Manuel di Rita PEETA - portrait

PEETA /   Manuel Di Rita

Italy 1980

Graffiti, Sculpture

Manuel Di Rita
May 2, 2017

Manuel di Rita, better known as Peeta, took on an endeavor to break the generic typographical form of letters, by stylizing them with shape and volume, rendering more than just their mere semantic function. His main inspiration is letters forming his own moniker. As language is an alive form of communication, never still, always fluctuating and evolve with people, Peeta brings his lettering into the fluidity of the urban environment. Here, words are ruptured from their histories, readapted and reformed. This change of history of a letter is transposed to the fusion between traditional lettering and three-dimensional style that gives this artist a unique style and a kind of visual rhythm.

video canvas of paint in 2016 writing in english and vancouver on flickr
Peeta – Catene Park, Marghera, Italy, 2016, the wall was made to be part of the Graffiti Expressions Manifestes book by Lokiss

Graffiti Perceptive Tricks

It is inevitable for the artist to convey his own personality through his work. In the case of Peeta, this happens through his work with a three-dimensional painting that hides a spiritual side of the artist. In the midst of technical and formal perfection, lay shades of color and perceptive tricks. The latter being an essential part of a progressive disclosure of the artist’s own personality, implicitly mediating his own will to understand and describe his ego.

Peeta discloses his personality through shades of colors

like painted walls or canvases in venice in, makes a mural with spray can
Peeta – D-Funk, 2015

The Artist Emphasizes the Human Perception

The artist plays with the letters of his moniker, as an attempt of making a self-portrait. His plays with perspective and concept of dimension aim at revealing the deceptiveness of human perception. Shifting fixed points of view with visual tricks serves to emphasize the fallacy of the human perception of the world, in an attempt to grant a three-dimensional semblance on a pictorial representation, ultimately revealing the will to deceive.

The artist plays with perspective and dimension

artists create new graffiti paint from 2013 to 2016 for the mind
Peeta – Draw the Line, Campobasso, Italy, 2016 (Left) / Stenograffia Festival, Ekaterimburg, Russia, 2016 (Right)

Graffiti Sculpture

Peeta has been a graffiti artist since 1993, and he is a member of the EAD crew in Padova, Italy, FX and RWK crews in New York City. He has participated in graffiti jams and Meeting of Styles events across Europe and the Americas. The Italian artist isn’t just a graffiti artist, but also a sculptor, as his pieces explore the potential of sculptural lettering, similar to his street art and paintings.His PVC sculptures start as a 3D design in a software that allows him to have a three-dimensional view of the sculpture and virtually cut out all the surfaces as he considers his pieces on a 2D plane. Peeta also explores his field of interest on canvas.

Peeta is also a sculptor, exploring the potential of lettering

like graffiti / Aligner, 2015 (Right)
Peeta – Peak, 2014 (Left) / Aligner, 2015 (Right)

The Process

Perfectly understanding shapes and size of any material of his choice, thanks to the 3D program, Peeta builds his sculptures. He cuts the PVC plates and assembles them together, coating the surface of the sculpture with a polyester layer. This allows him to mask the imperfections resulted from the building process, and also to allow singularity to the structure. Besides the PVC, Peeta has acrylic resin and fiberglass sculptures as well as bronze, which are created using investment casting technique.

Peeta lives and works in Italy.

Featured image: Peeta – portrait
All images courtesy of the artist

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Main Street CollectiveGalleria d'arte Hausammann , Galleria Nuovo Centro, 4, Cortina D'ampezzo, Belluno (IT)Group
2014White OutMaxwellColette Galery, Chicago, ILSolo
2013Peeta Solo ShowLunaPark/Yes Eye Do!, PolskaSolo
2013ContrabandBlack Apple Gallery, LAGroup
2013Above The Radar, curated by Luna GeorgeThe Fridge, SE, Washington, DCGroup
2013La Tour 13Galerie Itinerrance, Paris, FRGroup
2013Art Meets StuckiStücki Shoppingcenter Basel, Centermanagement, Hochbergerstrasse, Basel (CH)Group
2013Nothing On The WallsUrban Art House, Amsterdam, NetherlandsGroup
2012Fuoriluogo Exhibitionvia Roma 56, Limena, PD (IT)Group
2012Antaragni 2012Annual inter-collegiate cultural festival of IIT KanpurSolo
2012Sticker Phiends / Printed Matters - Urban Art exhibit , Presented by: Mike "Mad One" Neely IIThe Cartel Lab, Tempe, AZGroup
2012Art Around The Corner, Peeta and Veronica GreenAssociazione culturale Imagoars, Venezia (VE)Group
2012PlakatGraffiti Writing Jam, Lokagije (BA)Group
2012Marbour EventsGraffiti Writing live, Marseille (FR)Group
2012Lobart festivalNaoussa (GR)Group
2012A Tribute to Meeting of StylesFolklore, Schlachthof, Wiesbaden (DE)Group
2012Unnecessary Well MadeVue Privée 63, SingaporeGroup
2012Santorini Biennale of Arts 2012Central Pirgos Square, Santorini (GR)Group
2012Beyond The City Walls 2012Castello Orsini, Soriano del Cimino (VT)Group
2012Elementi Sotterranei Graffiti Festival 2012Gemona del Friuli (Ud)Group
2012Tool kit Festival 2012Atelier Eve Ar: V Forte Marghera, VeneziaGroup
2012Sticker Phiends / Printed Matters - Urban Art exhibit , Presented by: Mike "Mad One" Neely IIThe Slate/Scion Gallery, Portland,ORGroup
2011Peeta feat. Joysvia Manin 47, TrevisoSolo
2011Peeta solo showGalerie H+Solo
2011Urbanize MeGalleria CavourGroup
2011Moniker Art FairVillage Underground, Shoreditch, LondonGroup
2011RWK show  Too Busy to dieAyden Gallery, Vancouver BCGroup
2011Peeta: Top to BottomSalone Kami, Treviso ItalySolo
2011Peeta: B' artLuxury Swapping, Treviso ItalySolo
2011SEVEN DIMENSIONSRomagna in fiore associationGroup
2011Never Say DieVincent Michael Gallery, Philadelphia, PAGroup
2011SevenTOMS & Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BCGroup
2010Peeta feat. Made514Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BCSolo
2010Aerosol PlaygroundMarseille, FranceGroup
2010Peeta solo showDa Bakery Shop & Gallery, New York, NYSolo
2010Peeta and Aden exhibitionBackspace Gallery, Portland ORGroup
2010Void Of HueBaron Gallery, Gastown Vancouver BCGroup
2010MERGEAyden Gallery, Vancouver, BCGroup
2010Dalla A alla Z  International Writing ExhibitionElementi Creativi - Arti via Carbone 10, Battipaglia (SA), ItalyGroup
2009Sparkle and FadePrettyPortal Gallery, GermanySolo
2009Post ExhibitDramaclub, Venice ItalyGroup
2009Infart CollectiveBassano del Grappa (YO!), ItalyGroup
2008AKA Graffiti - sculptures and bikes exhibitFiveTenStudio, California USASolo