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Oleksiy Say

Ukraine 1975

Digital Art, Computer Art

Oleksiy Say
Oleksiy Say
January 30, 2015
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Oleksiy Say is one of the most famous Ukrainian contemporary artists today. He is renowned for his Microsoft Excel works of art as he uses this spreadsheet programme to create a truly modern imagery. Beside Excel Oleksiy includes other segments of the corporate world  designed to be means of communication, but not as artistic language.

Oleksiy was born in 1975 in Kiev. In 1993 he graduated from Kiev Art – Industrial Technical School, Department of Graphic Design. Nearly ten years after, he graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Architecture, Department of Easel Graphic.

Say says that the idea of looking at work is moment when viewer goes the way from seeing whole picture to understanding that he sees the informational garbage, smallest components of corporate and media world. Then he goes back to the whole picture but with understanding that senseless bits of information are strokes of modern visual language, understandable for people of corporate culture, probably the youngest of human cultures for this moment. Nevertheless, the approach may seem to criticize the corporate world, but the Say remains neutral with the idea to simply reflect the reality. When asked about how does he process looks like Oleksiy states: ““Well, I simply take the elementary accounting program, which you would think is the most unsuitable tool for painting. I fill in the cells, then enter some numbers, then I make the program show percentages in a colorful diagram and voila, it turns out that you have a flower…”

Beside Ukraine his work has drawn attention of the various international figures from the art world from collectors to museums and art fairs.
Oleksiy currently lives and works in Kiev.

Year Exhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2010ЯКЩО , ЕСЛИ , IF – Ukrainian Art in Transition Perm Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia.Group
2010Abstract Vision Test Ya Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.Group
2010Picture’s Manager Modern art research institute, Kiev, Ukraine.Group
2009Pinchuk art centre prize nominee exhibition Pinchuk art centre, Kiev, Ukraine.Group
2008Without brain or 200 terrabitov and 11 fleshey Gallery Arches, Vilnius, Lithuania.Group
2007Young Ukrainian contemporary art art centre Gallilei Moscow, Russia.Group
1995One year in jail Squint caponnier museum, Kiev, Ukraine.Group
2010All colours of our monitor state gallery Mystetskiy Arsenal Kiev, Ukraine.Solo
2010Welcome attitude, gallery Tsekh, Kiev, Ukraine.Solo
2009Excel-Artgallery Tsekh, Kiev, Ukraine.Solo
2009Excel-Art gallery Tsekh, Kiev, Ukraine.Solo
2007Excel-Art gallery ArtStrelka projects Moscow, Russia.Solo
2007Excel-art gallery Tsekh Kiev, Ukraine.Solo
2005Flat friends Marat Guelman gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.Solo
2004Happy New Year Marat Guelman gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.Solo