Ramon Enrich

Spain 1968


Ramon Enrich
Ramon Enrich
March 17, 2016
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Architecture is all around us. Wherever we look, we can see something that we created, some kind of construction, be it the lone house in the hills, or majestic cities made out of thousands of objects. But don’t forget the bigger picture. Don’t forget the landscapes, which seem to be powerful enough to swallow anything man-made. Welcome to the world of Ramon Enrich and his unique conversations between architecture and landscapes. The artist creates his mysterious world using the personal language of shapes and symbols rather than simply accepting the already existing forms and rules.

The artist uses a personal language of shapes and symbols

Ramon Enrich - Allup, 2015
Ramon Enrich – Allup, 2015

Archetectural Painting

His style could be described as architectural painting. Dipping his toes in abstraction, Enrich constructs his own reality, both inspired and limited by geometry. Light is intensely oblique, and the paintings, devoid of any human presence, have an atmosphere that is enigmatic and intriguing. The theatrical design is loaded with irony, as the artist tries to bring to light what is hidden and to enable making connections without explaining anything. Ramon’s most recent work brings an increase in precision and strictness, inspired, without a doubt, with Mediterranean. The starting point of his work is a sketch, which is then worked on. Mistakes are a part of the process, but the artist hates them. However, when one does occur, he will simply paint over it. And many times, this painting-under-a-painting works really well, because it gives the piece a kind of pre-life, an energy which bursts out and enriches the work.

The atmosphere in paintings is enigmatic

Ramon Enrich - Lav (detail), 2014
Ramon Enrich – Lav (detail), 2014

Reconstructing the Reality

Enrich was born in Igualada, a town near Barcelona. After his studies of Fine Arts in Barcelona, he decided to travel and try to see some references to art and to painting. Grants he received at the time helped him significantly. The main idea behind visiting artists like Donald Judd and David Hockney, beside from learning about the art from them, was to see how they organized their lives as artists. He belongs to a generation which reconsiders reality, based on constructed and a pinch of metaphysical figuration limited by the rules of geometry. Since 1990, he has exhibited both as a solo artist and in group shows. His artworks are included in public and private collections in Spain, USA, Germany, Japan and France.

Reality is based on the costructed and a bit of metaphysical figuration

Ramon Enrich - Circa III (detail), 2015
Ramon Enrich – Circa III (detail), 2015

The Stage Is Set

The paintings of Ramon Enrich look like stages prepared for the plays. And that is their beautiful aspect because the viewers are allowed to be the directors and imagine and stage the plays and stories they like. Everything is provided, starting with a rich chromatic register, ironic use of architectural structures and a strong sense of perspective. Every single one of Enrich’s artworks invites the viewers to fill its endless landscape with the story they find most appropriate. It is quite rare for the viewers to be the finishing touch themselves in a wonderful process of painting.

He is represented by the Artistics, an online gallery based in Paris.

Ramon Enrich live and works in Igualada, Spain.

