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Street Art, Graffiti, Murals

Puppet Industries
Daniel Blomqvist
June 8, 2016

Puppet Industries, Mr. Puppet or just Puppet, is a pioneer of graffiti in Scandinavia. Born as Daniel Blomqvist he has been active since 1984 in the graffiti scene in Stockholm. His beginnings were marked by tagging, under the influences of American wild style and big burner, a mixture of text and graphics. His role models were Seen, Dondi, Futura, but also artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. In 1989 he painted the famous Dragon – I’ll burn you all graffiti, using colorful graphics and burner style. That wall was a major turning point for him.

Puppet Industries - Wynwood Walls - Miami, FL, United States, photo credits Yelpcom
Puppet Industries – Wynwood Walls, Miami, FL, United States, photo credits Yelp.com

The Birth of the Dragon

After the Dragon, he started getting attention from underground Swedish painters. It was included in the Graffiti History Museum in New York. He started traveling more and painting all over Europe. The combination of different style and willingness to stay open to change established him as one of the kings of a Scandinavian street art scene. He will use upside down painted letters, bombing, throw-ups, and wildstyle. He collaborated with some major brands, such as Adidas, Coca-Cola, MTV, and Nike.

Willingness to stay open to change established him as one of the kings of a Scandinavian street art scene

Puppet Industries - Untitled, photo credits, Ricky Leong
Puppet Industries – Street Art, photo credits, Ricky Leong

Arrival of the Gridman

Puppet never stopped learning, evolving and improving. When he reflected back on his work, he saw a recurring pattern in his style, the same lines repeating, the same sketches appearing. He decided to name this style, to make it personal and came up with the name Gridman. It is the name of an artist, the name for a style, and above all a concept, to which the only Puppet is entitled. He likes clear lines, but also freehand style, where the roughness gives the authenticity. Swirls and twists are coming up together into landscapes of imaginary worlds.

Puppet likes clear lines, but also freehand style, where the roughness gives the authenticity

Puppet Industries - Clean White, 2015 (Left), Climbing Grids, 2015 (Right)
Puppet Industries – Clean White, 2015 (Left) / Climbing Grids, 2015 (Right)

Puppet Industries

Some of his most famous works are the Blue Lagoon with surgical and deformed letters, and the painting Messtyle 201 which got him to a national exhibition in Stockholm, and work he did with Seen in New York in 1990. He continues to travel a lot, to make both street art, wall paintings but also does commissioned works for galleries, small paintings and designs for various consumer labels. He owns a graphic design company – Puppet Industries, where he continues to work with major clients, but also works for galleries and theaters. He made the decoration for the set of Swan Lake show in Paris in 2013.

Puppet Industries, Mr. Puppet lives and works in Sweeden.

Featured image: Puppet Industries – Portrait of the artist, 2015, photo credits Londongraffititours.com

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Store PaintingRalph Lauren Store, ParisSolo
2014MuralpaintingLe Mur Artshow, Paris Solo
2013Absolut Vodka ArtshowSwedenSolo
2013Acc RochagesGallerie Celal, ParisGroup
2012PUPPET GRIDSGalerie de jour - Paris Jan-mars, Paris, FranceSolo
2012CharactersGallery Golles, AustriaSolo
2012PAINTOPIALauritz Auction Exhibition, Denmark Group
2012Crude oilAuction Exhibition Lauritz, Stockholm Group
201220 years univ. exhibitionCrewest Gallery, Los Angeles Group
2012Make Art Not WarOpera Gallery, Paris Group
2011Absolut Vodka Art ShowMarseille, France Solo
2011Marc Jacobs StoreParis, FranceSolo
2011In My RoomGalerie Mathgoth, ParisGroup
2010Coka-Cola US eventGallery Bauer, Stockholm Group
2010Allmant ShowWetterling gallery, Stockholm Group
2009Sharpie showCrewest gallery, Los Angeles Group
2008Tank omStreet art exhibition Stockholm Group
2007No fashionCopenhagenGroup
2004Mechanismo - with photographer Jens.AnderssonYo Gallery, Stockholm, SwedenDuo
2004Group ExhibitionNordiska Galleriet, Stockholm, Sweden Group
2004We u IFargfabriken, Stockholm Group
2003Mecano exhibitionDuivel, Amsterdam Group
2003Action artStockholm, Sweden Group
2002Mechanismo - with photographer Jens.AnderssonGallery Duifvel, AmsterdamDuo
2002MechanismoUpplands Vasby Library gallery, Stockholm, SwedenDuo
2001Painting the building with the Dutch artist SenderSwedish National Theatre, Stockholm, SwedenSolo
2001PuppetGallery Sportif, Stockholm, Sweden Solo
2000O barGallery Sture Hof, Stockholm, Sweden Solo
1997Exhibition with Anders GranbergGallery East, Stockholm, SwedenDuo
1996KulturhusDanish Culture House, Copenhagen Group
1994PuppetGallery Flora et Lettera, Stockholm, Sweden Solo
1993Group ExhibitionGallery Flora et Lettera, Stockholm, SwedenGroup
1992EU Meeting for youthLe centre Eurropeen de la jeunesse du conseil de l’Europe, Strasbourg,France Group
1992Group ExhibitionGallery Flora et Lettera, Stockholm, SwedenGroup
1991A gallerietVasteras, SwedenSolo