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Philipp Dontsov

Russian Federation


Philipp Dontsov
Philipp Dontsov
Russian Federation
March 24, 2015
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Philipp Dontsov is a prominent Russian visual artist. He is known to be working in variety of media, from acrylic painting to 3D imaging.

Dontsov was born in 1972 in St. Petersburg. In 1994 he graduated from the Mukhina Art College in St. Petersburg.

One of Dontsov’s most famous work is Family Portrait. This piece consists of three-dimensional framed pictures depicting happy moments in the life of a family. They are animated snapshots taken on a trip out of town, the likes of which one would usually find on any fireplace. But the family they portray is digital. Their bodies are plain, smooth and grey, generated with 3-D modeling software. It is the title that establishes their identity: they are a family (father, mother, and child), but not a specific family, as there are no clues to who they are, where they live, or where they come from. They have no names other than “family.” In the video installation Father and Child, the artist explores the relationship between two members of this family.

His works are exhibited in many museums including Kirsten Kear museum in Denmark, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Pushkin State Museum of Russian art in Moscow and in various private collections. Artist’ recent solo and group exhibitions include, Abstraction in Russian Art, 2001, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Light Experiments, 2001, Freud Musum, St. Petersburg and show at Kirsten Kear Museum, Denmark, 2000 and many more.

Dontsov contributed to special projects at the 1st and 2nd Moscow Biennales (2005, 2007) and Modus-R in Miami (2006). His work is included in the collections of the Tretyakov, the Russian Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Dontsov currently lives and works in Sankt Petersburg.

Year Exhibition TItleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2010Anya StonelakeWhite Space Gallery, LondonGroup
2009Surfaces Aidan Gallery, MoscowGroup
2008Borderlives.Zeitgenössische Kunst aus Helsinki, St. Petersburg und Tallinn - Stadtgalerie Kiel, KielGroup
2008Birth-certificate (Svidetel’stvo o rozhdenii)Aidan Gallery. Moscow, RussiaSolo
2008BorderlivesZeitgenössische Kunst aus Helsinki, St. Petersburg und Tallinn - Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, AachenGroup
2007I Need No MapThe Anna Akhmatova Museum at Fountain House, St. PetersburgGroup
2007LOOPBarcelona, SpainSolo
2006Why are they together? (Pochemu oni vmeste?)Moscow Centre of Art. Moscow, RussiaSolo
2005ARTIST and ARMSM'Ars Gallery, MoscowGroup
2004C17H21O4NGuelman Gallery. Moscow, RussiaSolo
2004Red SetDmitry Semenov Gallery. Saint- Petersburg, RussiaSolo
2004I NEED NO MAPThe Anna Akhmatova Museum at Fountain House, St. PetersburgGroup
2003Naked Light - Anya StonelakeWhite Space Gallery, London (England)Group
2001Experiments with Light (Eksperementy so svetom)Freud Dreams Museum. Saint- Petersburg, RussiaSolo
2000In/Out SideDmitry Semenov Gallery. Saint- Petersburg, RussiaSolo
2000UntitledKirsten Kear Museum. DenmarkSolo