Pino Pinelli - Pittura R, 2009

Pino Pinelli

Italy 1938

Minimal Art, Monochrome Painting

Pino Pinelli
Pino Pinelli
October 18, 2015

Pino Pinelli is an Italian artist, known for his minimalistic, large-scale pieces which challenge and alters the traditional idea of painting. Pino Pinelli was in 1938 born in Catania, Sicily. In the 1960s, the artist moved to Milan, attracted by the great artistic and cultural turmoil that occurred at that time around essential figures of Italian post-war art such as Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani. Inspired by these slightly older Zero artists, Pinelli created artworks that capture and embody the desire of the era to change the existence of traditional painting.

Art of Pino Pinelli

Pino Pinelli - Pittura GR, 1992
Pino Pinelli – Pittura GR, 1992

Experimenting with new solutions that he could use for the surface of paintings, Pino explored geometry, shape and color, and at the same time analyzed the relationship between the artist and the artwork. Body of art that emerged from these experiments were his large-scale mixed media geometric forms made from predominantly primary colors. In such way, Pinelli managed to eliminate the presence of the canvas in its usual form.

Pittura B, 1994

Pino Pinelli - Pittura B, 1994
Pino Pinelli – Pittura B, 1994

Pino Pinelli’s first exhibition took place in 1968 at Galleria Bergamini in Milan. Since then, his work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, not only in Italy, but also internationally in France at Galerie Lil’Orsay and Galerie Chantal Crousel-Svennung in Paris, and in Germany at Galerie Neuendorf in Frankfurt. Other important exhibitions include the ones held at the Institute of Italian Culture in London, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, and the participation at the Venice Biennale in 1987 and 1997.

