Orticanoodles /   Wally and Alita

Italy 2004

Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Stencil


Wally and Alita
December 24, 2014

Orticanoodles is the pseudonym for two Italian artists, a very active and tight-knit duo, composed of Wally and Alita. Wally was born in Carrara, where he attended Art School and in 1996 he moved to Milan to attend the course in Advertising Art Direction at European Institute of Design. In Milan, he met Alita. Both in love of the stencil technique, they began to create drawings and handmade posters, quickly making themselves known in the Street art world.

In 2004, they started their first illegal actions in the street, stickering and pasting up posters. In their laboratory, situated in the Ortica district in Milan, Orticanoodles logos took shape. With the subversive power of Zibe, Orticanoodles started a blazing activity in the streets, soon evolving into a real urban guerrilla campaign. The image of the brand Orticanoodles has made its appearance in the streets of main European cities. Currently, the duo is in production, creating a series of portraits. Often, the choice of subject for their work, is made as a form of social criticism and at other times the choice was simply driven by inspiration and respect towards the same. The most recent works, with the new concept Stencil on Stencil, are a collection of portraits of famous leaders, celebrities and provocative artists, combined with intricate matrices of finely cut stencil which contain a written message. The concept is to cancel the physical work, the pictures are above the words, thus creating a mutual relationship between the subject and his message.

