Nyein Chan Su

Myanmar 1973

Installation, Performance Art, Video Installation, Painting

Nyein Chan Su
Nyein Chan Su
January 6, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Nyein Chan Su, mostly known as NCS, belongs to a new generation of Burmese artists who have a very eclectic and versatile style. He was born in 1973 in Rangoon and studied at the State School of Fine Arts from 1994.  NCS’s narratives and images require the viewer to enter them as an active reader – on one level, it is the visual narrative of people, time and place, on another level, it calls to mind that very little has changed. His works invoke the futility that, despite “change”, Myanmar’s society continues to be plagued by red tape, which NCS so subtly describes as a thin red vein that delicately meanders through his pictures.

He says: “Changes are only on the surface, in other words – there is no change, no improvement, no feeling of security in our minds, souls and emotions. In reality there still is no equality, justice. We continue to be plagued by “red tape” bureaucracy as we survive on faint hopes for a brighter future.”

NCS has participated in several shows inside Myanmar as well as in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.  His participation in the 1999 Fukuoka Art Triennale in Japan launched his international art career.

He is equally renowned as a painter as well as a performance artist and for his video installations. A founding member of Yangon’s Studio Square Art Gallery, Nyein Chan Su is widely regarded as one of Myanmar’s most promising mid career artists.

In 2001, he received a Certificate of Recognition from the ASEAN Art Awards and in 2004 he was the second prize winner of the Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards. Nyein Chan Su’s artworks are in the permanent collections of the Singapore Art Museum, the Fukuoka Art Museum as well as in private collections in Europe and Asia.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2015Toy SoldiersArt Seasons, SingaporeSolo
2015Red SpiritsPop Up Gallery, SingaporeSolo
2014NCS’s Miniature WorksStudio Square, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2014Toy Soldiers (Found Objects)Studio Square, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2014Trail BlazingSouth Galleria 2, MilleniaWalk, SingaporeGroup
2013Memories For The FutureAlliance Francaise, SingaporeSolo
2013Memories For The FutureAlliance Francaise, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2013Re-Connect: Contemporary Photography From Myanmar is an exhibition curated by Zhuang Wubinand hosted by Esplanade, SingaporeGroup
2013EAO 90s, Contemporary Art ShowStudio Square, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2012Past Journeys: The 1970sStudio Square, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2012Beyond BurmaThavibuGallery, Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2012Exposition L’ArtAu MyanmarGalerieArt Concorde, Paris, FranceGroup
2012Bamboo NightCharity Event for Myanmar Children of Bamboo School of Thai BorderGroup
2012Southeast Asia Art ExchangeBeikthanoGallery, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2012Water & ColorPainting ShowGallery 65,Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2012Third Wave Indo-MyanmarCamera 6 Gallery,Jakarta, IndonesiaGroup
2012Save The War VictimsCharity Exhibition, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2011Recent WorksStudio Square, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2011Snow Set Art Show 2011Ministry of Culture Art Gallery, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2011Myanmar National Portrait Awards 2011River Gallery, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2010Deep Dreams 2010Studio Square, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2010Myanmar Contemporary Art ExhibitionSuvannabhumiArt Gallery, Chiangmai,ThailandGroup
2010Play 2010, Art From Myanmar TodayOsage Gallery, SingaporeGroup
2010Exhibition-2Gallery of Sin ByuDaw, MandalayGroup
2010My FavoriteCollectionRiver City Art & Antique Center, BangkokGroup
2010Players SarpayLawka5Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2009The Real & The Mythical Vol: 2, New ZeroArt Space, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2009ScreamThavibuGallery, Bangkok, ThailandGroup
2009Ode To ArtKarin Weber Art Gallery, Hong KongGroup
2009My Favourite Art ExhibitionMyanmar Art Center, YangonGroup
2009The Mandalay Arm Art ShowPan Thu SandarArt Gallery, MandalayGroup
2009Asean Contemporary Art ExchangeNew Zero Art Space, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2008The Real & The MythicalKarin Weber Gallery, Hong KongSolo
2008Group ShowThavibuGallery, BangkokGroup
2008New Zero Group Art ShowLokanat,Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2008Nargis Reflief Art ShowMandalay, MyanmarGroup
2008Nargis Reflief Art ShowThamadaHotel, YangonGroup
2008New Zero Art SpaceYangon, MyanmarGroup
2007Group ShowKarin Weber Art Gallery, Hong KongGroup
2007Orient 2007, ASEANJapan Center, Tokyo, JapanGroup
2007Recent WorksStudio Square, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2006Nat+06Studio Square, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2006IdentityBlue SapceContemporary Arts Center, HochiminhCity, VietnamGroup
2006Contemporary Art From MyanmarThe DharaDheviGallery, KadDhara, Mandarin OrientalGroup
2006Dhara DheviChaingMai,ThailandGroup
200505 FiguresStudio Square, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2005New Zero Group ShowLokanatGallery, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2004NCS Recent WorksSedona Hotel, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2004Pop Art ShowYangon, MyanmarSolo
2004Myanmar Contemporary Art Award ExhibitionHong KongGroup
2004Asia PopArt Seasons, SingaporeGroup
2004The Myanmar Contemporary Art ExhibitionYIS (ILBC), YangonGroup
2004New Zero 20th 2004LokanatGallery, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2004Inner Light Contemporary Art ShowLokanatArt Gallery, YangonGroup
2003NCS, Early Works Solo Show, Book for All (Book Store)Yangon, MyanmarSolo
2003Burmese Contemporaries Group ShowArt Seasons, SingaporeGroup
2002Burmese DreamscapeArt Seasons, SingaporeGroup
2002Philip Morris Asian Art Award SingaporeYangon, Myanmar and Bali, IndonesiaGroup
2002Contemporary Asian Art FairSingaporeGroup
2002Burma DaysZee Stone Art Gallery, Hong KongGroup
2002Random IllusionThe Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2002Special Group ShowAZADA Gallery, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
20025thAnnual Group ShowThe Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2001Through Myanmar EyesArt Seasons, SingaporeGroup
2001The World’s Premier Contemporary Asian Art FairSingaporeGroup
2001New Millenium Group ShowThe Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
2001Myanmar Contemporary Art Award in YangonMyanmar and Hong KongGroup
2000Contemporary Asian Art FairSingaporeGroup
2000The World’s First Fair for Contemporary ArtSingaporeGroup
2000Annual Group ShowThe Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art,YangonMyanmarGroup
2000Oil Painting ProgramThe Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
1999ColorIn Rodeo, Rodeo CaféYangon, MyanmarSolo
1999NCSThe Myanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
1999Group ShowMyanmar Gallery of Contemporary Art, YangonGroup
1998NudeInvyGallery, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
1998Myanmar Art 98Lokanat Galleries, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
199724LokanatGallery, Yangon, MyanmarSolo
1997Summer PoetaryLokanat Galleries, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
1996Nat Mauk Group ShowNat MaukGallery in Yangon, MyanmarGroup
1995Oxygen ExhibitionWhite Line Gallery, Yangon, MyanmarGroup
1994Snow SetInyaGallery, YangonGroup