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Philip Newcombe

Germany 1970


Philip Newcombe
Philip Newcombe
July 3, 2015
Alias of Jasmina Sevic, a researcher and author for Widewalls. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (Department for Journalism) in Belgrade in 2013.

Philip Newcombe is a London-based German artist who gives a new artistic meaning to everyday objects such as lollipops, darts, screws, folded up images of famous places, beach balls, thread, and scent dispensers.
Born in 1970, Newcombe received his MFA from the University of Reading, Berkshire, in 2003, and his BFA (Hons) from the Central St Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK.

Philip Newcombe Oeuvre

Through his career, Philip Newcombe quests ways in which artistic practice can exceed limits of physical spaces and move beyond time and space boundaries. Using everyday objects as inspiration, he unobtrusively transforms them into pieces deprived of their original function, creating a whole new host of potential narratives. Changing the main purpose of the objects through small manipulations or well-directed interventions, Philip estrange them from their everyday context. His installations communicate with the viewer through an alternate game between recognition, formality and language often resulting in a stunning poetry.
Newcombe’s objects go beyond the exhibition’s space/time-frame, as in Eiffel Tower, 2009, an A4 photocopy of the symbol of Paris and France, folded up and used as a doorstop, the actual image is retracted in order to attract the viewer’s attention, to its hosting material, a regular sheet of paper.

Philip Newcombe - Eiffel Tower, 2009, photo credits - artist, installation
Philip Newcombe – Eiffel Tower, 2009


Represented by Maria Stenfors Gallery, Philip Newcombe held his first solo exhibition with the gallery in May 2014. Entitled Company, the show was a selection of artist’s works that both function within the gallery space and at times cross over into the public domain. One of the installations in the show was 6 pink gym balls liberated from a lifetime of physical abuse, composed of six pink inflatable balls seemed abandoned in the gallery. The garish and fetching colour of the gym balls appeared to mock the impeccable walls of the gallery room, activating the other objects in the show and engaging them in a dialogue with the space.

Philip Newcombe - Company, Maria Stenfors, London, 2014, installation view, photo credits - artist
Philip Newcombe – Company, Maria Stenfors, London, 2014, installation view


For one of his latest show entitled Interlude, or ɪntəˌluːd, in a deliberate phonetical description, which is currently on view in Maria Stenfors Gallery, Philip Newcombe explores the modified perception when space is removed and material transformed and restricted. During the Interlude, the gallery is closed, but work is audible from the outside corridor of the gallery. Behind the closed doors, a solitary speaker is placed on a wall, transmitting repetitive sounds, turning the gallery into an active space, one in a constant state of flux.
The show is on view at Maria Stenfords Gallery in London until July 14th, 2015.

Philip Newcombe - Interlude (ɪntәˌluːd), 2015, Maria Stenfors, London, 2015, installation view, photo by Mike Taylor, credits - artist
Philip Newcombe – Interlude (ɪntәˌluːd), 2015, Maria Stenfors, London, 2015, installation view

Newcombe’s has participated in many exhibitions in London, UK, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Chicago, USA, Paris, France, and Melbourne, Australia.

Philip Newcombe lives and works in London.

YearExhibition TitleExhibition TitleSolo/Group
2015KosmografiaCroxhapox, GhentGroup
2015ɪntəˌluːdMaria Stenfors, LondonSolo
2015The Whole Wide WorldThe International 3, ManchesterGroup
2014QuizGalerie Poirel, Nancy, FranceGroup
2014Dolph ProjectsLondonGroup
2014MorphisisationAPT Gallery, LondonGroup
2014democratieTripode, Reze, Nantes, FranceGroup
2014CompanyMaria Stenfors, LondonSolo
2014El Hotel electricoMuHKA, AntwerpGroup
2014Truly Flabby Preludes (for a dog) 1/3 : Pink noiseLa Maison Populaire centre d'art contemporain, Montreuil, FranceGroup
2014Philip NewcombeArt RotterdamSolo
2013PollenCAPC, BordeauxSolo
2013The 5th DimensionRicou Gallery, BrusselsGroup
2013Drunk vs Stoned IIINeon Parc, Melbourne, AustraliaGroup
2013BiopicMaria Stenfors, LondonGroup
2013ButterflyArtangel 100, LondonGroup
2013Spilt MilkFORT, LondonSolo
2013Mostyn 18MOSTYN, North WalesGroup
2012Big LoveCatch, LondonGroup
2012Cultivation FieldOpen Hand, ReadingGroup
2011The One ShowFORT, LondonGroup
2011Youve got a face like a sack of spuds falling to the floor, Performance with De Player, International Rotterdam Film FestivalRoterdamGroup
2010BigMinis: Fetishes of CrisisCAPC Musee dart Contemporain, BordeauxGroup
2010Black Clouds and Big LoveEleven Howland, LondonGroup
2008SphinxxStuart Shave / Modern Art, LondonGroup
2008New York Art Book Fair, with Silverman GallerySan FranciscoGroup
2008LegendeCentre dart Contemporain, Chamarande, FranceGroup
2008FollywoodCastlefield Gallery, ManchesterGroup
2007Pilot 3. Venice Biennale, La Guidecca (nominated by Marc Camille Chaimowicz)VeniceGroup
2007The Audible Picture ShowICA, LondonGroup
2006Visions in the NunneryNunnery Gallery, LondonGroup
2006Chicago Underground Film FestivalChicagoGroup
2006Ann Arbor Film FestivalMichiganGroup
2006The Audible Picture Show, Kunstvlaai 06AmsterdamGroup
2006EXIS - Experimental Film FestivalSeoulGroup
2006The Audible Picture ShowEMAF, OsnabruckGroup
2005Take 291. 291 GalleryLondonGroup
2004Pearl MachineMile End Pavilion LondonGroup