Pino Pinelli currently lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Featured image: Pino Pinelli – Pittura R, 2009
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YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014A New Visual DialogueDe Buck Gallery, New YorkGroup
2013Pino Pinelli: PaintingRoca Roverasca Fortress, Senigallia, ItalySolo
2013Pino Pinelli: The Skin of the DeerProgetto Arte Elm, MilanSolo
2012BAGBocconi University, MilanSolo
2012The Red, the BlueChurch of Santa Caterina, Lipari, ItalySolo
2012Pino Pinelli: Incognita e quantaClaudio Poleschi Contemporary Art, Church of San Matteo, Lucca, ItalySolo
2012PaintLucca Center of Contemporary Art, Lucca, ItalyGroup
2012Sensitive SurfacesCAMEC (Centro d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea), La Spezia, Liguria, ItalyGroup
2012Images of LightVilla Clerici, MilanGroup
2011Pino Pinelli: Starting from ColorGalleria Colossi, Brescia, ItalySolo
2011Pino Pinelli: The Disseminated PaintingT.A.C. Contemporary Art, Perugia, ItalySolo
2011Analytical Painting: 4 Main Players from ItalyForumkunst, Rottweil, GermanyGroup
2011Spatial Rhythms: Griffa e PinelliGalleria Luca Tommasi, Monza, ItalyGroup
2011Analytical ActualityCavana Contemporary Art, La Spezia, ItalyGroup
2011RigorGalleria Lattuada Studio and Galleria San Carlo, MilanGroup
2011TresartesProgettoarte Elm, MilanGroup
2010Free Dynamics of Matter (with Mario Nigro)Galleria Arsnow Seragiotto, Padua, ItalyDuo
2010Pino Pinelli: PaintingVilla La Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca, ItalySolo
2010Pino Pinelli: Works: 1980-2010Galleria Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
2010Thinking About Painting: The ‘70sGalleria La Rinascente, PaduaGroup
2010Moments of PaintingGalleria Gilardi, Livorno, ItalyGroup
2010PAINTING and PICTURE - Analytics and Supports - Surfaces: Eight Artists between Italy and FrancePalazzo Robellini, Comune di Acqui Terme, Alessandria, ItalyGroup
2010Structure PaintingPalazzo del Duca, MUSIF Museo Comunale di Senigallia, Senigallia, ItalyGroup
2010Sicilian Abstraction: 1945 – 1968Chiaramontane Factories, Agrigento, ItalyGroup
2010The Presence of Painting: The 1970s (Cacciola. Cecchini. Dolla. Gaul. Guarnieri. Isnard. Olivieri. Pinelli. Vago. Verna. Viallat. Van de Wint. Zappettini)Galleria Arte Studio, MilanGroup
2010Rigorismo: The Horizon of Transpazialismo’and Beyond (Amadio. Bazzocchi. Berlingeri. Bonalumi. Castellani. Fontana. Loro. Mariani. Pinelli. Scheggi. Simeti.)Galleria Lattuada Studio, MilanGroup
2009Pino Pinelli: Painting 1974-2008Cascina Roma, San Donato Milanese, MilanSolo
2009Pino Pinelli: Thinking About PaintingGalleria Civica Enzo Mariani, Seregno, MilanSolo
2009RotKreissparkasse, Rottweil, GermanyGroup
2009Opaque Surfaces of Analytical PaintingFondazione Zappettini, Chiavari, ItalyGroup
2009Thinking About Painting: An International Body of Research of the 1970sMuseo d’Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genoa, ItalyGroup
2009Absolute Black and Lessons in DarknessVilla Tamaris Centre d’Art, La Seyne-sur-Mer, FranceGroup
2009Monochrome: The Utopia of ColorConvento del Carmine, Marsala, ItalyGroup
2009ArabesqueSanta Ficara Modern and Contemporary Art, FlorenceGroup
2008Pino Pinelli: PaintingSanto Ficara Modern and Contemporary Art, FlorenceSolo
2008Pino Pinelli: Spatial PaintingGalleria Lara & Rino Costa, Valenza Po, Alessandria, ItalySolo
2008Art 70: Italian Analytical Painting: Documents of PaintingGalleria Il Milione, MilanGroup
2008Analytical Painting Yesterday and TodayArte Fiera, GenoaGroup
2008AnalyticaAnnotazioni d’Arte, MilanGroup
2008BlueKreissparkasse, Rottweil, GermanyGroup
2008Aniconic Painting: Art and Criticism in Italy 1968 – 2007Casa del Mantegna, Mantua, ItalyGroup
2007Griffa – PinelliFondazione Zappettini, Milan Pino Pinelli: The ‘80s, Galleria Melesi, Lecco, ItalyDuo
2007Pino Pinelli: Painting as a Fragment and Unitary TensionA Arte Studio Invernizzi, MilanSolo
2007Four Champions of Analytical PaintingGalleria d’Arte 911, La Spezia, ItalyGroup
2007Black and WhiteKreissparkasse, Rottweil, GermanyGroup
200735 Years of Plurima: Enrico Castellani. Pino Pinelli, Claude Viallat.Galleria Plurima, Udine, ItalyGroup
