Pedro Reyes

Mexico 1972

Sculpture, Performance Art

Pedro Reyes
Pedro Reyes
March 19, 2015
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Pedro Reyes is a Mexican artist that has been getting a lot of attention from the public for his pieces with strong messages and lessons for all of humanity to listen. He is troubled by the injustice and violence that torments both his country and the world as a whole, so Reyes tries to react and confront these problems. In his heart, Reyes is quite idealistic and that displays on his work more than anything – he romantically lives and works thinking of ways to improve our lives with nothing but his artistic expression. As if that was not impressive enough, Pedro Reyes is also a creative polyglot, involving himself in several mediums including sculpture, performance, music and painting.

Pedro Reyes - Disarm, Kalashniclock, 2013 - privacy policy for video in 2012, contact center
Pedro Reyes – Disarm, Kalashniclock, 2013

The Reasons Behind Reyes’s Work

Pedro Reyes was born in 1972. During his younger years, he attended classes at the Ibero-American University in Mexico City, where he was mostly focusing on architecture, both on its history and the practical knowledge of building. However, Reyes’s affection lied in another traditional medium of art, closely related to architecture but quite a bit different as well – sculpture. This was the medium he eventually decided was the best choice for the goals he wanted to achieve through art. A few alterations in the sense of traditional sculpture had to be made, though, since Reyes was not satisfied with simply creating pieces out of stone or metal. Pedro demanded more both from himself and his pieces. To that end, he developed an approach much like the famous Arte Povera – an artistic movement that originated in Italy in the 1960s, combining aspects of conceptual, minimalist, and performance art. Reyes started using found materials and making sculptures out of them while conveying certain social and political messages. He would take an object like an assault rifle and transform it into something rather opposite to its original concept, like a violin. Reyes began using simple means and casual scenarios with goals of blending the realms of utopia and function, individual fantasies and collective aspirations. The real beginning of his career can be located back to when he established Torre De Los Vientos, an experimental project space in Mexico City which operated from 1996-2002. It was here he started creating his first pieces. The course of Pedro’s art was pretty much determined by his visionary nature – Reyes was and still is a strong believer in the good of mankind and was never able to deal with injustice. Seeing all the suffering his country is plagued by every day and having witnessed firsthand the many ways that technology has been used to cause war, destruction and misery, Reyes started turning tools of such tragedies on themselves and transform them into weapons of good. The goal was to raise awareness and redeem these technologies that are neither good nor bad by themselves – it all depends on how we use them. So ultimately, it is us who is in need of change and if we’re looking for someone to blame for all the world’s miseries, well, we should not search much further then the nearest mirror.

Here you can have a closer look at how Reyes thinks and works

Reyes’s Projects

The work of Pedro Reyes is conceptualized in a way that makes no sense if not presented to audiences. Without someone to see from what they are made of and to recognize the things they have become, the projects of this artist become utterly useless. They need someone to send their messages to, they demand to influence responses. Although he dedicated much effort into researching the ways of the architecture, Pedro Reyes turned out to be primarily a sculptor, with his practice incorporating theater, psychology and activism. There is always a deep meaning in every piece he makes, there is constantly a point he tries to get across. This is maybe the most obvious in his Palas por Pistolas, a project that saw him tackling guns and the problem they represent to his home country of Mexico. He tried to present an 180-degree spin for these weapons as he had them melted down and turned into shovels which will later be used for planting trees and plants! Inspired by a trip he took to the recycling plants where government officials turn seized weapons into raw materials, taken as part of that Shovels for Guns project, Reyes decided to turn these instruments of hate into literal instruments. Five years later, the Mexican government passed over 6,700 confiscated firearms for Reyes to turn into mechanical musical instruments, which are automated to play a delightful, if surreal loop, retaining the raw emotion of their origination. Not all of his pieces are as direct as these – some are like therapies of trust-building games that combat lighter first world problems, such as loneliness and stress. Other successful projects beside these with firearms are Pedro’s Baby Marx and Sanatorium. One of the biggest factors in Pedro’s work is the usage of space. He constantly explores new ways in which space is capable of allowing room for stronger interpretations. Interesting fact: besides the injustice, another great inspiration to Pedro Reyes’s art were the paintings of Francisco Goya.

Reyes explained that it’s all about the redemption of this metal that could have taken both his and your life

Pedro Reyes - Disarm, Violin-III-, 2013 - privacy policy for video in 2012, contact center
Pedro Reyes – Disarm, Violin-III-, 2013

Artistic Bravery

Pedro Reyes is one brave man and we do not just mean that in the sense his art goes to places none other dared exploring. This artist has been known to personally visit some of the most dangerous places in the world – such as the infamous Ciudad Juarez, the site of numerous gang murders and the chilling disappearing women unsolved mysteries – all with the goal of meeting problems of Mexico and trying to figure out artistic approaches for solving them. By doing so, Reyes has developed a whole arsenal – no pun intended – of terms and forms to release creativity from things that were never imagined for this kind of usage.

Pedro Reyes lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

Featured Image: Pedro Reyes – Photo of the artist – Photo Credits Who Cares
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