To date the duo has painted several stencils autonomously, as a form of free expression on the streets of many cities, and they also participated in important international events and festivals in addition to exhibiting works in museums and private exhibition spaces, both domestic and foreign.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Myth & Muse, an homage to Frida KahloGO Gallery, AmsterdamGroup
2014STENCIL ONLYPretty Portal, DusseldorfGroup
2014MADE IN ITALYGCA Gallery, Curato da Christian Omodeo , NiceGroup
2014Moniker Art FairTraffic Gallery , LondonGroup
2014OPEN THE CAGES: Wall PaintingWWF , Curato da Cristina Trivellin, Brera, MilanGroup
2014LA RISSA: Wall PaintingVilla Campari , Curato da Jacopo Perfetti , Sesto San GiovanniGroup
2014Ritratti fondatori G.Pini: wall PaintingOspedale Gaetano pini, Curato da Alice Cosmai , MilanGroup
2014WALLART MILANO: Wall Painting Piazza Cardinal Ferrari, via Calimero, via Mercalli , Curato da Alice Cosmai , MilanGroup
2014DjerbahoodCurato da Gallerie Itinnerance, Djerba, TunisieGroup
2014It seems impossible until it’s doneWall Painting, MilanGroup
2014Metamorphosy: Wall PaintingMontello Spa , BergamoGroup
2014Libya meet Europe” , Workshop , Academy of Fine Art – Italian Embassy , Misurata, LibiaGroup
2014HALL OF FAMECollective Show , MilanGroup
2014Workshop stencilBusiness School Sole 24 Ore, RomaGroup
2014ROBERTO ROVERSI: Wall PaintingCheap Festival , BolognaGroup
201320×20Studio D’Ars , MilanGroup
2013ESPOSIZIONE IN STOCK!Ego Gallery , Lugano CHGroup
2013STENCIL ONLYPretty Portal , Dusseldorf, GermanyGroup
2013B2B Back to Back to Biennale , Live PaintingCollateral Event Biennale Venice , VeneziaGroup
2013STROKE Art FairStudio D’Ars , Berlin GermanyGroup
2013BLOOM Art FairPretty Portal , Cologne, GermanyGroup
2013L’ARTE DELLA MEMORIA: InstallazioneVilla Gentilino, curated by EGO Gallery , Lugano CHGroup
2013DIRTY LIFETraffic Gallery , BergamoSolo
2013Imprevisti artistici probabilità sociali , wall paintingEx Carcere Tirano, curated by D. Decia , Tirano, ItalyGroup
201340 Grad Urban Art festival , Wall PaintingPretty Portal , Dusseldorf, GermanyGroup
2013Non Abbandonare la Città , Wall PaintingEXP. inside the Marble Weeks, Carrara, ItalyGroup
2013Emergence Festival, Wall Paintingcurated by Marta Gargiulo & Giuseppe Stagnitta , Giardini Naxos, CataniaGroup
2013FACE OFFPretty Portal , Dusseldorf, GermanyGroup
2013Public Provocations VColab Gallery , Weil am Rhein, GermanyGroup
2013BLEND KOLLECTIVE SHOWGalo Art Gallery , TorinoGroup
2013Workshop stencilBusiness School Sole 24 Ore, RomaGroup
201315/15SOLOMUTT Gallery , MilanSolo
2013FRIDA ON THE BLOCK , Workshop and Wall PaintingAccademia di Belle Arti di Brescia , Mantova, ItalyGroup
2013Street d’ArsStudio d’Ars, Milano, ItalyGroup
2013STEP 09: Art Fair Street D’Ars , Fabbrica del Vapore, MilanGroup
2013FIERA ARTE GENOVA Street D’Ars , Genova, ItalyGroup
2013CARNEVALE IVREA Ivrea, ItalyGroup
2013ARTE FIERA BOLOGNATraffic Gallery , BolognaGroup
2012Past ForwardMuseo Civico Bassano del Grappa, Bassano del Grappa, VIGroup
2012BLOOOM: Art FairPretty Portal , Cologne, GermanyGroup
2012SAM: Wall PaintingStreet Art Museum, Torino ItGroup
2012WALL ART: WorkshopIstituto D’Arte , A.O. C. Poma , Mantova ItGroup
2012ETERNITYEgo Gallery , Lugano CHSolo
2012STENCIL ONLYPretty Portal , Dusseldorf, GermanyGroup
2012INFART 6 FestivalBassano del GrappaGroup
2012LEFTOVERSNHow Hotels by ArtKitchen , MilanGroup
2012ITALIAN STREET ART IN PARISLa Mairie du 13e, ParisGroup
2012MURAL ITALIA BRASIL: Wall PaintingRio de Janeiro, BrasilGroup
2012EGO EVOLUTION GOES ONCSOA Leoncavallo , MilanGroup
2012STREET SMART EXHIBITIONBergen Kjott , NorwayGroup
2012PRINTS & EDITIONSPretty Portal Gallery , Düsseldorf GermanyGroup
2012WELCOME TO THE JUNGLEUrban Painting Gallery , Carugate, MiGroup
2011WORKSHOP STENCIL with LucamaleonteMART, Museo Arte Contemporanea , Rovereto, ItalyGroup
2011STROKE 05Traffic Gallery , Art Fair , BerlinGroup
2011URBAN QUEENSSpazio Concept , MilanGroup
2011INFART HALL OF FAMEArtVerona 2011 , Art Fair , Verona, ItalyGroup
2011LECCO STREET VIEWLecco, ItalyGroup
2011MULTIPLITraffic Gallery , BergamoGroup
2011WORKSHOP STENCIL with LucamaleontePiazza delle erbe, VeronaGroup
2011FORTITUDO MEA IN COLORIS: Live PaintingCarrara, ItalyGroup
2011ASA AMSTERDAM STREET ART FestivalAmsterdamGroup
2011URBAN PAINTING’S PARTYAgrate, ItalyGroup
2011STROKE. ART FAIRTraffic Gallery , Munchen, GermanyGroup
2011LE STRADE SONO NOSTREAntifa street Jam , Quarto Oggiaro, MilanGroup