2007Analytical Painting: The Italian PathsPalazzo della Permanente, MilanGroup
2006Pino PinelliPalazzo Strozzi, FlorenceSolo
2006Painting ’70: Then and NewInstitute of Italian Culture, LondonGroup
2006DissonanceMaria Cilena Contemporary Art, MilanGroup
2006Syncretic AbstractionsFondazione Zappettini, MilanGroup
2006SiciliaGalleria del Credito Siciliano, Acireale, ItalyGroup
2006Final 3xKreissparkasse, Rottweil, GermanyGroup
2006Fil Blanc: Gastini. Gaul. Girke. Marsiglia. Pinelli. Radi. Zappettini.Fondazione Zappettini, MilanGroup
2005Pino Pinelli: R PaintingSanto Ficara Modern and Contemporary Art, FlorenceSolo
200510 x 10Palazzo Strozzi, Florence Group
2005Painting ’70Galleria Spazia, BolognaGroup
2005Figure pianeGalleria Melesi, Lecco, ItalyGroup
2005XIV Quadriennale di RomaNational Gallery of Modern Art, RomeGroup
2005Painting 70: Painting and Analytical AbstractionInstitute of Italian Culture, Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2005A Century of Italian AtMART Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto, ItalyGroup
2004Pino PinelliGalleria Rino Costa, Valenza, ItalySolo
2004The Enchantment of PaintingCasa del Mantegna, Mantua, ItalyGroup
2004Painting ’70Fondazione Zappettini, Chiavari, ItalyGroup
2004LucidamenteFortezza del Marie, Isola di Palmaria, ItalyGroup
2003Pino Pinelli: PaintingGalleria Melesi, Lecco, ItalySolo
2003Pino Pinelli: The Shadow of PerceptionA Arte Studio Invernizzi, MilanSolo
2003Carlo Invernizzi: Natura NaturansPalazzo Trivulzio, Melzo, ItalyGroup
2003The Missing FiguresPalazzo Bricherasio, TurinGroup
2003WorkGallery of Contemporary Art, Palazzolo Acreide, Syracuse, ItalyGroup
2003SculptureGalerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz, LiechtensteinGroup
2003Monochrome x 3: Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Pino PinelliKreissparkasse, Rottweil, GermanyGroup
2003Analytical PaintingCastello Visconteo-Sforzesco, Galliate, ItalyGroup
2003The Great Sign of the SeaPalazzo Ducale, Gubbio, Perugia, ItalyGroup
2002Pino Pinelli: The Substance of ColorGalleria Niccoli, Parma, ItalySolo
2002Pinelli – KnubbenGalerie zur Gru¨ner Tur, Uznach, SwitzerlandSolo
2002Sacred MediterraneanBenedettini Monastery, Catania, ItalyGroup
2002The Voices InsideFantuazzi, Palazzo Trinci, TreviGroup
2002Functional ArtACF, Bergamo, ItalyGroup
2002Paraxo 2002Colla Micheri, Liguria, ItalyGroup
2002From Color to SignA Arte Studio Invernizzi, MilanGroup
2001Pino PinelliAPC Galerie, CologneSolo
2001Pino PinelliKunstverein Schloss Lamberg, Steyr, AustriaSolo
2001Pino Pinelli: PaintingAndrea Pronto Contemporary Art, Crespano del Grappa, Treviso, ItalySolo
2001Pino Pinelli: One on OneInstitute of Italian Culture, LondonSolo
2001Made of PaperLe Pleiadi, Bari, ItalyGroup
2001Materia-Niente: The Examined Journey from Matter to Monochrome through Generations of ArtistsFondazione Beviliacqua La Masa, VeniceGroup
2001Over the SurfaceRocca Paolina, Perugia, ItalyGroup
2000Pino Pinelli: Visions Without Title, All RedA Arte Studio Invernizzi, MilanSolo
2000Pino PinelliVilla Michelangelo, Arcugnano, Vicenza, ItalySolo
2000Between Figure and BodyStädtische Galerie, RosenheimGroup
1999Pino Pinelli: Red – BlueGalleria Fumagalli, Bergamo, ItalySolo
1999Pino Pinelli: The Form of ColorCivica Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Gallarate, ItalySolo
1999Shapes of ConstructionTorre Viscontea, Lecco, ItalyGroup
1999The Thresholds of French and Italian Painting, 1968 – 1998Centro Espositivo della Rocca Paolina, Perugia, ItalyGroup
1998Pino Pinelli: PathsGalleria Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
1998Pino PinelliForumkunst Rottweil, Rottweil, GermanySolo
1998Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte Marchetti, RomeSolo
1998Paper DreamsAccademia di Brera Sala Napoleonica, MilanGroup
1998The Redefined SpaceVilla Burba Cornaggia Medici, Rho, ItalyGroup
1998Paths of the SublimeAlbergo delle Povere, Palermo, ItalyGroup
1998Material Concept ConstructKunstverein Schloss Lamberg, Steyr, AustriaGroup
1998Travel in Italy, 1998 – 2000: from Boccioni to…Casa del Mantegna, Mantua, ItalyGroup
1998Sicily is an Archipelago: Contemporary ArtAcquario Romano, Rome; Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo Group
