P. Winkel - Death Skull Moth

P.Winkel/ Unknown

Netherlands 1985

Installation, Typography, Prints, Design



P.Winkel is a Dutch graphic designer and visual artist known for the materials he uses as well as some old crafts and techniques involved in a process.

P. Winkel’s craftsmanship

P. Winkel - Head Hunters
P. Winkel – Head Hunters

Winkel was born in 1985, and in 2007 he graduated at AKI in Enschede, Netherlands. During his studies, he spent more time in a wood shop than on a computer, which is kind of strange – having in mind that his major was Communication and Design.

Very soon after graduation P.Winkel started working for Siren Designers in Rotterdam where he became senior graphic designer with a lot of free time to spend on his artistic projects. He is concentrated on highly tactile work, experimenting with different techniques and materials.

P. Winkel’s typography design

P. Winkel - Memory Box
P. Winkel – Memory Box

His fascination for traditional typography, illustration and craftsmanship is obvious in the emphasis on details. The computer usually plays just a minor role during the creation of his artworks. His hand painted lettering, woodworking and printing techniques hold a symbolic value added to the chosen material, providing very personal context.

This artist is represented by Art is Just a Four Letter Word gallery.

P.Winkel lives and works as a graphic designer for Sirene Ontwerpers in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Featured image: P. Winkel – Death Skull Moth
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