2011DICTATOR Art FairVertikal Gallery , Lille FranceGroup
2011HUMANOID (Infart Collective Group Show) Four Roses Gallery , MilanGroup
2011BAF Bergamo Arte FieraTraffic Gallery , Art Fair , Bergamo, ItalyGroup
2011URBAN LIVE PAINTINGSpazio Concept, MilanGroup
2011Meating – Beware It’s possesed to skate (Live Painting)Ex Macello Comunale, SavonaGroup
2010OrticanoodlesGalerie Itinerrance, ParisSolo
2010REALITY POPGestalt Gallery , Pietrasanta Lucca, ItalyGroup
2010URBAN PAINTING XMAS SHOWCastello Visconteo , Trezzo sull Adda, ItalyGroup
2010TO BE OR NOT TO BEDicastero Giovani ed Eventi , Lugano SwitzerlandSolo
2010STEP 09 Art Fair CO2 Gallery , Museo della Scienza e Tec. , MilanoGroup
2010VENDUTO (Live Painting )Ortica, MilanGroup
2010WORKSHOP STENCIL with LucamaleonteMART, Museo Arte Contemporanea , Rovereto ItalyGroup
2010INFART 2010 Street Art FestivalBassano del Grappa, ItalyGroup
2010ASA Amsterdam Street Art FestivalAmsterdam, NetherlandsGroup
2010Private ShowUrban Garage , MilanGroup
2010Street Art Auction SaleLeclère, MarseilleGroup
2010STENCIL ONLYSpacejunk Gallery , Bayonne, FranceGroup
2010SLAM! Arte urbana in laboratorioViareggio, ItalyGroup
2010NEW WORKSGalerie Itinerrance , ParisSolo
2010VITRY JAM # 4Vitry sur Seine, FranceGroup
2010MiArt – Fiera Int. d’Arte ContemporaneaTraffic Gallery , MilanGroup
2010HAZARDOUS WASTEGraffik Gallery , LondonGroup
2010STREET ART GROUP SHOWSpazio Concept , MilanGroup
2009OrticanoodlesTraffic Gallery, BergamoSolo
2009FREEDOMDAY – LA ZONA (Live show)Cavalcavia Bussa , MilanGroup
2009PAINT & BEERVilla Friekens , AmsterdamGroup
2009Strike the StreetStrike Csoa , RomaGroup
2009SPAGHETTI STENCIL Avantgarden Gallery , MilanGroup
2009ORTICHETraffic Gallery , BergamoSolo
2009ARTVERONA – Fiera d’Arte ContempTraffic Gallery , VeronaGroup
2009URBAN ART AGENDA #3Famous When Dead Gallery , MelbourneGroup
2009FASHION NIGHT OUT , FRANKIE MORELLO (Live Painting) Milan, ItalyGroup
2009URBAN ART AGENDA #3Ballarat , AustraliaGroup
2009THIS IS A SHOW Salotto42 ,RomeSolo
2009The Beautiful And The Canned 2009Brighton, UKGroup
2009RebelArt – Rebel8Milan, ItalyGroup
2009MiArt – Fiera Int. d’Arte ModernaTraffic Gallery , MilanGroup
2009SAP Street Art Painting Walldorf, GermanyGroup
2009SALONE DEL MOBILEAdele-C , MilanGroup
2009STREETSWITHOUTWALFlorence, ItalyGroup
2009DIRTY DANCING A(U)CTIONBerlin, GermanyGroup
2009YOUR KID CANT DO THISMelbourne, AustraliaGroup
2009AMAZING DAY 2009Molino Dorino, MilanGroup
2009Conversazioni sulla Street ArtNuova Accademia Belle Arti , MilanGroup
2009YOUR KID CANT DO THISCanberra, AustraliaGroup
2009STENCIL HISTORY XIntoxicated Demons Gallery, BerlinGroup
2009STENCIL HISTORY XAtm Gallery, BerlinGroup
2009IN STENCIL WE TRUSTMilan, ItalySolo
2008M-city & Orticanoodles - Stencil Art: New Pop In The Urban CultureTraffic Gallery, BergamoGroup
2008PAINT & BEER villa friekensAmsterdam, NetherlandsGroup
2008URBANPAINTINGCarugate, ItalyGroup
2008SAY YES! TO INFARTBassano del Grappa, ItalyGroup
2008CANCER SELLBenefit canvas show ,LondonGroup
2008MELBOURNE STENCIL FESTIVALMelbourne, AustralianGroup
2008KINGS OF CONCRETE FestivalDublin, IrelandGroup
2008STENCIL HISTORY XINK-D Gallery, Brighton UKGroup
2008STENCIL HISTORY XFoundation Gallery, Mulhouse, FranceGroup
2008STENCIL HISTORY XMiscelanea Gallery, Barcelona SpainGroup
2008Vinilificio CreativoVinil Group Show , Torino, ItalyGroup
2008POSTER POWER (Collective Poster Show)Salerno, Italy Group
2008Un goccio d’ArteTreviso, ItalyGroup
2008KOSMOPOLITE FESTIVAL (Stencil History X Festival)Bagnolete, FranceGroup
2008WE ARE FRIENDSTSO Show , Essen, GermanyGroup
2008INFEZIONEFoggia, ItalyGroup
2008RAPID CITYCanadaGroup
2008IMMAGINI SERIALIRome. ItalyGroup
2008SZABLON DZEM (Stencil Festival)Warsaw PolandGroup
2008SOLD OUTLimbiate, MilanGroup
2008THE CANS FESTIVALLondon, EnglandGroup
2008REBELARTEsposti per esporre, MilanGroup
2008AT WORKLyon, FranceGroup
2008IPA – International Poster ArtRome, ItalyGroup
2007Stencil History X TourInoperable Gallery, ViennaGroup
2007Anniversario ZeroMilan, ItalyGroup
2007IPA – International Poster ArtRome, ItalyGroup
2007107 Illegal HappeningMilano, ItalyGroup
2007STENCILHISTORYX TOUR Chamane CaféParis, FranceGroup
2007DIFUSOR (Stencil Festival)Barcelona, SpainGroup
2007BLACK MUSIC ARTCatania, ItalyGroup
2007B SIDE CITYMilano, ItalyGroup
2007AtelierMilano, ItalyGroup
2007IWA Group ShowGenovaGroup
2006Art of Hip HopBrigton, UKGroup
2006107 Illegal HappeningMilano, ItalyGroup
2006IPA – International Poster ArtRome, ItalyGroup
2006Cyface & OrticanoodlesDouble Show ,LyonGroup