1998Italian Art: The Last Forty Years of Aniconic PaintingGallery of Modern Art, BolognaGroup
1997Pino Pinelli: Horse CadreNouveau Muse´e d'Art et d'Histoire, Langres, FranceSolo
1997Via CrucisDominakanermuseum-Forum, Rottweil Group
1997XLVII Biennale di VeneziaVeniceGroup
1997Unimplosive ArtPalazzo delle Zitelle, VeniceGroup
1997Paper ScuptureUpper Austrian State Gallery, Landesmuseum Francisco-Carolinum, Linz, AustriaGroup
1997TramitiRocca Sforezca, Soncino, ItalyGroup
1997The Feeling of ConstructionMuseum Rabalderhaus, Schwaz, AustriaGroup
1997Italian Abstract Art 1960 – 1990Dumontkunsthalle, Cologne, GermanyGroup
1996Pino Pinelli: Painting in the VoidSalone Villa Romana, Florence, Galleria Santo Ficara, FlorenceSolo
1996Pino Pinelli: PaintingAPC Galerie, CologneSolo
1996Pino Pinelli: PaintingGalleria Melesi, Lecco, ItalySolo
1996Love the ArtCastello di Ama, Ama, ItalyGroup
1996Emergency ExitGalleria Fumagalli, Bergamo, ItalyGroup
1996CircumnavigationIntrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, New YorkGroup
1995Pino Pinelli: PaintingKunstverein, Villa Franck, Ludwigsburg, GermanySolo
1995Pino PinelliGalerie Lil’Orsay, ParisSolo
1995Pino PinelliGalleria Turchetto Plurima, MilanSolo
1995Pino PinelliGalleria Ponte Pietra, VeronaSolo
1995Pino Pinelli: CorporalA Arte Studio Invernizzi, MilanSolo
1995Milan: 100 Artists for the CityPalazzo della Permanente, MilanGroup
1995Permanent Collection No. 2Trevi Flash Art Museum, Trevi, ItalyGroup
1995Paths of Abstraction in MilanPalazzo della Permanente, MilanGroup
1994Pino Pinelli: Objects in SpaceGallery 44, Kaarst, DüsseldorfSolo
1994Pino Pinelli: Works on Paper 1975-1993Palazzo Alborghetti, Osio Sotto, Bergamo, ItalySolo
1994Pino PinelliCentro Polifunzionale Culturale Giovanni Arpino, Bra, Cuneo, ItalySolo
1994Pino Pinelli: PaintingAPC Galerie, CologneSolo
1994Pino Pinelli: PaintingGalleria Bassanese, Trieste, ItalySolo
1994A Plastic PaintingTeatro Sociale, Bergamo Alta, Galleria Fumagalli, Bergamo, ItalySolo
1994Pino PinelliGalleria Soave, Alessandria, ItalySolo
1994Artists at the MuseumTeatro Vittorio Emanuele, Messina, ItalyGroup
1993Pino PinelliGalleria Lil’Orsay, ParisSolo
1993Pino PinelliZand Projects, New YorkSolo
1993Pino PinelliGalleria Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
1993Solitary NavigatorsPalazzo Martinengo, Brescia, ItalyGroup
1993The Depths of the SurfaceVilla La Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca, ItalyGroup
1992TrilogyCentro Espositivo delle Rocca Paolina, Perugia, ItalySolo
1992Pino PinelliGalleria Totem il Canale, VeniceSolo
1992Pino Pinelli: Painting ’92Galleria Manuela Allegrini, Brescia, ItalySolo
1992Italian ArtGalerie Neuendorf, Frankfurt, GermanyGroup
1992The Commitment and Poetry of Italian PaintingMoconesi, Museo Casabianca, Malo, and Galleria San Luca, BolognaGroup
1991Pino Pinelli: Painting 1991Galleria Il Milione, MilanSolo
1991Pino Pinelli: Selected Works, 1975-1990Galleria Turchetto Plurima, MilanSolo
1990Pino Pinelli: Works 1974-1990Galleria Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
1990Pino Pinelli: MilanGalleria Carinthia, Vienna - Klagenfurt, AustriaSolo
1990Total NovoBiblioteca Regionale, Palermo, ItalyGroup
1990Divine Mania: A Poetic Biceps: Arico. Ciussi. Pinelli.Palazzo Municipale, Vignate, ItalyGroup
1990CollectiveTour de Roy Rene, Fort Saint-Jean, Marseille, FranceGroup
1989Pino PinelliGallerie Art Concept, Nice, FranceSolo
1989Pino Pinelli: Recent WorkGalleria Nueva 2000, BolognaSolo
1989Pino Pinelli: Paintings ’89Galleria Il Milione, MilanSolo
1989Pino Pinelli: PaintingGalleria Gill Favre, Lyon, FranceSolo
1989Pino Pinelli: Works on PaperPalazzo Municipale, Morterone, Lecco, ItalySolo
1989Island, IslandsPalazzo del Municipio, Capo d’Orlando, Messina, SicilyGroup
1989The Differences Resemble: Eight Painters 1970-1990Galleria Turchetto, Milan; Galleria Plurima, Udine, ItalyGroup
1988Pino PinelliArtra Studio, MilanSolo
1988Pino Pinelli: Paintings and Projects from the ‘70sGalleria Vismara Arte, MilanSolo
1988AbstractPalazzo Forti, Verona Group
1988IndexGallery of Modern Art, Paternò, Palermo, ItalyGroup
1988The Broken PrismGalerie Gil Favre, Lyon, FranceGroup