All images, including the featured – courtesy of Artistics.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Ramon EnrichEspai Volart, fundación Vila Casas, BarcelonaSolo
2014Ramon EnrichDesign Academy, BerlinSolo
2014Ramon EnrichGalerie Sylt, AlemaniaSolo
2014Ramon EnrichArt Geneve. SuissaSolo
2014UnknownMAK Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Can Palauet, MataróGroup
2014UnknownClub Montecarlo, DubaiGroup
2013Ramon EnrichPaper World, Frankfurt am MainSolo
2013Ramon EnrichGalerie Donath, Troisdorf, AlemaniaSolo
2013Ramon EnrichKd Kunst, Desden, AlemaniaSolo
2013Ramon EnrichRobert&Tilton, L.A , USASolo
2013UnknownSant Pol Sur Mer, Sant Pol de MarGroup
2013ExpanderRoyal Academy, LondonGroup
2013UnknownGaleria Camila Regent, Saignon, FranceGroup
2012Ramon EnrichAl Bahu Space, Abu DabhiSolo
2012Ramon EnrichClub Montecarlo, DubaiSolo
2012Ramon EnrichMelbourne Art TradeSolo
2012Ramon EnrichGalerie Kamila Regent, Saignon, FrançaSolo
2012UnknownThe Center of Contemporary Arts, GlasgowGroup
2012UnknownCCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art,San Francisco, USAGroup
2011Ramon EnrichDesign Academy, BerlinSolo
2011Ramon EnrichGalerie Sylt, AlemaniaSolo
2011Ramon EnrichArt Geneve. SuissaSolo
2011ExpanderRoyal Academy, LondonGroup
2011UnknownGaleria Camila Regent, Saignon, FranceGroup
2010Ramon EnrichMuseu LlavaneresSolo
2010Ramon EnrichArt-kunts wien. AustriaSolo
2010Ramon EnrichPeter Meier, Soloturn, SuissaSolo
2010Ramon EnrichArt Rótterdam, HolandaSolo
2010Art Exchange ProjectArena Events. N.Y, USAGroup
2009Ramon EnrichGaleria Maria José Castellví, BarcelonaSolo
2009Ramon EnrichGalerie Sylt, AlemaniaSolo
2009Ramon EnrichArt Geneve. SuissaSolo
2009UnknownArt Gallry Solothurn, SwitzerlandGroup
2008Ramon EnrichMuseu LlavaneresSolo
2008Ramon EnrichArt-kunts wien. AustriaSolo
2008Ramon EnrichPeter Meier, Solothurn, SuissaSolo
2008Ramon EnrichArt Rótterdam, HolandaSolo
2008UnknownBaltazar, Brussels.Group
2007Ramon EnrichDesignRaum Bonn AlemanyaSolo
2007Ramon EnrichGaleria Carmen Terreros, ZaragozaSolo
2007Ramon EnrichGaleria Baltazar, Brusel.les, BèlgicaSolo
2007Ramon EnrichArt International ZurichSolo
2007Ramon EnrichTinta Invisible, BarcelonaSolo
2007TipografiesGaleria Miquel Alzueta, BarcelonaSolo
2007UnknownBaltazar, Brussels.Group
2007UnknownArt Rotterdam, Holland.Group
2006Ramon EnrichGalerie Hof&Huyser, ÀmsterdamSolo
2006Ramon EnrichGalería Il Polittico, RomaSolo
2006Biennal Europea del PaisatgeBarcelona.Group
2006Biennale of Contemporary ArtMoscowGroup
2006AnimalsGaleria Miquel Alzueta. Barcelona.Group
2006Landscape Sculptured.e.n Contemporary Art, Culver City, CaliforniaGroup
2006UnknownArt Rotterdam. Galerie Hof&Huyser.Group
2005Ramon EnrichGalería Jorge Alcolea, MadridSolo
2005Ramon EnrichSaignon en Luberon, FrançaSolo
2005Ramon EnrichGaleria Carmen Terreros, SaragossaSolo
2005Ramon EnrichMaison Kregg, Brussel·lesSolo
2005Ramon EnrichSala Parés, BarcelonaSolo
2005Ramon EnrichGaleria 22, IgualadaSolo
2004Ramon EnrichGaleria Baltazar, Brussel·lesSolo
2004Ramon EnrichGalería Jorge Alcolea, MadridSolo
2004Ramon EnrichGalerie Art Sud, TolosaSolo
2004UnknownGalerie Anatom, París.Group
2004UnknownGaleria 3 punts. Barcelona.Group
2004UnknownGaleria Jordi Bernades, Barcelona.Group
2003Ramon EnrichGalerie Arcturus, ParísSolo
2003Ramon EnrichHof & Huyser, Àmsterdam, HolandaSolo
2003Ramon EnrichMarie du Tarascon, Tarascón, FrançaSolo
2003Ramon EnrichGaleria María Llanos, LisboaSolo
2003Ramon EnrichEspai 21, Cambrils, GironaSolo
2003UnknownEspai 1919, Barcelona.Group
2003UnknownGalería Jorge Alcolea, Madrid.Group
2003St’Art 2004Estrasburg.Group
2003UnknownGaleria Kroma, St. Feliu, Girona.Group
2003UnknownGaleria Anquins, Reus, Tarragona.Group
2003Feria de SantanderGalería María Llanos,Group
