street art

One Truth /   Dr.Drax and Pase

Switzerland 2003

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Calligraphy, Painting, Murals

One Truth
Dr.Drax and Pase
April 1, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

One Truth is a Swiss artistic collective composed of two brothers Pase and Dr.Drax. They have started doing graffiti in 1998, and soon discovered exceptional talent and passion for urban art. Moving quickly from various small projects, they co-founded the artist collective One Truth in 2003.

Brothers’s Childhood

After their father died, Dr.Drax and Pase were raised by their uncle. Spending a year as a monk in Mundgod, India, Dr.Drax had a unique experience. He witnessed that monks were more satisfied with their lives, that they had a strong cohesion and shared everything. Meanwhile, Pase was apprenticed as a cook, but he couldn’t see himself doing that job in the future. He has always painted on the side and someday got a job where he could express his artistic skills. After a few more jobs of that kind, he started to work less as a cook.

One Truth’s Projects

Dr.Drax has started very early to paint on canvas, while Pase has watched him doing it and learned from him. Starting early with graffiti, they have built their experience up all by themselves. Looking back over the last twelve years One Truth has given a new face to Zurich city by their creative output. With a background in graffiti, today the brothers live from their art and realize projects for global companies, celebrities and renowned galleries. They have designed building facades, created interior designs, exhibited, won national competitions and competed on an international level. One Truth has carried out live paintings for blue-chip companies such as Miller Beer, Red Bull, Reebok, Zurich Insurance, Google, BMW Mini and numerous national companies such as Swisscom, Tonimolkerei, Zweifel, and Streuplan, among others. One Truth has organized and participated in the International Meeting of Styles during last eight years. They have firmly placed their art as an integral part of Zurich’s rich cultural urban canvas.

Philanthropic Work

One Truth’s philanthropic efforts include various workshops for the city of Zurich, schools, youth projects, working with underprivileged youths in Thalwil, as well as the caravan design for the national Amnesty International campaign “Against Domestic Violence”. Their very successful workshops were Sozialtherapie Niederlenz and Viva con Aqua.

Dr.Drax and Pase live and work in Zurich, Switzerland.

YearName of the exhibitionMuseum/GallerySolo/Group
2016New ArtworksKolly GallerySolo
2015New Artworks Kolly Gallery Seefeldstrasse Zürich Solo
2015Live Painting Opening Volvo Art Session Mainstation ZürichSolo
2015Live paintingMilano für Eidgenössisches Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten EDASolo
2015Auction and exhibition Auction House Galartis LausanneSolo
2014Volvo Art Tour - 30 days through Europe Lorrach, Dusseldorf, Koln, Hamburg,Kopenhagen, Malmo, GoteburgSolo
2014Art in interior space RepoxitSolo
2014ABZZurich Altstetten train station Solo
2014Live paintingBIGZH SihlcitySolo
2014Art+WeiseBerlin Neukölln Solo
2014Anti–Littering art project live paintingCity of Thun Solo
2014Volvo art tour LorrachSolo
201421m bridge post art in architectureBridge gallery Lorrach, Germany Solo
2014Urban art room GothenburgSolo
2014Art in architecture fasadeUBS Bellvue ,Zurich Solo
2013Art in architecture fasadeUBS Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich Solo
2013Art in architectureTherapeutical paedagogy school, ZurichSolo
2013Art in architectureBar LaborbarSolo
2013G-shock Slide and SoundMartigny Solo
201360th anniversary art performanceBerger GartenbauSolo
2013Urban art clashBerlin Mitte Solo
201320 m artworkBerlin Kreuzberg Solo
2012Interior roomGoogle Europe headquarters Solo
2012Largest facade project in Switzerland Rötelstrasse, ZurichSolo
2012Grafik 12MaagSolo
2012Tausendfüssler Sihlpromenade ZurichSolo
2012Live paintingOlympic Games, LondonSolo
2012Live paintingAdidas freestyleSolo
2012Art interior spaceSwitcher store Niederdorf, Zurich Solo
2012KongresshausArt International Zurich Solo
2012Live paintingDolder Grand Hotel, Zurich Solo
2011Art interior spaceGoogle headquarters Solo
2011Live paintingOpelSolo
2011Meeting of stylesWiesbaden GermanySolo
2011Live paintingBMW Mini, Pulse 5Solo
2011One TruthKunstszene Zürich Zollfreilager Solo
2010Interior spaceClub Saint Germain, ZurichGroup
2010Live painting battleSwatch Blueballs festival Group
2010Paint club winner Switzerland, participant final stage Halle, GermanyGroup
2010Urban Explosion, live painting Camel Samsung Group
2009Jeder Rappen zählt, charity fundraising SF1 Bundesplatz, BerneSolo
20094 elements jamGraz, AustriaSolo
2008Live paintingBMW Mini opening of Volketswil branch Solo
2008MuralsTonimolkerei, ZurichSolo
2007Videoclip installationSido featuring SpezializtzSolo
2007Live paintingBMW Mini opening of Wetzikon branch Solo
2007Live paintingMiller Beer, Maag premisesSolo
2006MuralsRed Bull Hike and RideSolo
2004MuralsRudiger HouseSolo
2003MuralsUniversity building, ZurichSolo