Reach /   Unknown

Taiwan 1981

Street Art, Graffiti

July 21, 2014
Nina Karaicic is a journalist with experience in TV and radio media. Born in 1989, she had studied at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences (Journalism). Interests: Photography, Art, Film, Folklore, Video Games

Reach is a pioneer artist born 1981 in Kaohsiung who constantly pushes Taiwanese graffiti to the international platform, and courageously dedicates his life to graffiti.  He never went to college, so after he graduated from senior high school he has been working on many places. In this period of time, he had once set up a design studio combined with graffiti style.

His vocation to draw has its roots since his childhood. In 1995, he started to learn about graffiti art owing to skateboarding and street dancing. Influenced by graffiti, he started to paint in bubble letter and wild style. Then, in 2000, he formed the first graffiti crew of Taiwan called “Soul Skool” and in the next 4 years, he has been strengthening the crew. In addition, he has been working in different areas including food service steward, clothing store manager, street dance teacher, magazine editor, and graphic designer. But in 2005 he quit his job in a design company, and started to work as an artist.

Battling through Europe, Japan and China, Reach has gotten up to disseminate the passion of Taiwanese graffiti. With vast experience transforming from Bomber, Wildstyle to 3D, Reach’s style carries mature and confine penetration. According to Reach, when he started graffiti, at first the plan was at least one piece of sketch every day:

“In these ten years, my style has become more stable and gone its own way. Then, it has started to change more in the free-style. Now, when I am creating the work, I don’t sketch except if there is a special reason. I am just following the feeling at that moment and paint.”

In 2008 Reach has published his first book “Tooya-Taiwan Graffiti”. Tooya is a book that focuses on the Taiwanese graffiti scene through new styles and different technique (Reach, Foochi, Easy, Dzusone, Chek, Colasa, Sayme, Winston and Ryan). There are graffiti and street art in Taiwan and there are even some interesting names. Some artists are connected to the multinational group The 7th Letter, others have an approach reminiscent of our European street artist and others have a very free circulation of aerosol art, prints multiple influences. Tooya perfectly fulfills its role as a showcase with each artist individually. First a body shot, then an interview in two languages ​​(English and Taiwanese) before spending a good number of pages to their respective portfolio. Enough to give a good taste of their talents. Effort creativity brought to book (elegant layout and multiple papers) has unfortunately been somewhat rewarded by the hasty processing. Nevertheless, the black cloth hardcover silkscreened white lies beneath the dust jacket paper had its effect and the volume catches well together. A bonus DVD accompanying the book which contains the same graffiti making. Tooya is a curiosity that will delight lovers of graffiti.

Clean and clear colors with well-crafted contouring reflects his persistence in his life philosophy for perfection. Depending on the rise and fall of his mood, his creations vary from simple to complicated art forms, a reflection of his mind. With extensive experience, he has never given up on this tough journey of graffiti. His art has already attracted multiple industries and fields for collaboration. Passion is the force behind his persistence and without regret, he keeps moving forward. He is a pioneer for Taiwanese graffiti development, constantly pushing the local culture abroad, and continuing to establish his place on the global platform.

Reach’s future plans are to work with POW WOW Taiwan again to create a big mural. His next upcoming solo exhibition will be presented in Taipei.

YearExhibition TitleGallery/MuseumSolo/Group 
2014Young Art TaipeiTaipeiGroup
2014The Legendary PostersAmsterdamGroup
2014POW! WOW! HawaiiHawaii, HonoluluGroup
2013Heineken [ Bounce ]TaipeiGroup
2010The Reach Boys Hong KongSolo
2010The BeginningTaipeiSolo
2010Reach For adFuntureDa Space, ShanghaiSolo
2010Agnès b. SPORT b [ The Message ]Project, Hong KongGroup
2009Agnès b. SPORT b [ The Message ]Project, TaipeiGroup
2009[ PARTOUZE ] Yone x Reach ExhibitionShanghai & Hong Kong & TaipeiGroup
2009Le TAG au Grand PalaisParisGroup
2008TOOYA : Taiwan GraffitiTaipeiGroup
2008The United Nations of CUPCOAustralia, SydneyGroup
2008No ReasonShanghaiGroup
2008G-SHOCK 25th Anniversary ExhibitionTokyo & New YorkGroup
2007Graffiti Stories : L'Art Modeste Sous Les BombesFranceGroup
2006ELLE Loves ArtRoppngi Hills, TokyoGroup
2006Proton & Freshness Presents INTERMIXTaipeiGroup
2006Live Painting at METAMO Music FestivalHakone, JapanGroup
2006Live PaintingMILK Club, Tokyo . JapanGroup
2005Sneaker PimpsTaipeiGroup
2005Live PaintingRoyal Elastics Art Centre, Taipei Artist Village, TaipeiGroup
2004Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Opening ExhibitionKaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, TaiwanGroup
2003Taiwan Kaohsiung International Container Arts FestivalKaohsiung, TaiwanGroup
2003Taiwan Graffiti ExpositionTaiwanGroup
2003PIER-2 Art DistrictKaohsiung, TaiwanGroup
2002SOUL SKOOL Exhibition (first one Graffiti Exhibition in Taiwan)Kaohsiung, TaiwanGroup