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Ray Moore

United States 1971

Urban Art

Ray Moore
Ray Moore
United States
July 10, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Ray Moore is an American artist who works as a studio music writer, producer and graphic artist for living. Connection between music and art is his life, with hip hop music as special inspiration. His work is based on collage, a lot of characters and poetry. He loves to call himself a poet who paints.

“I am not urban artist, they just put me in this thing, I am just the artist.”

Ray Moore was born 1971 and raised in a small town south of New Orleans Mississippi. He left early knowing of the little perspective for afro Americans in his home town of Mc Comb, by joining the army in a young age. He came to Germany. Never being sent to war, he stayed in Germany and started off as a young rapper and music producer in Frankfurt. Fully dedicated to the culture of visual arts and design he went to film school in Florence and taught himself all techniques of graphic design and programming. Successfully, he worked for several years as a creative director for international agencies – pushing pixel.

The Music got back to him and so did the need to break from the world of marketing and pixels. Years of collected written lyrics and drawings found their way on wood and canvas, to become a fast growing body of painted songs. His paintings, dominated by words and lyrics combined with lively and abstract figures are in all their nature interpretable as hip hop music. Leaving out the ‘BlingBling’-side of HipHop, his painted work is ultimately raw. Only to focus on the reality and context of words and composition.

Unaffected by an art study career, the nature of his own cultural background appears to the viewer between the lines through his use of color and pattern. By provoking the unstructured, never following an expected line or pleasing shape, he rebels against all known codes from his career as a commercial designer. By doing so, the fast appearing handwriting and shapes are a result of a contending process against internalized cliches. By expressing and dealing with contemporary ideas, politics, modern slang as well as lyrical word play, his raw expression pursues the present. Leaving the viewer with an ritualized performance.

Now, however, Ray lives in his studio. Turning on the tunes – hip hop, soul, or ‘old funk’ with Sun Ra as a favorite artist – Ray faces the canvas every day.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group
2014Open Atelier 2014Eroffnung, GermanyGroup
2014Stroke ArtFairPraterinsel, MunichGroup
2014Pop Up, Art Avenue (Urban Art store)Candela Project Gallery, MuncihGroup
2014Bonjour Amour exhibitionAu Revoir Barer Str .69, ParisGroup
2013Big Data ARTMunich, GermanyGroup
2013A MIRROR, AN OPTION, A WAYSchleißheimer Straße 26, MunichSolo
2013UNDEFINED (Paintings & installations)Rotebühlplatz 9 (über Wurst und Fleisch) 70178 Stuttgart, GermanyGroup
2013Other VoicesRamford Str 26, MunichSolo
2013Word Play chap. 1 EbonicsAtelier Pivot, MunichSolo
2013I’M AT THE DOOR LET ME INMintropstr. 20-22 Düsseldorf, GermanySolo
2013NICE TO MEET YOU Kulturhaus Holzapfe, Tacherting, GermanyDuo
2012Group ExhibitionLichtkreuzung Gallery, MunichGroup
2012The Juke JointLichtkreuzng Gallery, MunichSolo
2012Get A Dollar Fuck a DreamLichtkreuzng Gallery, MunichSolo
2012FILL IN THE BLA_K_Lichtkreuzng Gallery, MunichDuo
2012Ray MoreeSalon Irkutsk, Isabellastraße 4 / Ecke Neureutherstraße, MunichSolo