGroup
201010 Xpostać - Prace Z Kolekcji Museum Junge Kunst We Frankfurcie Nad Odra Galeria BWA Zielona Gora, Zielona GóraGroup
2010Hotspot BerlinGeorge Kolbe Museum, BerlinGroup
2010YOUNG COLLECTORS #2 - SignTentoonstellingsruimte voor Jonge Kunst, GroningenGroup
2010100th ExhibitionAutocenter, BerlinGroup
2009Schickeria - High SocietySchickeria , BerlinGroup
2009AccrochageGalerie Crone, BerlinGroup
2009Cargo Cargo manifest Cargo visionAutocenter, BerlinGroup
2009Artists of Conflicting Tales: Subjectivity (Quadrilogy, Part 1)Burger Collection, BerlinGroup
2009Menschenbilder 1620 - 2009Museum Abtei Liesborn, WaderslohGroup
2009Avant-GoutHaute école d'art et design, GenevaGroup
2009Portraits for a New GenerationNicholas Robinson Gallery (former Briggs Robinson Gallery),New York City, NYGroup
2009Standpunkte II 1986 - 2006Kunstraum Potsdam, PotsdamGroup
2008Friction and ConflictKalmar konstmuseum, KalmarGroup
2008INKONSTRUKTION IIIArt Biesenthal, BiesenthalGroup
2008Inferno - Mindless SpotBimal Projects, BerlinGroup
2008Spotless (change Of) MindBimal Projects, BerlinGroup
2008SPOTLESS MINDBimal Projects, BerlinGroup
2008Menschen und OrteKunstverein Konstanz e.V., KonstanzGroup
2008Menschen und OrteAxellapp Projects, BerlinGroup
2007Auf dem Weg ins Licht: Werke aus der Sammlung de Knecht Kunsthalle Rostock, RostockGroup
2007Norbert Bisky - Ich war´s nichtDer Ort internationaler Gegenwartskunst in Berlin, Berlin Group
200715 años tiene mi amorGalería espacio mínimo, MadridGroup
2007GroupshowGallery S.E., BergenGroup
200725 Jahre GALERIE CRONEGalerie Crone, BerlinGroup
2007NULL BOCKSchickeria , BerlinGroup
2007INKONSTRUKTION IIArt Biesenthal, BiesenthalGroup
2007NACHT DER SÜSSEN BIENENSchickeria , BerlinGroup
2007Behind InnocenceGallery Hyundai, SeoulGroup
2006Germany MasterMichael Schultz Gallery, SeoulGroup
2006Tanz den KommunismusSchickeria , BerlinGroup
2006Eine Frage (nach) der GesteGalerie der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (HGB),LeipzigGroup
2006Enzo Cannaviello e la pittura eoropeaGalleria Ibiscus, RagusaGroup
2006Rio Artnews Projects, BerlinGroup
2006UberfallGALERIJA VARTAI, Vilnius Group
2006Independents Biennial 2006Independents Biennial, LiverpoolGroup
2006Dick aufgetragenGalerie Helmut Leger, MunichGroup
2006Null ProblemoRudolf-Scharpf-Galerie, LudwigshafenGroup
2006Bisky MorrisonGalerie Michael Schultz, Berlin Group
2006ANSTOSS BERLIN - Kunst macht WeltDer Ort internationaler Gegenwartskunst in Berlin, Berlin Group
2006Paraisos ArtificialesParra & Romero, MadridGroup
2006Kunst und FußballKunst-Raum des Deutschen Bundestages, BerlinGroup
2006StileliberoStudio d'Arte Cannaviello, MilanGroup
2006MännerbilderMuseum Junge Kunst, FrankfurtGroup
2006Full HouseStädtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, MannheimGroup
2005Anthropography IIIFrissiras Museum, AthensGroup
2005The Frissiras Museum Contemporary European Painting AwardFrissiras Museum, AthensGroup
2005Works on PaperGalerie Hafenrichter & Flügel (ex Galeria2000), NurembergGroup
2005The Second Beijing International Art Biennale 2005Beijing International Art Biennale, BeijingGroup
2005Back to the line –10 Jahre Kunsthalle DresdenKunsthalle im Art'otel, DresdenGroup
2005(...) et le canard etait toujours vivantCentre d'art contemporain Meymac,MeymacGroup
2005IBCA Biennale 2005IBCA - International Biennale of Contemporary Art, PragueGroup
2004Arena - Sport in der KunstKunstverein Talstrasse e.V., Halle, SaaleGroup
2004Made in GermanyGalleria San Carlo, MilanGroup
2004Dorf in die MetropoleKünstlerhaus Bethanien, BerlinGroup
2004Narrative From GermanyElizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, ORGroup
2004Im OstenGalerie am Klostersee, LehninGroup
2004Busan Biennale 2004 The Busan Biennale, BusanGroup
2004Décomplexés Without complexGalerie Jocelyn Wolff, ParisGroup
2004New German PaintingsREGINAGALLERY, MoscowGroup
2004Künstlerinnen und Künstler der Klasse von Georg BaselitzKunstverein Uelzen, UelzenGroup
2004Why Not? Masterworks on PaperGalerie Terminus, MunichGroup
2003Fackelherz & FalkenrotGeorg Kolbe Museum, BerlinGroup
2003Berlin-Moskau Moskau-Berlin 1950-2000Martin-Gropius-Bau, BerlinGroup
2003Frisch. Fromm. Fröhlich. Frei Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin Group
2003X. RohkunstbauWasserschloss, FrankfurtGroup
2003Tanz am Ufer der BergeKunstverein Talstrasse e.V., Halle, SaaleGroup
2003Große Kunstausstellung München 2003Große Kunstausstellung im Haus der Kunst München e.V., MunichGroup
2002From Berlin: History RevisitedElizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, ORGroup
2000INTERMEZZO Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin Group
2000RICHTFESTGalerie Michael Schultz, BerlinGroup