Olivier Vincent

France 1970

Sculpture, Painting

Olivier Vincent
Olivier Vincent
April 24, 2016
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Today’s world is demonized and dehumanized more than ever, but it doesn’t mean that we should just give up on it. Happiness is a feeling that enriches our lives and gives them a meaning. Oliver Vincent is a French artist who is in constant pursuit of happiness. He works in sculpture and painting, but also combines the fields, creating unique-looking sculptures, painted with vibrant colors, just radiating with happy feelings. Each work evokes sensuality and sensitivity in viewers, making them forget about the everyday cares, even for just a little while. He addresses the subconscious, hoping to bring forward emotions that most of us don’t even realize they’re there, providing guidance for our own search for happiness.

Olivier Vincent - Love 1, 2015 - Love 2, 2015
Olivier Vincent – Love, 2015 / Love, 2015

The Flavors

Vincent is originally from Korea but has spent the majority of his life in France. He’s a self-taught artist who seeks inspiration in the work of Ron Arad and Keith Haring, but doesn’t limit himself to the outside’s influences, but explores his own life and emotions. Blessed with a profound sense of humor, he combines his creativity with the mastery of technique. Venturing outside of what is traditionally considered as painting and sculpture, he creates sculptures which he then paints often with bright colors, giving them a feel of topography. The pieces are extreme in their forms and sensuality, and the viewers feast in the variety of visual flavors.

He ventures outside of what is traditionally considered as painting and sculpture

Olivier Vincent - Untitled #1 - Untitled #2 - Untitled #3
Olivier Vincent – Untitled #1 / Untitled #2 / Untitled #3

Spreading the Happiness

Many will say that the pursuit of happiness is a childish thing, but that’s maybe what the world needs right now. We need something that will provide a meaning and give a purpose to our lives. It is up to each and one of us to find our own happiness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the happiness of others. Olivier Vincent has found his happy place in art and has embarked on a mission of spreading those wonderful feelings to all those who can see his artworks. Bright painted pieces invite the viewers into the artist’s world, where all the negativity is simply washed away, leaving only the feelings of happiness and joy.

He is represented by Galerie Galea in L´Isle sur la Sorgue.

Olivier Vincent lives and works in the Rhone Alps region of France.

Featured image: Olivier Vincent – portrait

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