1988Reason and TransgressionConvent of San Rocco, Carpi, ItalyGroup
1987Tableaux d’une expositionGalleria Facsimile, MilanGroup
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1987Contemporary Italian Art in SumySumy Museum of Art, Kiev, UkraineGroup
1987Identity in Art: European Art from World War II to TodayPalazzo Nervi, Savona, ItalyGroup
1986Pino PinelliMèta Contemporary Art, Bolzano, ItalySolo
1986Aspects of Italian Art: 1960 – 1985Kunstverein, Frankfurt Group
1986The Italian Contribution to the 6th Triennale of IndiaTriennale d’Arte Lalit, Kala Academy, New Delhi, IndiaGroup
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1986XI Quadriennale d’ArteRomeGroup
1986An Uneasy ReasonPalazzo Municipale, Morterone, ItalyGroup
1986XLII Biennale d’ArteVeniceGroup
1985Pino PinelliArtra Studio, MilanSolo
1985Pino PinelliGalleria Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
1985The Spirit of GeometryPalazzetto dell’Arte, Foggia, ItalyGroup
1985The Latest Attitudes in Italian Painting of the 1980sCivic Gallery of Modern Art, Gallarate, ItalyGroup
1985Intelligence of the Effect: The Staging of ArtPalazzo Dugnani, MilanGroup
1985Italy TodayVilla Arson National Center of Contemporary Art, Nice, FranceGroup
1983PinelliCentro la Cappella, Trieste, ItalySolo
1982Pino PinelliArtra Studio, MilanSolo
1982Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
1982Pino PinelliGalleria Il Milione, MilanSolo
1982Pino PinelliGalleria Unimedia, GenoaSolo
1982The History, the Myth, the Legend: the 1980sNational Gallery of Modern Art, VeronaGroup
1981Lines of Artistic Research in Italy, 1960-1980Palazzo delle Esposizioni, RomeGroup
1981Lombardy 20 Years Later: Artistic Investigation 1960-1980Castello Visconteo, Pavia, ItalyGroup
1981Art - Criticism 1980National Gallery of Modern Art, RomeGroup
1980Pino PinelliGalleria A.A.M., RomeSolo
1980Pino PinelliGalleria Chantal Crousel-Svennung, ParisSolo
1979Pino PinelliArtra Studio, MilanSolo
1979Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
1979Pino PinelliGalleria Mathieu, Besançon, FranceSolo
1978Pino PinelliStudio Torelli, Ferrara, ItalySolo
19781, 2, 3, NStudio Ennesse, MilanGroup
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1976Pino Pinelli. PicturesGallerie La Bertesca, DüsseldorfSolo
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1976Tendencies in European ArtGalerie Arnesen, CopenhagenGroup
1975Pino PinelliStudio Nino Soldano, MilanSolo
1975Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte Plurima, Udine, ItalySolo
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1975Pino PinelliGalleria La Bertesca, GenoaSolo
1975EmpiricalRimini and Castelvecchio Museum, VeronaGroup
1975Regarding PaintingStudio Soldano, MilanGroup
1974Pino PinelliGalleria Gastaldelli Arte Contemporanea, MilanSolo
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1974XXVIII Biennale of the City of MilanMilanGroup
1972Pino PinelliStudio Nino Soldano, MilanSolo
1972Pino PinelliGalleria Stefanoni, Lecco, ItalySolo
1971Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte Vinciana, MilanSolo
1970Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte Contemporanea Il Punto, TurinSolo
1970Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte L’Argentario, Trento, ItalySolo
1970Pino PinelliGallera Pianella, Cantù, ItalySolo
1969Pino PinelliGalleria d’Arte Gi3, Seregno, ItalySolo
1969Pino PinelliGalleria Sicilia Arte, Catania, ItalySolo
1968Pino PinelliGalleria Bergamini, MilanSolo

Pittura G
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Pittura G , 2005Pino PinelliDep Art Gallery36 x 36 cm Paintings10000 - 15000 EUR (€)
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Pittura GR
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Pittura GR Pino Pinelli20 x 55 cm Other
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Pittura G N
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Pittura G N , 2011Pino PinelliDep Art Gallery33 x 33 cm Paintings10000 - 15000 EUR (€)
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Pittura R. BL. G.
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Pittura R. BL. G. Pino Pinelli49 x 50 cm Other
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