2003UnknownJorge Alcolea, Madrid.Group
2002Ramon EnrichAltes Mülher, Bad Simbel, AlemanyaSolo
2002Ramon EnrichMichael Dunev, Torroella de Montgrí, GironaSolo
2002Ramon EnrichHof & Huyser, Àmsterdam, HolandaSolo
2002Ramon EnrichGalería María Llanos, CàceresSolo
2002UnknownGalerie Arcturus, París.Group
2002UnknownGalería María Llanos, Càceres.Group
2002UnknownGaleria L’Arcada, Blanes, Girona.Group
2002UnknownJorge Albero, Madrid.Group
2002UnknownIgnacio de Lassaletta, Barcelona.Group
2002UnknownJorge Albero, Madrid.Group
2002UnknownGaleria Llucià Homs, Barcelona.Group
2001Ramon EnrichKroma, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, GironaSolo
2001Ramon EnrichGaleria Llucià Homs, BarcelonaSolo
2001Ramon EnrichIgnacio de Lassaletta, BarcelonaSolo
2001Ramon EnrichJorge Albero, MadridSolo
2001Ramon EnrichLe Tour des Cardinaux, Marsella, FrançaSolo
2000Ramon EnrichZeitz Museum, Zeitz, AlemanyaSolo
2000Ramon EnrichGaleria Serrahima, BarcelonaSolo
2000Ramon EnrichGalerie Martini, Hong Kong, XinaSolo
2000Ramon EnrichMaison de la Catalogne, ParísSolo
2000Ramon EnrichGalerie Donath, Trisdorf, AlemanyaSolo
2000Ramon EnrichBaltazar, Brussel·les, BèlgicaSolo
2000Ramon EnrichGalerie Von Lintel und Nusser, Munic, AlemanyaSolo
2000UnknownGaleria Serrahima, Barcelona.Group
2000UnknownNH stock, Itinerant per Espanya.Group
2000UnknownGaleria Segovia Isaacs, Barcelona.Group
2000Arco 2000Galería Spectrum, Madrid.Group
2000UnknownGaleria Serrahima, Barcelona.Group
1999Ramon EnrichRare Art Properties, Nova York, USASolo
1999Ramon EnrichKölmann Gallery,Wiesbaden, AlemanyaSolo
1999Ramon EnrichBaltazar, Brussel·les, BèlgicaSolo
1999Ramon EnrichGalerie Pfundt, Berlín, AlemanyaSolo
1998Ramon EnrichNord LB Bank, Schwerin, AlemanyaSolo
1998Ramon EnrichGallery Mason, San Antonio, USASolo
1998Ramon EnrichMuseum Für Moderne Kunst, Mittelhof, AlemanyaSolo
1998Art MúltipleDüsseldorf, Alemanya.Group
1998UnknownDonald Judd Foundation, Texas, USA.Group
1998UnknownMarburger Kunsverein, Alemanya.Group
1997Ramon EnrichGalerie Donath, Troisdorf, AlemanyaSolo
1997Ramon EnrichKunsthandlung am Frankfurter Hof, AlemanyaSolo
1997Artfrankfurt 97Frankfurt, Alemanya.Group
1997UnknownCentre Cultural Caixa de Terrassa, Barcelona.Group
1996Ramon EnrichArt Frankfurt 96, AlemanyaSolo
1996Ramon EnrichMuseum Guissen, AlemanyaSolo
1996Ramon EnrichMousonturm, Frankfurt, AlemanyaSolo
1996Ramon EnrichMarburger Kabinett, Marburg, AlemanyaSolo
1996UnknownGaleria 22, Igualada, Barcelona.Group
1995Ramon EnrichGalería Trece, Ventalló, GironaSolo
1995Ramon EnrichGalerie Art Sud, Tolosa, FrançaSolo
1995Ramon EnrichIkeda Gallery, Nova York, USASolo
1994Ramon EnrichArt Frankfurt, AlemanyaSolo
1994Ramon EnrichMousonturm, Frankfurt, AlemanyaSolo
1994Ramon EnrichRathaus Kiel, AlemanyaSolo
1994UnknownKuntslerhaus Frankfurt, Alemanya.Group
1994UnknownGalería Guardi, Milà, Itàlia.Group
1994UnknownHeller Gallery, Nova York, USA.Group
1993Ramon EnrichMarburg Museum, Marburg, AlemanyaSolo
1993Ramon EnrichGalerie Art Sud, Tolosa, FrançaSolo
1993UnknownSpazio Losseti, Milà, Itàlia.Group
1993UnknownIstalación Hausen, Alemanya.Group
1992Ramon EnrichGaleria 22, IgualadaSolo
1992Ramon EnrichSala Patronat Municipal, MataróSolo
1992UnknownGaleria Carla Führ, Berlín, Alemanya.Group
1992UnknownSaló del Tinell, Barcelona.Group
1992UnknownGaleria Anna Benach, Barcelona.Group
1991UnknownSala Plana de l’Om, Manresa, Barcelona.Group
1991UnknownPremi Ricard Camí, Terrassa, Barcelona.Group
1991UnknownPhillips Museum, Frankfurt, Alemanya.Group
1990UnknownObres del Patrimoni Artístic de la UB, Barcelona.Group
1990UnknownUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona.Group
1990UnknownGaleria Municipal, Lecco, Itàlia.Group
1990UnknownGaleria Àmbit, Barcelona.Group