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Ran Huang

China 1982

Ran Huang
Ran Huang
February 27, 2015
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Ran Huang is a progressive young artist with a body of work encompassing film, video, sculpture, installation, photography, painting and drawing. Critically interested in perception, Huang often incorporates juxtaposition and paradox into his works in ways that are both visually and conceptually driven. Interested in breaking apart systems of representation and rearranging the resulting elements in new, unsettling ways, Huang describes his practice as an attempt to ‘examine the point where we are voluntarily gelded by a secured experience of aesthetical insecurity’.

Huang was born in 1982 in Xichang. Between 2005 and 2007 he obtained an MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London. He names as an influence Georges Bataille, who in the 1920s argued that art should do away with symbolic codes and confront viewers with “the thing itself” rather than interpretations of it. (In Huang Ran’s view, Bataille was a revolutionary trying “to subvert the system”.)

Huang is perhaps best known for his films, such as Disruptive Desires, Tranquility and the Loss of Lucidity (2012), Blithe Tragedy (2010), and Fake Action Truth (2009), which have received international attention and critical acclaim. Creating a swirl of conflicting emotions, his films often exhibit tensions between surface and story, where beautiful, “perfect” images serve as a façade for the shattered inner world of the characters depicted.

Huang considers film to be both a compelling medium and a ‘very powerful container’. He has said on the subject: ‘you know that everything is designed, everything is faked, but you still believe it. Everything is about image and everything can be superficial, but at the same time, it is very complex and potent’. As with his works in other media, Huang hopes his films will induce viewers into a state of acceptance, in which they will bypass the tendency to reason and comprehend in favor of belief.

Currently lives and works in Beijing and London.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2015Long March Space Beijing, ChinaSolo
2014Ran Huang: An Experience Shaped By An Experience I Never Experienced Simon Lee Gallery, London, UKSolo
201410th Edition of the Shanghai Biennale Power Station of Art, Shanghai, ChinaGroup
2014Elective Affinities Simon Lee Gallery, London, UKGroup
2014CAFAM Biennale, Invisible Hand: Curating as Gesture Central Academy of Fine Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2014Sights and Sounds: Global Film and Video The Jewish Museum, New York, NYGroup
2013My Generation: Young Chinese Artist The Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FLGroup
2013Current Films from Asia Kino der Kunst, Munich, GermanyGroup
2013West Bund 2013: A Biennale of Architecture and Contemporary Art Shanghai, ChinaGroup
201328 Chinese Rubell Family Collection Miami, FLGroup
2013ONOFF Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2012Disruptive Desires, Tranquility and the Loss of Lucidity Long March Space, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2012Unfinished Country: New Video from China Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, TXGroup
2012Unfinished Country: New Video from China Asia Society, Houston, TXGroup
2012Videonale Izolyatsia, Donetsk, UkraineGroup
2012The 4th Guangzhou Triennial Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, ChinaGroup
2012Disruptive Desires Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, NYGroup
2012Young Artist Experimentation Season 2nd Round A4 Contemporary Arts Centre, Chengdu, ChinaGroup
2012The 5th rendition of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum ofGroup
2012Contemporary Art Kinare Tokamachi, JapanGroup
2012Group Exhibition Eigen + Art Lab, Berlin, GermanyGroup
2012Twenty Years of Chinese Video Art Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prado, ItalyGroup
2012Accidental Message: Art is Not a System, Not a WorldThe 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale,OCAT, Shenzhen, ChinaGroup
2012Yellow Signal: New Media in China Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, CanadaGroup
2011CREDIT SUISSE Today Art Award Final Exhibition Today Art Museum, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011 Super Organism - CAFAM Biennale 2011 CAFAM, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011Now Here - Impossible Universe, Parer Place Urban Screen Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, AustraliaGroup
2011Thirty years of Chinese Contemporary Art – Moving Image in China 1988-2011 Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, ChinaGroup
2011Videonale Touring National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Taichung City, TaiwanGroup
2011Videonale Touring Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, UKGroup
2011Basel Film Art 42 Basel, Basel, SwitzerlandGroup
2011ACT►TION Video Exhibition, Long March Space, Beijing, ChinaLong March Space, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2011Video Review, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice, PolandGroup
2011International Biennale of Photography and VideoAlessandria, ItalyGroup
2011The 13th Videonale Kunstmuseum, Bonn, Germany (exh. cat)Group
2011You Are Not A Gadget Pekin Fine Art, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010Blithe Tragedy Space Station, Beijing, ChinaSolo
2010Fake Action Truth George Polke, London, UKSolo
2010Fake Action Truth Prussian Projeket, Nottingham, UKSolo
2010Beijing Voice: Together or Isolated,Pace Beijing, Beijing, ChinaGroup
2010Get It Louder Beijing & Shanghai, ChinaGroup
2009Projectables The 7th Mercosur Biennial Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul Ado Malagoli, RS,Brazil (exh. cat)Group
2009Tina B Contemporary Art Festival Prague, Czech RepublicGroup
2009MOVE Werkleitz, Halle, Germany (exh. cat)Group
2009Ran Huang Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak, VIVID, Birmingham, UKGroup
2009Kaunas In Art, Contexts Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas, LithuaniaGroup
2009Où va la vidéo 00.00.02 Fondazione March, Padova, Italy (exh. cat)Group
2007MFA Summer Show, Goldsmiths College, London, UKGoldsmiths College, London, UKGroup
2006Future Film Camden Arts Center, London, UKGroup
2006Rag and Bone Three Colts Gallery, London, UKGroup
2006Black Autumn Gold Meals and SUVs, London, UKGroup
2006The Union Goldsmiths College, London, UKGroup
2006Open Screening Whitechapel Gallery, London, UKGroup
2004Target Masters Fine Art Department, University of Central England, Birmingham, UKGroup
2004New Horizons Exhibition Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, Birmingham, UKGroup
2004The Custard Powder The Works Gallery, Birmingham, UKGroup
2003How Many Artists? The Works Gallery, Birmingham, UKGroup