Peter Soriano

United States 1959

Abstract Art

Peter Soriano
Peter Soriano
United States
March 11, 2016
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Sometimes success and recognition aren’t enough. When your work seems predictable, easy or obvious, it’s time to move forward. Peter Soriano was already famous for his sculptures when he started to feel this way. The artworks were defined as childlike and with a pop sensibility, and they took an almost absurd amount of time to be finished. The artist just didn’t find himself in the world of sculpture anymore. The change was a necessity, and it was a radical change indeed. He now works in wall drawings, which he specialize for the exhibitions, and also in drawing on paper, which is much more intimate.

Soriano creates indoor murals and drawings on paper

Peter Soriano - Permanent Maintenance, 2015 (detail)
Peter Soriano – Permanent Maintenance, 2015 (detail)

From Sculpture to Drawing on Walls

By the mid 90’s, Soriano was famous for his biomorphic and deceptively playful, fiberglass made sculptures. After the residency at the Atelier Calder in France, in 2004, the artist started making wall-based sculptures by combining spray paint with pipes and steel cables. These structural elements were later abandoned, and the artist found his field of work – wall drawings, or murals. The only thing he carried from his past are the abstract elements, but when closer looked, his new creations, consisted of lines, boxes, notations and spray-painted arrows are the artist’s response to his surroundings.

He enjoys working in spaces imposed on him, and that makes his exhibiting pieces even better and the constant process of adapting gives them a personal note. In addition to the wall drawings, Soriano also creates on paper, and this line of work is inspired by the same subject matters. He uses watercolor, spray paint, colored inks and pencils to draw on the sheets of Japanese paper, which are then folded over and over again, until the drawings become almost structural. The process includes reworking, and the finished pieces are the result of the constant heightening and repositioning the relationship between forms.

The drawings are almost structural

Peter Soriano - Paris - Ober (Blue Tarp), 2014 (detail) - Berlin, 2015 (detail)
Peter Soriano – Paris – Ober (Blue Tarp), 2014 (detail) / Berlin, 2015 (detail)

Lessons on Drawing Came from Fernando Zobel

Peter was born in the Philippines and has French-American origins. He was artistically educated from an early age by his uncle, Fernando Zobel, who was famous in the field of abstraction. It was Zobel who insisted that the drawing is the basis of artistic development. Soriano spent hours in museums where he drew human figures and landscapes. It was these teachings of his uncle that led to where he is now. He considers drawing as a vehicle he uses to locate himself in various physical, metaphorical and psychological spaces. The paper is used to show how these places intersect, but also so the artist could clarify and understand them.

The artist earned a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1981 and later that year, completed a residency at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine.

Drawing is a vehicle the artist uses to locate himself in various places

Peter Soriano - At Intervals, 2014 (detail)
Peter Soriano – At Intervals, 2014 (detail)

Putting the Past into the Garbage

Making a fresh start isn’t easy. Before leaving for the Calder residency, Soriano gave up the lease on his studio in Williamsburg in which he worked for more than a decade. Much of his unfinished work ended up in the garbage, and the sight of all that work being trashed only made him more determined to use that change in his physical place to change his work to, by force, if necessary. That decision, in combination with the early lessons on drawing led to his new approach to art, and finding a place where he once again enjoys creating.

He is represented by the IdeelArt gallery in London, UK.

Peter Soriano lives and works in New York.

Featured image courtesy of IdeelArt.

All images copyright © Peter Soriano.

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