Patric Sandri portrait

Patric Sandri

Switzerland 1979


Patric Sandri
Patric Sandri
April 8, 2016

Patric Sandri’s paintings are lingering in between abstract art and minimalism, with their clear white canvases, colorful borders, moiré patterns and blurry outlines. His art is surprisingly clear and unclear at the same time and its simplicity is quite deceiving – Sandri is engaging in detailed color and light study, inviting his viewers to join his exploration of the very medium of painting. The artist is not sticking to any traditional rules in his work, he is rather questioning the rules themselves and trying to reach to the bare essence of the minimalist aesthetics.

Patric Sandri - Untitled, 2014
Patric Sandri – Untitled, 2014

Untitled but Bursting with Implications

Sandri is clearly a contemporary artist, with a straightforward approach and a simple desire to draw his viewers into his world of glowing colors, subtle reflections, and modern neon pigments. He is exploring both hypnotic moiré patterns and pure geometric forms without any need to engage in storytelling, metaphors or creation of emotional contents. His main quest is to show the underlying concept of minimalist aesthetics through the purity of his materials, the subtlety of his textures and carefully planned interplay of light and shadows. He is fascinated by the fact that beauty in art is born out of literally nothing, out of the void. Also, beauty is just a fragile balance of various elements that reach the viewer’s eyes and Sandri focuses on the double aspect of looking, by the artist and by the viewer. To put it simply, Sandri wants to understand how the viewer’s perception and illusion create the concept of beauty.

Sandri’s main quest is to show the underlying concept of minimalist aesthetics

Patric Sandri - Untitled (Compositions with Canvas and 2 Colors), 2016
Patric Sandri – Untitled (Compositions with Canvas and 2 Colors), 2016

Visual Research

The ideas of interruption and inconsistency  have become the central parts of Sandri’s visual research. He considers his canvases experimental battlegrounds and vehicles of investigating the zones of impact and reaction. The way various forms are clashing or colors standing out from the background are crucial parts of Sandri’s research. Also, it is important to mention that unlike the traditional painters, Sandri puts the same weight and importance on the front and backsides of his canvases, because he perceives his artworks as objects in space that don’t have only simple artistic value. The entire body of his image is treated as an autonomous sculpture with a separate lighting and a separate function in a designated space.

The artist puts the same weight and importance on the front and backsides of his canvases

Patric Sandri - Untitled (Interspaces Blue, Yellow, Red), 2014
Patric Sandri – Untitled (Interspaces Blue, Yellow, Red), 2014

Below the Surface

Sandri’s enticing ways of exploring the process of painting and questioning the basic role of the image had brought him more than 25 solo and group exhibitions, the most recent ones held in Zurich and Vienna as well as in Naples, Italy. The secret of his art lies in his ability to create palpable textures, vivid hues, deconstruct various forms and put them in a new order while convincing his viewers to surrender themselves to his pure forms and understand a little bit more the principles of beauty lying below the surface.

The artist is represented by Lisabird Contemporary.

Patric Sandri lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.

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All images courtesy of the artist.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Patric SandriAnnarumma Gallery, Naples, ITSolo
2016peintinSihlquai55, Zurich, CH Group
2016Patric Sandri - with Adam ThompsonA. C. Kupper Modern, Zurich, CHDuo
2016Eight Canvas – One PaintingBALTSprojects, Zurich, CHSolo
2016Off the WallGalerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Vienna, ATGroup
2016ColorsLaurent Marthaler Contemporary, Montreux, CHGroup
2016Patric SandriDallas Art Fair with LisaBird Contemporary, Dallas, TX, USAGroup
2016Another SprayHausler Contemporary Zurich, Zurich, CHGroup
2016Unfixed PositionsBALTSprojects, Zurich, CHGroup
2016Untitled (to)LisaBird Contemporary, Vienna, ATSolo
2016Through Painting - with Simone HolligerLokal Int., Bienne, CHDuo
2016InterspacesKiosk Tabak, Zurich, CHSolo
2015MM Editions with Marcel RickliMuster-Meier Contemporary, Bern, CHDuo
2015WalksLokal 14, Zurich, CHSolo
2015RetortenbabyKunstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, ATGroup
2015SOS – Self Organized Systems2nd Tbilisi Triennial, Tiflis, GEOGroup
2015A Sculpture of Marmalade is a Sculpture. But it isn’t Marmalade - with Kyra Tabea BaldererKunstplattform akku Emmenbrucke, Lucerne, CHDuo
2015!Champagne!BeatTricks, Milano, ITGroup
2015ltd. ExpositionKiosk Tabak, Zurich, CHGroup
2014EchoesSihlhalle, Zurich, CHSolo
2014ProjectionsToni-Areal, Zurich, CHSolo
2014Patric SandriDock 18, Zurich, CHGroup
2014Black Holes and Concinnity - with Nora SteinerDe Bord Int., Zurich, CHDuo
2014Artefakte – Was BleibtMuseum Barengasse, Zurich, CHGroup
201381 BodenplattenSkulpturenhof WKV, Stuttgart, DE Group
2013The Day Remains_iiPeltz Room Gallery, London, UK Group
2013The Industry is ColdKreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, DEGroup
2013Anonyme ZeichnerGalerie Nord, Berlin, DEGroup
2013Collision (Strapazin Nr. 110)Corner College, Zurich, CHGroup
201325th Anniversary Varley Memorial AwardsRoyal College of Art, London, UKGroup
2012Versus Vice VersaHockney Gallery, London, UK Solo
2012Show RCARoyal College of Art, London, UK Group
2011Interim ShowRoyal College of Art, London, UK Group
2011Hung Drawn and AlteredKarin Janssen Project Space, London, UK Group
201110 Gales Prize10 Gales Gallery, London, UK Group
2011Man Group Drawing PrizeRoyal College Of Art, London UKGroup
2011Fail BetterHockney Gallery, Royal College Of Art, London, UKGroup