Pierre Yermia

France 1964


Pierre Yermia
Pierre Yermia
July 14, 2013
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For more than thirty years, Pierre Yermia has been developing his sculptural practice, confronting strength and fragility, constantly striving to reach and capture moments of precarious and unlikely balance. Filled with human and animal characters, his body of work represents endangered but optimistic and unfazed humanity. The artist tries to simplify the line without making it poorer, always giving it energy, drive, and then an indefinable breath. Everything in his sculpture must appear obvious, and for that, he works a great deal. However, the finished sculpture must never reveal the effort.

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Pierre Yermia – Big Feline

Pierre Yermia – a Master of Figure

He studied at the School of Fines Arts in Toulouse, where he was introduced to sculpture by an extraordinary teacher who became a great friend, Aroldo Zavaroni. Later he continued his studies at the School of Fines Arts in Paris, where he spent four years, from 1984 to 1988. Several traits are clearly visible throughout his work – reduced to bare essentials, the figures’ head dominate long and slender necks, contrasting the elongated shapes with the massive torsos. A never-ending game between full and empty, convex and concave, heavy and light, shapes Yermia’s figures. Placed on frail limbs, his animal and human sculptures defy the laws of gravity. Sometimes ending with monumental sized pieces executed in bronze, medium and small size formats in the preceding stages are a necessity for the sculptor.

Full and empty, heavy and light, convex and concave – all play a never-ending game

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Pierre Yermia – Lying Figure IV, 2004


Since it gives Yermia a vision of the piece, the artist works a lot on the drawing, in which he already sees the connection of the shape with its space. Upon having a vision, the sculptor makes a very detailed graphic work, making the quality of drawing is essential to the process. Once a framework is conceived, he welds the structure, thus giving his piece a skeleton. Working primarily with plaster, it’s a material that looks rather austere, but has great qualities and makes all the elements of the piece visible – all the good parts, and all the faults. The light on the plaster is radical, and the artist can see the work absolutely bare, just as it is. Re-working the piece comes next, using files and saws, in order to give it the tensions of the shape. Constantly working, Yermia adds and removes, seeking a dimension of strength that comes from a density of the volumes, trying to always make it visible in plaster. In the end, each and every sculpture is an expression of a rush, a pure moment of grace and balance, in which the viewers feel both the frailty of mankind but also its force.

The sculptures created by Pierre Yermia are representations of the conflict between strength and fragility

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Pierre Yermia – Three Horses, 2012

Exhibitions and Awards

Pierre Yermia’ work is critically acclaimed, and he’s won a number of awards, but several stand out: in 1990, he won the Sculpture award, Lauriers Wiso; Vermeille medal with honours of the Lutèce Internationale Academy in 1991; City of Ernée award in 2000; City of Charanton Lion’s Club award in 2011; and the most recent one, in 2016, the City of Charenton’s award. In addition, his works have been regularly exhibited throughout France, but also in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

He is represented by Artistics, an online art gallery.

Pierre Yermia lives and works in Charenton-le-pont, France.

Featured image: Pierre Yermia – portrait
All images courtesy of Artistics

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2016Outdoor Monumental SculpturesThermal Park, Chatel Guyon, France
2016Tribute to Shinsai HarutaGalerie des Ormes, Paris, France
2015L’ArrivageTroyes, France
2015UnknoenGalerie Art Aujourd’hui, Paris, France
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2014UnknownGalerie Des Ormes, Domaine Mauvoisin, Lommoye, France
2014UnknownGalerie Chikabee, De Haan, Belgique
2013UnknownCarre Des Coignard, Nogent, France
2013UnknownMIM Galerie, Martel, France
20138th Biennal of SculptureLe Jardin des sculptures, Bois-Guilbert, France
2012Primo PianoBon Marche, Paris, France
2012UnknownParis 17th district's City Hall
2012Glory AnimalsGalerie Des Ormes, Courtenay, France
2012UnknownGalerie Peinture Fraiche, Paris, France
2011UnknownGalerie Des Ormes, Courtenay, France
2011UnknownGalerie MIM, Martel, France
2010Art’Pros, Orsay, with Perrine Rabouin and Bruno MallartFrance
2009UnknownOFI, Paris, France
2009Affordable Art FearGalerie Dima, London, UK
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1990Sculptures and drawingsDu Temps pour l’Art, Paris, France